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Uber Trade Manager


The UTM Trade Manager is a powerful, yet intuitive trading tool offering fast, efficient trade execution and advanced features such as the "Ignore Spread" mode and a built-in local trade copier, and others. Designed to simplify your trading operations, it provides a user-friendly graphical interface and on-chart controls for seamless management.

Key Features:

  • Trade Execution: Enter trades easily with one-click by defining the entry and stop loss prices on the chart. The system automatically calculates lot sizes based on your risk settings and can handle multiple positions simultaneously.

  • Flexible Trade Management: Set flexible partial take profit levels with specific risk-to-reward (RR) ratios, employ trailing by RR stop losses for advanced trade management or use it to automatically move to break-even, or use the MA-based close for dynamic trailing stop losses.

  • Adaptive Risk Management: Seamlessly adjust risk parameters using the innovative Adaptive Risk Management Formula Language, tailored for both balance and drawdown-based strategies.
  • Trading Insights: Dive into detailed statistics, from basic account info to performance metrics and trading details.

  • User Interface: A user-friendly GUI with in-built tooltips for added guidance, and easy saving/loading of settings.

  • Position Customization: Adjust and customize all positions directly from the chart by dragging the lines.

  • On-Chart Buttons: Quick controls for partial/full closing of positions, and cancelling pending orders.

  • Advanced Spread Handling: Trade at candle prices with the "Ignore Spread" mode or factor in a specific amount of spread to protect against fluctuations with the "Spread Factor" mode.

  • Invisible Trades: Hide all orders, including market orders, entry and stop losses, from your broker with the 'Spread Ignore' and 'Spread Ignore: Invisible' modes.

  • Stop Loss Protection: Use a fixed stop loss size for enhanced risk management, or establish minimum and maximum stop loss size limits to ensure your stop loss never goes below or exceeds certain thresholds (ATR or Pips/Points).

  • Trade Limits: Maximum lot size cap, equity stop level.

  • Broker Limit Bypass: Bypass the broker's maximum lot size limit.

  • Hotkeys: Implement quick actions such as setting positions to break-even, cancelling orders, switching order types, or closing all open positions.

  • Trade Notifications: Receive sound alerts for entry, stop loss, take profit, and when stop pending orders are missed due to price reversals.

  • Local Trade Copier: Synchronize trades across multiple MT5 installations with customizable risk settings on each slave. Allows copying between MT5 CFD <> MT5 Futures accounts. Also with experimental copying to NT8 futures accounts support.
  • Compatibility: Works with custom symbol charts (seconds chart), Forex, CFD's (metals, crypto, indices, agriculture, stock) and Futures. Tested on Windows only (non ARM version, read requirements).

For more detailed information, consulting the UTM Guide is essential.

Check out our UTM: Installing Trial guide to access a 7-day trial.


Please read the requirements in the beginning of UTM Guide carefully before making a purchase. (Especially MAC M1's)


    • All hotkeys are available only in 'execution mode'.

    • The manager must be running on the same chart for take profit/partial close orders and for the 'Ignore spread mode' feature to work properly. However, if you have a 100% close percentage at TP1, and are not using the 'Ignore spread invisible mode', the manager will enter the TP level to the broker directly.

    • To avoid confusion, the "Ignore Spread" mode is intended for advanced traders who understand how bid, ask, and spreads work in trading. If you believe the manager's risk calculation seems incorrect, please refer to troubleshooting section and guides to ensure you fully understand how the "Ignore Spread" mode operates.
    • 'Ignore Spread mode' is designed to ignore spreads on the chart for precise candle/bid execution prices. However, this might lead to additional costs or commissions. For instance, in a losing sell trade, this mode may incur an extra cost due to the spread added to the stop loss size, slightly increasing the overall loss. Similarly, buy entries will have a slightly higher 'real' entry due to the difference between the BID and ASK prices. Therefore, the tradeoff is either you pay a little extra in commission for more accurate prices or you don't.

    • After activating the EA on a PC/VPS, it binds exclusively to that device. You can run multiple MT5 terminals for copy trading on the same device without needing extra activations.

    • Consulting to the "Getting Started" section of the UTM Guide is essential!


    • Refrain from updating the UTM version if you have active trades that need managing.

    • A stable internet connection is essential when using Ignore Spread mode since most orders are market executed and not directly entered with the broker. Delays could occur with a poor connection. Ensure your internet connection is reliable when using this mode.

    This product is intended for experienced traders only. Use at your own risk and understand that any financial outcomes are your own responsibility.

    Reviews 17
    SamWalden 2024.04.20 14:19 

    Been using a while now and really helpful for my trading and also great functionality. Will be purchasing a longer term version when my 3 months expires.

    Adam  A
    Adam A 2024.03.06 12:33 

    Amazing trade manager, super simple and easy to use and very effective as well. No problems with it at all.

    Makani Romano
    Makani Romano 2024.02.26 15:12 

    Love this trade manager! super easy to use and a wide variety of tools and options. I really like the automated trailing SL setting. makes trading super easy. Thank you Meelis!

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    The product will copy all  Discord  signal   to MT5   ( which you are member  ) , also it can work as remote copier.  Easy to set up. Work with almost signal formats, support to translate other language to English Work with multi channel, multi MT5. Work with Image signal. Copy order instant, auto detect symbol. Work as remote copier: with signal have ticket number, it will copy exactly via ticket number. How to setup and guide: Let read all details about setup and download Discord To MetaTrade
    Copy Signals from any channel that you are a member ( without the need for a Bot Token or Admin Permissions  straight to your MT5. It has been designed with the user in mind while offering many features you need This product is presented in an easy-to-use and visually attractive graphical interface. Customise your settings and start using the product within minutes! User Guide + Demo  | MT4 Version | Telegram Version If you want to try a demo please go to the User Guide. The   Discord   To MT
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    4.57 (7)
    This EA Utility allows you to manage (with advanced filtering) unlimited open orders (manual or EA) with 16 trailing stop methods: fixed, percent, ATR Exit, Chandelier Exit, Moving Average, Candle High Low Exit, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic, Envelope, Fractal, Ichimoku Kijun-Sen, Alligator, Exit After X Minutes or Bars, RSI and Stochastic. The trailing stop can be either real or virtual, and you can exit fully or with a partial close percent on touch or bar close.  Moreover, you can add (overri
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    4.25 (8)
    The added video will showcase all functionality, effectiveness, and uses of the trade manager. Drag and Drop Trade Manager. Draw your entry and have the tool calculate the rest. Advanced targeting and close portions of a trade directly available in tool (manage trades while you sleep). Market order or limit order on either side with factored spread. Just draw the entry, the tool does the rest. Hotkey setup to make it simple. Draw where you want to enter, and the stop loss, the tool calculates al
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    Introduction This powerful MT4 trade mangement EA offers a way potentially to aggressively multiply trade profits in a riskfree manner. Once a trade has been entered with a defined stoploss and take profit target then the EA will add three pyramid add-on trades in order to increase the overall level of profit. The user sets the total combined profit target to be gained if everything works out. This can be specified either as a multiple of the original trade profit or as a total dollar amount. Fo
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    This is the Best Renko chart generator ever in the market you can set the box sizes based on ATR or Fixed Size: 1. Fixed Box Size 2. Current ATR Size 3. ATR size of the Chart Start Time. also you can set the Renko chart cut of date and time to start as reference of creating renko charts. you need to attach to a symbol chart that want the renko chart of it, then immediately a new chart will be opened which is based on renko, you can use this generated chart and attach your EA to trade on or you e
    Adam FTMO MT5
    Vyacheslav Izvarin
    5 (2)
    ADAM EA Special Version for FTMO Please use ShowInfo= false for backtesting ! Our 1st EA created using ChatGPT technology Trade only GOOD and checked PROP FIRMS  Default parameters for Challenge $100,000 Tested on EURUSD and GBPUSD only  Use 15MIN Time Frame Close all deals and Auto-trading  before Weekend at 12:00 GMT+3  Friday For Prop Firms MUST use special Protector  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/94362 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Easy Strategy Builder 5
    Gheis Mohammadi
    5 (4)
    The  Easy Strategy Builder (ESB)  is a " Do It Yourself " solution that allows you to create a wide range of the automated trading strategies without any line of codes. This is the world’s easiest method to automate your strategies that can be used in STP, ECN and FIFO brokers. No drag and drop is needed. Just by set conditions of your trading strategy and change settings on desired values and let it work in your account. ESB has hundreds of modules to define unlimited possibilities of strategi
    Features   With MT5 to Interactive Brokers(IB) Trader, you can: 1. Load chart data from IB to MT5, and Analyze with all standard or customer Indicators. 2. Place Orders to IB Account Directly in MT5. 3. Make your Own EAs upon IB Securities by only making minus changes of the trading function. Usage 1) Installation Copy the "Mt5ToIBTraderEn.ex4" and sample files to [MT5 Data Folder]->MQL5->Experts.  2)  MT5 Settings Add the IP Address to the MT5 Allowed URLs in 'Tools->Options->Exper
    GRat Crypto
    Ivan Titov
    4.5 (2)
    Trade on crypto exchanges in MT5! GRat_Crypto is a tool for manual and automated trading , including ANY available EA, ANY  cryptocurrency  on most popular crypto exchanges in the familiar MT5 environment 24/7. Features 1. ALL instruments of the 8 most popular crypto exchanges are available: Binance, BingX, Bybit, CommEX, Kraken,   KuCoin, MEXC and OKX . 2. The ability to place ANY type of order available in MT5, both market and pending, to modify orders and positions, to delete orders and clos
    Online Accounts Manager MT5
    Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
    5 (1)
    OneClick Online Account Manager is a powerful utility that helps you to manage all your accounts from a centralized panel. It is suitable for all single account traders and specially for multiple accounts traders. The utility help you to : Monitor status of all accounts on a private web page. Some information such as account connection status, account profit, DD, Balance, Equity, Margin Level, Number of positions and orders, Daily and Weekly profit/loss and also overall summation of all these
    ManHedger MT5
    Peter Mueller
    5 (4)
    THIS EA IS A SEMI-AUTO EA, IT NEEDS USER INPUT. Manual & Test Version Please DON'T BUY this product before testing or watching my video about it. Contact me for user support & advices! MT4 Version  With this Expert Advisor, you can: Implement your own Zone Recovery strategy to capitalize on trending markets. Create Grid trading strategies, to profit from ranging markets. Place orders easily and clearly. Display your trades/strategies on the chart. Display your Take Profits/Stop Losses as a perc
    SamWalden 2024.04.20 14:19 

    Been using a while now and really helpful for my trading and also great functionality. Will be purchasing a longer term version when my 3 months expires.

    Adam  A
    Adam A 2024.03.06 12:33 

    Amazing trade manager, super simple and easy to use and very effective as well. No problems with it at all.

    MDevaus Oy
    Reply from developer Meelis Hynninen 2024.04.19 21:29
    Thank you all for the amazing reviews! While I may not respond to every review, please know that I value and review each one carefully. Your positive feedback and purchases are crucial to the manager's success. Thank you all for your support!
    Makani Romano
    Makani Romano 2024.02.26 15:12 

    Love this trade manager! super easy to use and a wide variety of tools and options. I really like the automated trailing SL setting. makes trading super easy. Thank you Meelis!

    J-Rides 2024.01.15 08:43 

    I really love this trade manager. Used the free version before and could not live without it, makes all your trade execution seamless. Thanks for a great product.

    BMinton 2024.01.08 13:40 

    This is perfect for trading custom charts, such as a 5 second chart. Most managers won't do that. If you follow the in depth documentation that the creator provides you will have no issues with this manager. It has all the functions the average trader needs plus it's really great for scalpers. The creator allowed for a free trial and all I needed was one day to know that this is the right one for trading custom symbols. The documentation Meelis provides is one of the best I've seen on any EA I've looked at or purchased. It is definitely worth the money. If you pair this with "Second Charts MT5" by Boris Sedov you can easily create and trade charts using time frames under 1m.

    cmukka94 2023.11.24 11:06 

    Have been using this manager since release, Very easy to use. Loads of useful features, I would highly recommend.. Have used multiple managers in the past and this one ticks all the boxes for me. Thanks

    Kitcad 2023.11.23 03:41 

    This is simply the easiest Trade manager to use. (I have tried about 5 different ones) All functions work well. So quick to enter trades and change trade type with hot keys. I've been using for a few months and there has been 2-3 improvements in that short time so developer hasnt just built it and left it like many others. You can use on multiple computers which is great as I had laptop hard drive failure and still not have to purchase again!

    Vliege2 2023.09.04 21:03 

    Totally recommend this manager for several reasons!! It works so smoothly and can do literally almost anything! When i first downloaded it, i had a small problem with it (not a bug in the manager, a personal issue). Contacted the maker and he immediately reacted and literally spoonfeeded me throught the whole process of what was wrong, thanks again Meelis! He is a really nice and smart guy about his stuff. This manager deserves much more credit, 90 usd is a steal in my opinion :D

    franoliver1 2023.08.17 13:46 

    I've tried several trade managers and this is by far the best for my purposes. It's fast, reliable and has a wealth of useful features. The interface is intuitive and uncluttered. Although it is designed for scalpers, it can be set up to suit practically any trading style or instrument. It does not consume excessive resources, even when running multiple instances on several pairs. The manual is comprehensive and crystal clear. The developer frequently adds new features and improvements and he is very responsive to questions and feature requests. Any bugs that very occasionally crop up are dealt with quickly. It has helped me pass three prop firm evaluations and I'm now using it on a funded account. I wholeheartedly recommend this product.

    vince266 2023.08.06 13:32 

    Great and really efficent tool. I have used the free UTM tool since months now which is really really great tool and FREE ! and i wanted to have a trade copier. and thanks the developper; Trade with only one click with stable risk without calculating everything. More, you can adjust your spread or dynamicly ignore spread (auto adapt) and only care about the candles. You can even have an invisible mode if you think your broker takes you out!! Then you also have an unlimited trade copier to execute your trade on several accounts. This is great. And the developper is absolutely great, kind, honest and helpful. (it was just a little bit difficult to install several MT5, he immediately modified the manual for me, and all works now. I'm really happy. Thanks a lot.

    chichihang 2023.07.11 17:49 

    This product is great. I purchased this product after my rent period was end. This tool speeds up my execution on scalping. Also it has a great feature to bypass the broker's lot size limit. And more importantly, the developer always communicate effectively and respond in a timely manner. I highly recommend this product to those who take trading sersiously.

    Lewislewisfx 2023.06.07 15:03 

    After using the free manager I had to purchase this one. Best one on the market with all the features you need (especially ignore spread) which others don't have. Creator is always responsive. The only people that will complain about this manager are those not reading how to use it correctly.

    ganymed 2023.05.09 10:40 

    This trade manager offers all I wished for my trading setups: - spread handling - trade copier - automatic TP and BE setups - and much more Money management is the key for successful trading and I would recommend this manager to all traders!

    Orlando Zapata
    Orlando Zapata 2023.04.12 02:41 

    Love this trade manger, tested out the free version first was sold enough too get the paid version. Zero issues installing it and running it on the seconds charts. Would recommend to anyone.

    Keven Fx
    Keven Fx 2023.03.27 11:30 

    JamesWoods. - First try to find another manager that supports custom symbols. Secondly, there is no other manager on the market besides this one who completely ignores the spread! Third you clearly don't know how the manager works! And the guy who created this manager is a trader! We are entering on the 5s and 1s ! If we are able to enter perfectly on the 5s tf without any problem and you cant the problem come form you, NOT THE MANAGER ! Just the fact that you said 'i bought it to trade custom symbols, not sure that worked ' show that you are not even trying! Finally I think that people like you that leave bad review just because your not able to figure out thing ' that are really simple 'should not be trader at this point!😬

    JamesWoods 2023.03.27 03:33 

    Not what i was expecting, wish i could have my money back. I dont think the guy who made this product is a trader. i bought it to trade custom symbols, not sure that worked, and as trader i use free trader that is miles better, and i paid 30 box for this. To the developer selling this for 30 dollars have a look at Earn Forex Position Sizer which is free, if this is 30 dollars, position sizer would be 1000 dollars.

    MDevaus Oy
    Reply from developer Meelis Hynninen 2023.12.21 08:10
    Thanks for your review. I would have hoped for more comments, like why do you think so? You left some of your opinions as "Jaskan Factor" on the UTM YouTube video. After reading all your comments on YouTube and MQL5, it sounds like you may not have understood what you were paying for. For your information, I'm a Trader and Developer, and I created this manager mainly because no other manager had the features that I needed. Bad reviews are welcome, but please be fair in your review and provide more information.
    John J
    John J 2023.02.28 19:56 

    This trade manager is great. Has everything you need if you like to scalp on the seconds time frames.. execution is straight forward and easy. I was having some user error issues with the free version. Seller was answering all questions and literally told me "not to buy" the paid version (I told him I was just going to give it a shot) when i was having user error issues until i worked through them on the free version. Only an honest man would do that. The trade manager is A+. Communication A+ Seller A+....(just want to leave more feedback as i decided to purchase UTM after renting it on 5/29/23) Seller has been very responsive. He has also pushed through multiple upgrades in the time ive had it..always willing to help. He troubleshoots w you when needed. This is also the best trade manager i have purchased, and I have purchased 4 other trade managers for mt5. This is not the fanciest looking trade manager, but this trade manager has many features that others dont.

    MDevaus Oy
    Reply from developer Meelis Hynninen 2023.03.27 06:49
    Thank You!!
    Reply to review
    Version 2.81 2024.05.25
    - Trade Copier: Master Copy to NT8 Futures Support
    Version 2.74 2024.05.16
    - fix: bug from last release, currency conversion if non USD account (calculateAdjustments)
    Version 2.73 2024.05.14
    - feat: copier slave: sl size adjustment (for 'use sl size instead of price') eg. if master SL is 10 pips, we can define it to be factor of 10 (100 pips) on slave on symbol.
    Version 2.72 2024.05.14
    - fix: partialing for netting (not hedging) accounts (futures)
    Version 2.71 2024.05.06
    - fix: new CheckStopLevel (last release) did not allow to trail SL, fixed.
    Version 2.70 2024.05.02
    - feat: Futures (exchange) support (experimental)
    - fix: rate conversion on CFD's when account base currency is not USD, when CFD base currency is not USD
    - impr: added FreezeLevel, StopLevel checks and AdjustPriceToTickSize for orders
    Version 2.67 2024.04.04
    - fix: bypass broker lot limit: when pending order dragged did not remove old orders
    - fix: bypass broker lot limit: lot size amounbt text on stats only did show lot size from one order, now shows across all
    - fix: trade management formula: now does not allow negative MOVE_SL value
    Version 2.66 2024.02.21
    - fix: on chart stats calculate unit costs in to stats (fix for JP225 showing wrong stats)
    Version 2.65 2024.01.31
    - feat: trailing tp level
    - fix: profit stats were a bit wrong on trailed sl
    Version 2.64 2024.01.25
    - impr: inf lot size protection, to make sure any bug does not enter us with max leverage
    - mt5 update: some code file updates for MT5 lib
    Version 2.62 2024.01.11
    - feat: settings profiles - switch between setting slots 1-4
    - imp: new version updates messaging system re-done differently..
    Version 2.61 2024.01.10
    - fix: min/max/fixed sl size input displayed ATR value if ATR sl conf. unit was chosen.
    - feat: add current ATR to infopanel
    Version 2.60 2024.01.10
    - feat: sl size unit combox: can be dynamic from ATR or fixed pips/points to use in min/max sl size.
    - fix: pending spread ignore (queued) trades disappeared on time frame change
    Version 2.56 2023.12.15
    - fix: riskperunit/unitcost calculations on some CFD's was wrong.. in lot size calculation (had example 100x smaller lot size). all re-done.
    Version 2.55 2023.11.30
    - hotfix: crashhh
    Version 2.54 2023.11.30
    - fix: infopanel not loading insights related on first init
    Version 2.53 2023.11.30
    - hotfix: symbol lock not always released on TF change on chart (bug from last update), also improved copier and other locks to align better with last update.. (make sure they all reset on TF change)
    Version 2.52 2023.11.28
    - fix: "not drawing lines/managing trades", happened if symbol on chart changed to something else (then managed), and later on when opening MT5 it does not load managed trade back even if switching symbol back from market watch (now more robust, when symbol changed on market watch all starts from fresh context)
    Version 2.51 2023.11.16
    - fix: 'ma close level' was missing from GUI
    - impr: improvements to 'abnormal spreads multiplier'
    Version 2.50 2023.11.13
    - hotfix: bug in last release symbol matching
    Version 2.49 2023.11.10
    - feat: copier choose to match raw or standard symbols in slave
    Version 2.48 2023.11.09
    - fix: partialing button settings out of gui (accidentally from last release)
    Version 2.47 2023.11.09
    - feat: trade copier: use sl size instead of price (to conquer price differences between brokers, e.g in indices).
    Version 2.46 2023.11.07
    - fix: update risk formula live (since last update got disabled, updated only after trade closed, now updates live)
    Version 2.45 2023.11.03
    - feat: enable insights checkbox (insights can be disabled)
    Version 2.44 2023.11.02
    - feat: abnormal spreads multiplier (cancel trade if abnormal spreads, new risk checkbox)
    - impr: insights deposit not found text changes/fixes
    Version 2.43 2023.10.25
    - feat: checkbox: Remove Pending Stop Orders on SL Hit
    Version 2.42 2023.10.23
    - fix: TP 5,6 re-calculated RR on SL drag (bug from one of latest release where we added TP 5,6 back)
    Version 2.41 2023.10.19
    - more specific message why "trading is not allowed on account", if it is
    Version 2.40 2023.09.29
    - fix: master sometimes might dropout if symbol switched from market watch
    Version 2.39 2023.09.21
    - impr: reverted 6 TP levels back like it was in older versions (we had 4 now)
    Version 2.38 2023.09.20
    - impr: restore old hotkey-be functionality back (be'ing trough hotkey not anymore working trough "trade formula", more simpler now, it's just BE' always)
    - impr: 'add rr to be' added back.. (trough hotkey)
    Version 2.37 2023.09.19
    - fix: possible fix a bug when using hotkeys to auto-be
    Version 2.36 2023.09.14
    - fix: load last save settings on shutdown.. before saving last manager position x/y/minimized state settings (so if we did changed something on other UTM instances, we load those "latest" changes back before we save position data, since else if we did change some settings on other instances we save back old "this" manage settings on shutdown.
    Version 2.35 2023.09.14
    - fix: copier on symbol change by dragging symbol from market watch, restart master/slaves to load with new symbol
    - impr: small improvement to make sure we generate/remove always lines on trade close (even without the manager)
    Version 2.34 2023.09.09
    - fix: remove lines when switching symbol by dragging. from marketwatch (did show old symbol lines still)
    Version 2.33 2023.09.07
    - impr: save manager window last position
    - fix: when dragging symbol to chart (from marketwatch) it changes now symbol (did not before)
    Version 2.32 2023.09.07
    - fix: insights double added last trade on UTM restart
    - fix: insights with multiple manager instances, if one updated insights others did no update, now all are in sync (after max 3-5s)
    - impr: Insights now loads all data from beginning on each manager restart (just to be sure for now, altough it looks good now, still extra insurance)
    Version 2.31 2023.09.06
    - impr/fix: Slave Auto Symbol Matching logic (first match exact symbol, then try find RAW spread symbol and finally standard)
    Version 2.30 2023.09.05
    - fix: leverage calculation crash fix.. when symbols like "EURUSD" does not exist on broker (and possibly also when base currency is not USD)
    - impr: add ROI to main tab info panel
    - impr: save gui minimized state
    Version 2.29 2023.09.04
    - fix: DrawDown formula allow 'DRAWDOWN ABOVE 0: 50' (DD Boost) formula
    - impr: Risk/Trade formulas allow ';' at the end of formulas
    - impr: Some DD Code future proofings modifications
    Version 2.28 2023.08.31
    - fix: insights current drawdown calculator (not always calculating latest trade)
    - fix: slave real stop loss size was printed wrong
    - fix: symbol mapping label in copier
    Version 2.27 2023.08.30
    - feat: slave copier deprecated, failsafe and virtual stoploss checkboxes, now can select what type of stoploss you want with more options, also mode where we enter SL to the broker
    - feat: slave copier enter master tp to the broker checkbox
    - fix: insights duplicated stats if multiple instances running (users should now reset insights to reload all again)
    Version 2.26 2023.08.30
    - fix: tp line how much in rr by price was wrong if SL was moved
    - impr: can remove from chart partialing button (by disabling it)
    - fix: partial button when set to 0 does not do anything (closed trade before)
    Version 2.25 2023.08.29
    - fix: copier slave without failsafe SL, still had it (now does not if disabled)
    Version 2.24 2023.08.29
    - impr: insights update all open manager instances when all positons closed (before updated only the 'current manager')
    - feat: copier slave failsafe SL checkbox & virtual stoploss checkbox
    Version 2.23 2023.08.28
    - fix: profits in RR on entry line left side was wrong
    Version 2.22 2023.08.28
    - fix: remove spamming equity level to experts, if Equity Stop activated (forgot a print)
    Version 2.21 2023.08.28
    - impr/fix: trade management formula cannot be empty + default formula added
    Version 2.20 2023.08.28
    - impr: Ignore Spread 'original order price' tp/be calculations also now work in market order mode
    - impr: deal close message improvement, close reason and close price added
    - feat: new risk limits, equity stop and maximum lot size added to risk management tab
    - deprecated: 'add rr to be' & 'be at rr', since trade management formula replaced those
    - feat: trade management formula added
    - impr: GUI refinemets, re-ordered all, new tabs to make more logical and space, including new view in memory save mode
    - impr: making sure cannot be duplicated (same id), queued trade (spread ignore)
    Version 2.13 2023.08.23
    - impr/fix?: insights load adjustments(deposits) on flow before all else to avoid maybe possible problems
    - fix: tp profit calculations to work across all diff brokers+symbols (had one CFD on one broker that had problems, now should work all)
    Version 2.12 2023.08.23
    - feat: editable chart line text font size in settings
    - fix: entry line RR text on right show RR without comms (did include comms before but winnings still with comms)
    - fix: insights trade holding time counter was 0 (from last updates)
    - impr: insights total unknown trades added and profits in money
    Version 2.11 2023.08.22
    - fix: insights "Current Drawdown" was Max Drawdown, now showing both in insights
    - fix: insights trades without SL were skipped, we should skip them only from W/L/BE and Profit RR calculations, but were skipped from all.
    Version 2.10 2023.08.22
    - fix: TP trailing + Entry profit stats on the lines
    Version 2.1 2023.08.22
    - fix: copier slave did not execute if symbol was not in market watch (now adds to market watch before)
    - fix: copier slave did not show symbol lot/leverage stats on risks
    Version 2.0 2023.08.22
    - fix: showing sl risk/profit text correctly + Profit RR on TP level was negative on a sell position
    Version 1.99 2023.08.21
    - feat: TP Profits (only on first line visible, not on lines after for now)
    - fix: comm calculations across stats on chart..
    Version 1.98 2023.08.21
    - feat: now shows how much we have taken profits on chart..
    - fix: comms on chart
    - fix: risk formula boost does not stop if last was BE (only loss stops it)
    - fix: margin lot/leverage on memory save mode
    Version 1.97 2023.08.21
    - feat: adaptive risk formula
    - fix: memory save mode crash
    - fix: insights win threshold button does not permantently save
    - impr: show riks and drawdown in memory save mode
    - many code refactors
    Version 1.95 2023.08.18
    - impr: insights tries to find SL automatically if not found from first deal order..
    Version 1.94 2023.08.18
    - hotfix: zero divided error on insights
    Version 1.93 2023.08.18
    feat: trade insights tab (overrall statistics)
    feat: can define custom account balance (so chart risk/profit/comms are correct, if not all money in broker)
    impr: small speed fix on trade close (getting statistics if a lot of trades)
    Version 1.92 2023.08.15
    - feat: trade statistics added, saved to db and rn printed to experts at the 'open of trade' and 'close of trade'
    - imrp: entry line texts update, now shows comms and net profit only..
    Version 1.91 2023.08.14
    feat: risk calculations in pending order mode
    impr: execution mode show changes, shows 'what we are exeuting'
    impr: allow position sl drag to spread zone WITH Spread Ignore
    Version 1.90 2023.08.11
    feat: effectice symbol leverage show in risk
    feat: max availale margin lot size show in risk
    feat: risk/profit calculations in lines
    feat: trade copier symbol mapping
    feat: trade copier slave receiving speed
    impr: copier transactions
    fix: allow ignore spread pending mode to click on spread zone
    fix: market sl size from spreads
    Version 1.86 2023.08.09
    fix: 1.85 should had removed EMA Spread from market orders, but appareantly did not had that code
    feat: Spread Factor Mode: got Auto mode from EMA Smoothed Spreads
    Version 1.85 2023.08.08
    - fix: remove spread SMA smoothing for lot calculation from market orders (this was intented for spread ignore only)
    Version 1.84 2023.08.08
    feat: spread SMA smooth for lot calculation and spread chart label (Spread SMA label now)
    impr: sl size / pip value calculation accross diff symbols to support, crypto/indices/forex/metals and different price digit lengths
    Version 1.83 2023.08.07
    - fix: spread ignore lot size calc on buy orders (factor spread in lot size calculation)
    Version 1.82 2023.08.07
    - fix: lot size calculator add spreads to market buy only (instead of pending and market)
    Version 1.81 2023.08.07
    - fix: "invalid trade" error on copier on some cases (maybe market order too), cause entryPrice is defined as 0.
    Version 1.80 2023.08.07
    - impr: Trade Copier: Deprecated Autonomous/Mirror modes, Mirror mode is new default. No more needed to have chart open on slave instances (one random chart is enough). Many things re-done in copier. Slave trade counter re-done.
    - feat: Close All Open Positions: Hotkey added.
    - impr: When to play TP/SL sound improvements.
    - impr: Many code refactors, to simplify code
    - impr: Lot size calculator factor spread in buy positions (so sl size is bigger, we get bit more accurate lot size, when spread is high)
    Version 1.72 2023.07.14
    -re-release: adjust lot size correctly on CFD's with custom contract size (fixed bug with prev release)
    Version 1.71 2023.07.12
    - revert: fix adjust lot size by CFD contract size (not working on some, needs more testing)
    Version 1.70 2023.07.11
    - fix: copier slave report db lock (less locked errors)
    - fix: possibly calculating tp/be points correct on certain non-ignore mode situations
    - fix: adjust lot size correctly on CFD's with custom contract size
    Version 1.69 2023.07.06
    - fix: copier mirror mode lot calculation was wrong
    Version 1.68 2023.07.06
    - fix: handle copier db connections better / +had slave report db leak
    Version 1.67 2023.07.05
    - impr: a lot of debugging logs for prices and trade factory (trade creation)
    Version 1.66 2023.07.04
    - fix: labels on non execution mode, to stick in place
    Version 1.65 2023.07.04
    - fix: copier trade counter was broken (from last release)
    - fix: sync some texts back if out of place
    Version 1.64 2023.07.03
    - refactors/improvements: to make trade copier more robust
    - feature: new trade copier mirror mode added (old mode renamed to "Autonomous")
    - impr: other small refactors
    Version 1.63 2023.06.30
    - fix: pending trade sl out sound did not work
    - impr: code refactor
    - some other small things (debugging text and memory save mode size and so on..)
    Version 1.62 2023.06.27
    - fix: MA Close - Follows last closed candle MA instead of current MA Price (+compares to last candle close price)
    Version 1.61 2023.06.27
    impr: trade copier auto switch slave terminal timeframe
    feat: risk off hotkey
    deprecated: auto risk reducer (too subjective, maybe will release pair specific later)
    Version 1.60 2023.06.26
    - feat: auto risk reducer
    - feat: MA based trade close (equal to MA trailing sl)
    - depr: depracate add Pips to BE (now RR only)
    - feat: memory save mode
    - fix: cancel button event on trade copier with splitted trades
    Version 1.50 2023.06.09
    fix: .cash symbol db crash (. symbol fix)
    Version 1.49 2023.06.08
    fix: cancel button on splitted trade and to copy trader
    Version 1.48 2023.06.08
    impr: added sound when auto-be
    impr: added cancel button for pending orders
    impr: Added possibility to add RR to BE
    feat: Lock RR on pending dragging (from entry line)
    Version 1.47 2023.06.07
    impr: rr level calculation text, when dragged to profit side changes to "inversed TP"
    fix: error when SL was dragged to same price that it was before (no more error on that)
    impr: new sounds, sounds when trade get's entered, sound when pending stop order SL was hit (went to other direction)
    impr: RR in profit text to entry
    Version 1.46 2023.06.01
    - fix: RR level calculation text (after SL have been dragged was wrong)
    - fix: ignore spread use original entry for be (seems like was broken at some point)
    Version 1.45 2023.05.24
    impr: show RR text in TP levels
    fix: move also spread ignore order line texts a bit more right (same as in prev release for normal orders)
    Version 1.44 2023.05.15
    fix: spread factor tp level calculation was wrong
    fix: allow mt5 trendline drawing (without UTM throwing error)
    Version 1.43 2023.05.11
    fix: tp sound on tp1 100% only mode (had sl sound)
    impr: move position texts a bit more right (so not blocking last candle)
    impr: reduced logged messages (enabled on debugging mode only)
    Version 1.42 2023.05.09
    fix: spread factor, factored extra spreads on pending dragging modification
    impr: if TP1 only and 100% (and no "spread ignore invisible" mode) enter TP to the broker
    impr: support custom renko charts (named as EURUSD_5PIPS, EURUSD_5PIPS and so on..)
    impr: debugging logs checkbox
    fix: update partialing button text realtime
    fix: 50% partialing on mini lots (0.1 steps) with 0.2 closed position instead of partial 0.1
    impr: copier master lock refresh one more time on init if locked
    Version 1.41 2023.05.04
    impr: customize partialing button % (edit)
    impr: trade copier master lock (impossible to get stuck to master)
    Version 1.40 2023.04.25
    - fix: splitted trade Auto BE'ing (not always working)
    - impr: support for min/max sl size limits for market orders (not market has all fixed + min + max)
    Version 1.39 2023.04.14
    fix: sl size indicator in market was not accurate enough (now is)
    impr: fixed sl size now supports market orders
    impr: fixed sl size texts in chart when it has been enabled
    Version 1.38 2023.04.13
    - fix: Fixed SL size was always static 1.0
    Version 1.37 2023.04.12
    - impr: broker max lot size bypass / splitted trades > now all splitted will act as a one big trade, line draggings + all else will modify also all splitted trades, even with trade copier.
    Version 1.36 2023.03.31
    This update should finish Partiasl50%/Close buttons and splitted_trades/broker_lot_bypass to work with trade copier 100%
    - impr: trade copier > broker max lot size bypass / splitted trades: move all slave splitted lines (if master has 1 trade and slave has 5 splitted, if u move master sl, it will move all 5 splitted sl's and all other lines)
    - impr: tradecopier: send over partial50%/Close button events (did not before)
    - impr: broker max lot size bypass / splitted trades: draw Partial50%/Close buttons only on "main" trade, on button press it will partial or close all splitted (so they are like one big trade)
    - fix lot size reduction message (tell of what amount we reduced, had bug)
    Version 1.35 2023.03.31
    - allow trades that are executed without UTM (it wont draw/manage it)
    Version 1.34 2023.03.24
    fix: market order deviation/slippage limit/prices
    fix: text color update when changed
    impr: default colors from chart
    Version 1.33 2023.03.23
    Impr: Text added - "Press KEY to enter execution mode"
    Impr: seconds chart custom symbol parsing
    Impr: Validate that already used Hotkey cannot be selected
    Version 1.32 2023.03.17
    - Buttons added for position entry line (50% partial and close position)
    Version 1.31 2023.03.13
    - fix: .i symbol support was broken (e.g EURUSD.i)
    Version 1.30 2023.03.10
    impr: market order has now spread handling modes (ignore and factor mode support)
    impr: hotkey to change order type on fly
    impr: on pending order line dragging re-enters position (this enables now lot size re-calculation on dragging)
    impr: trade with magic does not exist message + disable this and remove lines when manager off
    impr: copier, auto set slave order type (not needed anymore to set manually)
    fix: copier, double trades when multiple managers (copier multi symbol bug fix)
    Version 1.25 2023.03.04
    - limit execution mode speed (used 100% single cpu core before, potentially avoid crashes)
    Version 1.24 2023.02.21
    - fix when position closed, manager had state open (and we had unnecessary close sounds) - no closes always all positions
    Version 1.23 2023.02.17
    - fix: ea stays open while switching timeframe (non custom symbols)
    - fix: splitted trade line dragging on copier
    Version 1.22 2023.02.17
    - forgot in 1.21 to disable lot calculation on ignore spread line dragging (should not calculate now in all cases)
    Version 1.21 2023.02.17
    - broker max lot size per trade bypass (e.g ftmo)
    Version 1.20 2023.02.16
    - add pips to BE advanced options
    - fix copier where user "events" was copied over to all symbols (not specific we trade)
    Version 1.19 2023.02.13
    - fixed calc lotsize on "ignore spread" order sl line drag
    - fix play sl sound with "ignore spread" mode
    Version 1.18 2023.02.13
    - added SL size text to order/position lines (know since when dragging)
    - added sounds on SL or TP point
    Version 1.17 2023.02.10
    - bugfix on "ignore spread invisible" entry line dragging lot size was calculated to maximum
    Version 1.16 2023.02.10
    - checkbox to disable alerts on "auto lot reduction"
    - fixed possibly bug where lot size was infinite, because mt5 SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_VALUE seems to have problems sometimes it's 0 on first call
    - lot size will be auto calculated when dragging queued (ignore pending invisible) orders
    Version 1.15 2023.02.06
    - auto be only on rr levels
    Version 1.14 2023.02.03
    - improved "global currency lock" cannot get stuck anymore
    - fix tp point calculation after order dragging (was not calculated again)
    - fix trade copier line dragging not updating
    Version 1.13 2023.01.31
    - update line text to "keep up" with time (and not fall behind)
    Version 1.12 2023.01.31
    - small "safety" update, removing unnecessary position db close save (that could possibly introduce a bug later)
    Version 1.11 2023.01.31
    - Fixed where not all "ignore spread" states were saved to db (on restart did not remember BE on invisible mode)
    Version 1.1 2023.01.30
    - scaling fix: with 100% some things were too big or small