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Time Zone Analyzer


This analyzer helps you to analyze when is the opening hour for the below timezone.

  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • London
  • New York

By analyzing on the time zone, you will discover some similarities in the market pattern during the opening hours of the market.


  • Can set the major 4 market opening hours (Sydney, Tokyo, London, New York) according to your server time.
  • Can be used on H1 or smaller timeframe only, where you can see all 4 major market opening hours.

Additional Information:

You can enable the period separator on your chart in addition to the time zone analyzer. The function of the period separator is to separate period in your chart.

  • Go to Properties
  • Under Common Tab
  • Check "Show period separators"

For example, after you enable the period separator on your H1 chart, there will be a black vertical dotted line drawn on your chart to separate one day to another.


  • All updates are free of charge for ex-buyers.
  • You are welcomed to contact me at hanhuitan@gmail.com/(skype: michaeltanhh) if you need additional related features or you want to customize the app. 
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