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TrendFighter is a semi-automatic Expert Advisor which catches a trend. Profit must be fixed by a trader. The EA does not like flat. But it demonstrates pretty good results when there is a trend.


  • Trade - allow/prohibit trading.
  • Auto Lot - if set to true, the lot is calculated automatically with respect to the risk level specified in Risk Rate, but does not exceed the value specified in Max Lot. If set to false, the lot is taken from the Max Lot parameter.
  • Max Lot - maximum lot limit.
  • Risk Rate - risk level
  • Stop Loss - stop loss level in points.
  • Take Profit - take profit level in points.
  • Trailling - enable trailing stop.
  • Trailling Points - number of points for trailing.
  • Offset points - offset from the open price in points to calculate trailing stop.
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