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New Era

The New Era Expert Advisor

It operates based on detected consolidation of tick volumes entering into the market when the probability of the price direction is not less than 80% based on the EA's inner calculations.

It does not hold unprofitable positions. Minimum settings are available in inputs.


  • MaxRisk—lot size.
  • MaxLot—maximum lot size.
  • Comment_to_orders—a comment for open orders.


The EA can work on any instruments. The best results are on M15.

2017.02.18 19:28 

Отрицательный показатель прибыли . Зря доверял

Matthew Todorovski
2016.08.16 15:36 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Paulus Nangoy
2015.02.19 11:23 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Igor Dervuk
2014.11.24 14:39   

Разработчик сделал параметры наружу ,как я просил .

Посмотрим как поведет себя сов. после зтого обновления .

2014.11.21 16:34 

This EA works great on back testing, but keeps losing money on real trading, why?

Roberto Canal
2014.11.18 10:27 

Lose all the money

2014.11.17 14:18 

The EA doesn't work on any instrument and it blows your account.Also the EA does not perform well on forward test as the Backtest. It doesn't worth a penny.

Version 4.0 - 2014.11.25
It is now possible to change the following parameters:
- TakeProfit - Take Profit settings;
- StopLoss - Stop loss settings;
- TrailingStop - Trailing Stop parameters;
- TrailingStep - the step of the Trailing Stop;
- PriceStep - price change in points, after which new orders can be opened.
- MaxSpread - protection from broker's trend increase. If spread exceeds this value, the EA will not open any orders. The EA avoids opening orders when the broker increases spread for a symbol. This makes the EA operation close to tester results.

The Expert Advisor is well optimizable.