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This Expert Advisor is easily configured and optimized. It works well into the future in the real market. The signal is generated by means of the following indicators:

  • Moving Average of Oscillator - OsMA shows difference between MACD values and its signal line.
  • Parabolic SAR - Parabolic Stop and Reverse system.

The common signal is formed based on the signals of two indicators. The EA enters the market and places stops by a signal. The EA uses trailing stop and works with several profit points. When adjusting the EA you can specify number of orders to be used in one direction. Regularly 1-2 additional orders are used.

Optimization parameters as well as all tester settings are shown on screenshots. This EA has to be optimized 1 month, and then you can enter the market. All charts display 1 month. You can download their settings in Comments section.


  • Magic — magic number;
  • PeriodWork — working period;
  • Risk — risk calculated based on the deposit and stop loss;
  • LotRounding — lot rounding;
  • StopLoss — stop loss;
  • TakeProfit — take profit;
  • PeriodTrailing — trailing stop period;
  • TrailingBreakeven — breakeven level;
  • TrailingStart — start of trailing stop;
  • TrailingStop — step of trailing stop;
  • WorkOpenLong — allows to open a long position;
  • WorkOpenShort — allows to open a short position;
  • WorkCloseLong — allows to close a long position;
  • WorkCloseShort — allows to close a short position;
  • PeriodSignal — period of indicators;
  • OsMaFast_ema_period – parameter of Moving Average of Oscillator;
  • OsMaSlow_ema_period – parameter of Moving Average of Oscillator;
  • OsMaSignal_period – parameter of Moving Average of Oscillator;
  • VolumeFiltr — volume filter.
karston 2018.10.12 12:15   

After one week testings, I can say that this bot, as most of offered in the market works good only for past, tested periods.

Backtesting shows the best settings for past, and you can have good results on the choosen time.

These settings are not working for the future.

Simply, some good settings should work for main currency pairs, but they don't.

Chris Mechen
Chris Mechen 2017.10.13 16:57 

Bought EA some time ago and was promised files from author, I have repeatedly asked for files and not even reply. Backtest looks ok but so far im $29 for nothing!