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This professional robot implements a trading strategy based on the built-in i-Chronology EA. The indicator appearance is shown below. A signal is formed when two lines of the indicator cross each other. You choose these lines. Market entry occurs according to pending orders located at a distance of definite number of points from the price(tsOrderStop field). If the price does not move to the direction of a pending order, the order is opened. If the market moves to the opposite direction, the pending order moves to the price to preserve the distance between the pending order and the price on tsOrderStop level.

It uses trailing stop for pending orders (tsOrderStop, tsOrderStep). Trailing stop is provided for buying and selling, as well as for a total position. The EA correctly processes errors and works reliably in the market. Also, the signal can be inverted. The product uses the basic concepts: breakeven, trailing stop, stop loss and take profit, as well as closing at the opposite signal and correct risk calculation.

Main Parameters:

  • Risk — risk (lot is calculated from the balance);
  • LimitOrder — maximum number of orders in one direction;
  • StopLoss — stop loss;
  • TakeProfit — take profit;
  • tsOrderStop — start of trailing stop of a pending order;
  • tsOrderStep — step of trailing stop of a pending order;
  • trStep — step parabolic value for trailing stop of a real order;
  • trMaximum — maximum parabolic value for trailing stop of a real order;
  • CronexLine — choose signal lines combination;
  • CronexTF — indicator timeframe;
  • CronexShift — indicator shift;
  • CronexInversion — inversion of a signal (0 - direct, 1 - inversed).
  • RSIPeriod — Cronex RSI period.
  • TCurvature — Cronex parameter.
  • BandsPeriod — Cronex Bands period.
  • BandsDeviations — Cronex Deviations parameter.
  • BandsShift — Cronex BandsShift parameter.
  • CriticalDD — critical drawdown at which all positions are closed.
  • SumProfit — peak profit at which all positions are closed.
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Version 1.75 2015.10.08
Improved operation of trailing stop. Now the trailing function correctly switches from a hour period to 15 minutes, then 5 minutes, an then 1 minute (default). Also, operation of the basic indicator has been improved, it generates entry signals.