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Pandora Expert

Pandora Expert is a developed automated system trading on Forex. The EA automatically analyzes market volatility and follows the price movement, dynamically places trailing stop and moves profit to breakeven. The EA's basic settings are meant for EURUSD. We have performed over 1500 tests on real (see real account signals) and historical data. The EA uses an intelligent system of searching signals of key breakouts. The EA does not use indicators, arbitrage, grid, martingale, etc. The EA analyzes every market tick, calculates direction and volume of the market, works on any time frame. The system includes universal settings for different market situations, downward and upward trends, currency pairs having high volatility and dynamic spreads. For this purpose the EA uses various settings of aggressiveness, risk calculation and frequency of market analysis.

Requirements and Recommendations

  • 5-digit quotes.
  • Recommended sum of spread and commission is at least 20 points.
  • Recommended leverage: 1:100.
  • The EA is optimized for EURUSD (but can also work on other pairs)
  • Money management calculation - $200 per 0.01 lots.
  • Minimum deposit - $200.
  • Terminal operation - 24/7


  • Takeprofit: take profit;
  • Stoploss: stop loss;
  • Slip: slippage;
  • Lot: lot size;
  • Magic: identifier;
  • MaxSpread: maximum allowed spread;

  • StepFactor: market volatility factor;
  • TFactor: time design factor;

  • StartProfit: minimum breakeven;
  • DistanceTrall: trailing stop distance;
  • StepTrall: step of breakeven shift;
  • DDealLevel: maximum allowed profit in points to open the next order;
  • DDealTime: maximum allowed time in seconds to open the next order;

  • ModeDrowdown: trading during drawdown;
  • MdDistance: factor of allowed drawdown;
  • MdFactor: trade calculation adjustment factor;
  • MdDFactor: distance adjustment factor;
  • MdDLFactor: stop adjustment factor;
  • MdLotFactor: trading volume adjustment factor;

  • ShowInfo: flag to display additional information;
  • UseReturnOrder: flag to disable trading an opposite order;
  • IsInverted: flag to invert trading;

  • TestDelayMs: artificial delay of opening an order in ms (for testing in the strategy tester);
  • AutoLot: flag to enable automated calculation of lots;

  • StartHourTrading: time to start trading (hour);
  • StopHourTrading: time to end trading (hour);
  • Monday: enable/disable trading on Mondays;
  • Tuesday: enable/disable trading on Tuesdays;
  • Wednesday: enable/disable trading on Wednesdays;
  • Thursday: enable/disable trading on Thursdays;
  • Friday: enable/disable trading on Fridays;
  • Saturday: enable/disable trading on Saturdays;
  • Sunday: enable/disable trading on Sundays;

Note: To get the most accurate result, backtest the EA in the "Every Tick" mode with 90%+ modeling quality.

2015.11.08 11:51 

No support at all.

The expert seems interesting but I tryied in many ways to talk to the author about its EA but never received any answer.

It's a pity.

Evgeniy Russkiy
2015.09.14 08:58 

Взял в аренду на месяц. Начал тестировать у своего брокера на DEMO счёте с депозитом в 200$.

Выставил сет (частично настройки выставил свои). В день 2-10% профита при минимальных рисках.

Пытался сам разобраться в стратегии данного советника. Понял, но не всё.

В целом, советник многообещающий и хорошо ведёт себя особенно внутри дня.

С автором связь постоянная, проблем с ТП нет.

На реальный счёт запускать можно, но сперва рекомендую каждому разобраться в работе советника на DEMO счёте, чтобы была ясная картина поведения советника и не было лишних вопросов.

Автору желаю успехов в развитии своего проекта и высокого профита☺

Спасибо за работу!

Versión 3.25 - 2015.09.04
Added adjustable Stochastic and RSI indicator analysis.
Added ability to track extremums and trading on a distance when using indicators.
Fixed the EA operation for brokers with the minimum StopLoss level exceeding zero.
Optimized trailing stop operation.
Optimized the standard settings for EURUSD M5.
Added ability to trade using only indicators without tracking the market volatility and market tick analysis.
Versión 3.11 - 2015.08.28
+ trade by indicators
+ trade in drowdown by indicators
+ many indicators
+ add STOPLOSS Broker system
Versión 2.88 - 2015.08.11
+ added analytical timings. Now, the time is calculated without involving a broker server
Versión 2.77 - 2015.08.05
+ fixed algorithm for calculating volatility
+ the MACD indicator to enter the market more accurately
+ MACD settings
+ algorithm to calculate divergence relatively to volatility
+ auto lot is disabled by default
+ conservative strategy is selected by default (risks are below the average)