Robot scalping for IB Broker

2020.05.23 Asesores Expertos

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I need a robot that allows generating many operations within the day in scalping, but no more than 3 in parallel in the same direction (they can be 6, having 3 buy and 3 sell in the same currency). Ideal operate on M1 or M5. If a trade goes to loss, it can hedge.

A great idea for this may be that the robot, according to the strategy that is defined, can open operations in about 3 currencies (no more than 3 operations 0.01 per currency in the same direction) and when the float reaches 0usd or 1usd maximum total profit, close all trades and redo the same job over and over again within the day.

Also a requirement is that the robot does not operate in the hours with high spread.

I am an IB Broker and I need to generate many operations in the administration accounts. I do not need to generate profit with this robot only many operations (accumulate lots), but not reduce balance. The robot needs to open and close fast covering the spread (average 21 pip) and commission (0.08USD).


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