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PO Strategy

The robot opens Stop Orders with any timeframe. Anyway we suggest to use high tf as D1. Entry signals are got by pure small price movements with the minimal distance from the current price. The closing of trades is made by two closing functions. CloseByPrice to close in profit only and CloseByTime to close trades when the elapsed time is over MinuesToWait parameter. To close trades we can use, in alternative or with, StopLoss and TakeProfit.

First, you can test the robot with EURUSD and then other currencies with 5 and 3 digits.

The external parameters of PO Strategy are:

  1. TradeOneBar—If set to true EA will open only one trade per the TF period.
  2. DeltaPrice—If you increase the default value (3) you reduce trades quantity.
  3. MM—If set to true enable money management.
  4. MaxSpread—If spread is over this value no trade is open.
  5. Lots—Fixed lots if MM is set to false.
  6. MaxSlippage—Limit of price change if price is re-quoted.
  7. RiskPercent—Percentage of balance to use to open trade.
  8. Levels—Quantity of grids (stop orders) up and down current price.
  9. So_PointStep—Distance in points from the current price.
  10. ExpiryTime—Life time in minutes of Stop Orders.
  11. EnableCloseByPrice—Set to true to get the closing of the trade when current price goes down respect the open price of the current bar but in gain.
  12. CloseTF—Time Frame of the open bar used to close by function CloseByPrice.
  13. EnableCloseByTime—Set to true to get the trade closed after MinutesToWait from the opening of the trade.
  14. MinutesToWait—If EnableCloseByTime = true, this value in minutes is used to close the trade.
  15. StopLoss—If you set EnableCloseByTime = false you need to set this parameter with a value (from 50-200 points).
  16. TakeProfit—If you set EnableCloseByPrice = false you need to set this parameter with a value (from 50-200 points).
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