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Range Chart

The indicator generates a RangeBar Chart based on the ticks received in real time. The history data is generated from the chart to which the indicator is attached. All the candlesticks are of a fixed size from a High to a Low. Unlike Renko, candlesticks may have a wicks that does not exceed the expected range, and the body of the candlestick can be less than or equal to this range. When the price breaks the range of a single candlestick, the indicator generates a series of dummy candlesticks to fill the price gap.


  • CandleRange - candlestick range, beyond the range the current candle closes and re-opens
  • OfflineChartPeriod - output chart period, can be any non-standard period value

Working with the indicator:

Simply drag the indicator to the base chart, type in the desired range and press the button. The resulting chart will open in a new window with the specified period.

On this chart, you can use any indicators, scripts and Expert Advisors.

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Versión 1.12 2019.03.17
now it work at weekend, do not frozen, improved work with advisors.