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The operation is based on the SuperTrend indicator (integrated into the expert, no need to look for it separately). The signal is formed by the total value of the indicators with the same parameters, but on different timeframes: from M1 to M5. The number of the timeframes is set by the CountTF parameter. For example, when CountTF = 3, the signal is taken from the timeframes M1, M2 and M3. Only when the common signal appears, the position is placed (by the common signal). The Inversion parameter determines the direction of operation.

The system consists of up to 26 currency pairs. All the indicator settings the same for all of them, the only difference is the value of Inversion. The LimitSymbols parameter can be used to adjust the number of symbols (default is 3), to facilitate the evaluation by the user. For each currency pair the trading direction, which gives the best results, has been determined experimentally. Thus, a set of the currency pairs that work with one indicator with the same settings on different timeframes was gathered in the EA. This approach is the basis for the stable operation of the Expert Advisor, as this project does not use neither the parameter adjustment methods, nor the optimization methods. The EA is simply created and tested with consideration of the direction for the specified symbol. All the user needs to do is select the deposit size, the volume of the investment package (LimitSymbols), the risk based on deposit size (Risk) and the potential profit percentage (CloseProfitPercentDeposit).

A low drawdown level is reached with the help of covering during the multi-currency mode operation. The set can be formed from a lower number of currency pairs, then the returns increase, as well as the drawdown. For example, only 3-5 currency pairs may be left, thus it is possible to decrease the size of the deposit. The larger the deposit, the less the drawdown and the more the reliability of the system. The testing was performed on the history from the MetaQuotes, as well as on the history of two real brokers.

Note: In the Market Watch, it is necessary to select the symbols for the EA to work with, or simply select all symbols! The EA uses netting system of position accounting (one symbol can have only one position). The EA does not work with independent position accounting (hedging, when there can be multiple positions per symbol). Account without hedging should be selected for testing on a demo account. Also, consider this fact when opening an account for live trading. For the maximum correctness test on the control points on the М1 timeframe. For testing use the access.metatrader5.com:443 server (it has the full history), the instruction for testing is in the attached picture.


  • LotDigits — The number of decimal places in the lot size step (2 - min step: 0.01; 1 - min step: 0.1; 0 - min step: 1.0);
  • Lot — allows to directly set the lot size;
  • Risk — risk value, at which the market entry is performed (loss value compared with the overall deposit in percentage).
  • CloseProfitPercentDeposit — potential profit as a percentage (profit as a percentage of the deposit);
  • LimitSymbols — the volume of the investment package (the number of currency pairs);
  • OrderComment — order comment (optional);
  • ClosePoly — Allows to cover the total of all orders of the multi-currency expert at net profit;
  • SL — Real Stop Loss;
  • TP — Real Take Profit;
  • CCIPeriod — Parameter of the SuperTrend indicator;
  • ATRPeriod — Parameter of the SuperTrend indicator;
  • Level — Parameter of the SuperTrend indicator;
  • Shift — Parameter of the SuperTrend indicator;
  • CountTF — The number of timeframes, from which the signal is taken;
  • Symbol1 — Name of the symbol 1, if Symbol1 = "" — the symbol is disabled;
  • Inversion1 — Operation direction (trend following or channel) for symbol 1;
  • ...
  • SymbolN — Name of the symbol N, if SymbolN = "" — the symbol is disabled;
  • InversionN — Operation direction (trend following or channel) for symbol N;
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Version 6.1 - 2016.07.13
Due to the changes in the terminal, here is the new version of the expert, which takes all the changes into account. Added check, for correct operation, only works on netting accounts (one symbol can have only one position). Found and fixed a few bugs. Added more instruments.