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Virtual TP SL TS

Make your Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Trailing Stop levels invisible to the broker!

Main option: STEALTH MODE

  • Virtual Trailing Stop
  • Virtual Take Profit
  • Virtual Breakeven
  • Virtual Stop Loss
  • Virtual Orders Lifetime

WARNING: The Expert Advisor does not place orders by itself. You must open orders yourself (including through the Expert panel) or use a third-party Expert on another chart of the same currency pair. Please specify the Magic number "-1" in the Expert settings for the Expert to process these orders

For testing use VISUAL MODE !!!


When you (or another Expert Advisor) open a BUY / SELL order, or a pending order is triggered, or there may already be open positions/orders on the chart, the Expert will install the control panels and start tracking the v-StopLoss, v-BreakEven, v-TakeProfit parameters.

REMINDER:  When you use a Magic number other than "-1" the Expert will only track orders/positions opened through its Panel

ABBREVIATIONS USED:  v-SL=Virtual StopLoss, v-BR= Virtual BreakEven, v-BRD= Virtual BreakEven Distance, v-TS= Virtual TrailingStop, UP=Refresh TralingStop. 

See picture “OPTIONS HELP CHART” for visual perception of the algorithm.

When the price reaches the [v-SL] level, position will be closed.

When the price reaches the [v-BR + v-BRD] level, the v-BR mark will be set at the [v-BR] level. If the price approaches the v-BR mark, the order will be closed.

If the "Tr" button is enabled on the “Position control panel”: When the price moves away from the level [v-BR] by the distance [v-TS] (or [OpenPrice], when V-BR Mode was not used), the "Br" button will be disabled, the v-BR mark will be replaced with the v-TS mark and the price trolling at the [v-TS] distance will start.

Buttons: "Br", "Tr" are enabled by default

If the price approaches the v-TS mark, the position will be closed.

If the button "Tp" on the “Position control panel” is activated: If the price approaches the v-TP mark, the position will be closed.

If the button "Ti" on the “Position control panel” is activated: When the price approaches the TimeClose Line, the order/position will be closed.


Panel for open positions has 6 buttons, orders panel - only 2 ("Ti" and "X"). When a pending order is triggered, it's panel is replaced by the panel of an open position!

Button “Sl”. When enabled, the virtual Stop Loss tracking mode works. The EA places a v-SL mark on the chart and tracks the position of the price relative to it. You can adjust the v-SL by simply moving the v-SL marker on the chart (NOT WORK IN TEST MODE). When the price reaches the [v-SL] level, position will be closed.

Button “Tp”. When enabled, the virtual Take Profit tracking mode works. The EA places a v-TP mark on the chart and tracks the position of the price relative to it. You can adjust the v-TP by simply moving the v-TP marker on the chart (NOT WORK IN TEST MODE). When the price reaches the [v-TP] level, position will be closed.

Button “Br”. When enabled, the virtual Breakeven tracking mode works. When the price reaches the [v-BR + v-BRD] level, the EA places a v-BR mark on the chart at the [v-BR] level.

Button “Tr”. When enabled, the virtual Trailing Stop tracking mode works. When the price moves away from the level [v-BR] (or [OpenPrice], when V-BR Mode was not used)  by the distance [v-TS], the EA places a v-TR mark on the chart and tracks the position of the price relative to it at the [v-TS] distance. Button “Br” will be disabled; the v-BR mark will be replaced. You can also adjust the v-TR by simply moving the v-TR marker on the chart (NOT WORK IN TEST MODE).

Button “Ti”. When enabled, the virtual order's / position's Lifetime tracking mode works. EA places a v-Ti line on the chart. You can adjust the trigger time by simply moving the line on the chart (NOT WORK IN TEST MODE). When the price approaches the TimeClose Line, the order/position will be closed.

Button “X”. Closes an order/position.




Full Description and Settings can be found here: <link>

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The indicator is intended for determining the spread and swap size, the distance for setting stop orders and stop losses from the current price allowed and the risk per 1 point in the deposit currency. The indicator informs a trader about possible additional expenses and profits connected with transferring a position to the next trade session of the financial instrument. It also informs about the spread size and the distance of pending orders, stop loss and trailing from the current price. In ad
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This script analyzes all symbols in Market Watch for a set timeframe. The result is displayed on the Experts tab and in the specified file. For more convenient viewing and editing, the result is displayed in a csv file. For the calculation, the Pearson formula is used. The value of the correlation coefficient of pairs close to 1 means that the pairs move almost identically. A value close to -1 means that the pairs move in the same way. This tool will be useful to those who use hedging due to the
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Telegram ChartSnap MT5 is an utility tool to bridge your MetaTrader 5 activities to your Telegram chat/group/channel. It will screen shot your MetaTrader 5 chart and send it to your dedicated Telegram chat/group/channel through a Telegram bot. The whole process will keep repeating based on a time cycle that predetermined by the user. It is a convenient tool for those who like to get access to their favorite system/dashboard that only available at MetaTrader Desktop. Beside that, trader can eas
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Risk Controller Expert Advisor, a program that allows you to control the total risk of your trading advisors on your account. With this program, you can control the maximum risk that will be allowed on the account for all advisors. For example, you set the risk of 30% of the maximum drawdown, which means that if your equity trading robots exceed the risk of 30%, the Risk Controller will close all positions of advisers, and can also close all open charts, thereby preventing advisers from working
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HotKeys MT5
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This utility provides the ability to use hot keys in manual trading instantly responding to the current market situation. You can assign hot keys to open/close positions by their type, open/close all positions on the current chart and remove all orders on the current chart. You can also assign hot keys for five predefined trade volumes and switch between them if necessary with no need to change the volume manually from time to time. It is also possible to set the auto calculation of a trade volu
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Telegram Alerts is a tool which send alerts on trades to Telegram Alert on any event concerning a position : Opening, Closing, modification (SL, TP) Alert on Equity change Display Risk, Reward and progress of profit/lost for each position Send signals from your indicators or experts Multi-lingual This utility is FREE for a limited time. Please give feedback to make it great. If you are facing any issue using this utility, please contact me to be solved Telegram Setup instruction Open your
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A script for quick reversing positions and/or orders. If you need to reverse a position with the same volume, open an opposite position of a different volume or change the type of existing orders (for example, Buy Limit -> Sell Limit, Buy Stop -> Sell Limit, etc.) with the same or different take profit/stop loss, this script will make all the routine for you! Allow AutoTrading before running the script. Usage: Run the script on a chart. Input Parameters: Language of messages displayed (EN, RU, D
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AKCAP Hotkey Tool
AK Capital Markets Limited
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Are you tired of manually navigating through menus and inputting data every time you want to execute a trade or open an order on Meta Trader? Our hotkey tool is here to make your life easier and boost your trading efficiency. Our tool is natively coded for lightning-fast performance and comes loaded with all the features you could possibly want. From pending orders and OCO orders to trailing and multiple buckets, it has everything a scalper could need. And with the latest update, we've made it
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This EA trails your stops based on percentage of current TP, for both manually and auto-opened trades.   You can edit the percentage value in the inputs. Trailing stop   is a more flexible variation of a normal exit order. T railing stop  is the practice of moving the stop-loss level closer to the current price when the price moves in your favor. Trailing the stop-loss allows traders to limit their losses and safeguard their profits. It is a very popular practice. This EA will manage your order'
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This utility sends notification to trader’s MT5 (for MT4 version, checkout this link ) mobile app, to remind traders about their open positions. Super useful for part time traders to keep track and not forget any positions. To turn on notification, please visit   this link   (https://www.metatrader4.com/en/trading-platform/help/setup/settings_notifications) Features Keep track on open orders (pending orders, running orders) Customize time to send notification Customize notification interval (s
30 USD
Itrade Manager
Nestor Smill Soler Olivero
Itrade manager expert advisor (EA) is a type of software that can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks related to managing trades in the financial markets. Some of the ways in which the Itrade manager EA can help you trade better include: Itrade manager EA can automatically modify, and close trades based on predefined rules and conditions, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your trading strategy. Managing risk: Itrade manager EA can help you manage risk by placing stop-loss and t
45 USD
A professional tool for real-time monitoring of the account status and the work of Expert Advisors. Information about the account status can be sent to Telegram chats automatically at a specified interval or upon request. From the screenshots of the open charts of the terminal, you receive upon request from your Telegram bot. Account information includes: 13:02 Trade monitoring by Telegram v.1.0 (headline) Account : 6802ххх RoboForex-Pro (account information) Profit start: 2661 USD (profit ear
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Andrey Fri
AutoBuy - is a script place pending buy stop orders with automatic calculation of the volume (number of shares) depending on the risk of money on the deal. Inputs: Risk - number in USD of money put on the trade. BuyHighStep - the number of USD, a step up from the rates High of the current candle (bar) stock up to buy. Minimum value is 0.01 StopLossStep - the number in USD, the step from the price of the buy stop order down to close the deal at a loss. The minimum value of 0.10  TakeProfitStep
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Five methods to close multiple buy or sell trades: 1. Take Profit and Stop Loss in Pips 2. Volatility based Take Profit and Stop Loss 3. Trailing Stop Loss in Pips 4. Volatility based Trailing Stop Loss 5. Take Profit and Stop Loss in dollars (swap pricing included) Works on multiple buy or sell trades on the same chart symbol calculating the breakeven positions in real-time. Option to use with magic number. Virtual trade close hidden from the market, connection to broker required. Recommended t
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Pending Orders Grid Complete System   opens any combination of Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit and Sell Limit pending orders and closes all existing pending orders. Only one time of the pending order at the same time!!! You will have a possibility to put a legitimate   Open Price   for the first position in the grid. Usually it should in the area of Support/Resistance lines. You just need to drop this script on the chart of a desired currency pair. Input Parameters Before placing all pending or
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The script shows statistics of trades for the specified period. For example, if you want to know the details of trades of the ATC2010 Winner ( bobsley ): Login with his account using the investor (read-only) password (MetaTrader5); Open the chart of his trading symbol (EURUSD); Run this script on the chart; Specify 2010.10.1 in "date from", and the diagram will be shown.
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Risk Management MT5
Vladimir Gribachev
Trading assistant   designed for manual trading. It helps to calculate and control your risks, transfer transactions to breakeven and accompany positions with trailing stop. Easy to set up and use. It can be used for calculating a trading lot, calculating stop loss and take profit levels. Works with currency pairs, CFDs, stocks, indices, futures, cryptocurrencies Displays       volume,   potential loss and profit before       placing an order Ability to set the expiration time of a pending order
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Compare Symbols Specifications is a utility indicator that is a summary interactive table of the analyzed parameters. Trading conditions in the market are constantly changing and tracking these changes is a time-consuming task. This tool allows you to compare the trading conditions of all symbols in a matter of seconds, and choose for trading those symbols that meet the requirements of the trading system. This tool will be useful to all traders and will help them to have up-to-date information
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Sigma Risk Management
Italo Martins Coutinho
Funciona em Conta Hedge e Netting: - Máximo de Trades no dia - Sessão Operacional (Horário de Inicio e Termino) - Tempo Mínimo de aguardo entre operações - Ajuste de Lotes (Realiza parte da mão para poder ficar com o risco pré configurado para o risco máximo Trade a Trade) para ordens pendentes para posições em aberto Por agora funciona na gestão Trade à Trade Porém futuramente farei gestão do dia e do mês, baseando no Draw Down Máximo do Dia/Mês Eu salvo os dados em u
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The utility is designed to save funds on your trading account. There is support for three levels of minimum equity and free margin. For each level, you can set partial (by a certain percentage) or complete closing of all market orders. The partial close percentage is applied for each order separately based on its current size (i.e. the size at the time the equity or free margin reaches the appropriate level). Upon reaching the last third level, the utility can close all charts, which will make i
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Microlots Deriv
William Oswaldo Mayorga Urduy
DERIV MICROLOTS This panel replaces the traditional Panel, with which you can enter micro lots when the broker does not allow them to be placed, only on the condition that the broker offers the step of Volume less than the Minimum Volume. For example: if the Minimum Volume is 0.20 and the step is 0.01, and you want to put 0.02, normally you will not be able to do it, but this tool will take care of managing the sending of the order so that the open order remains at the value of 0.02. Su
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Panel for simplify trade operations. It contains tabs: InfoRisk   - helps to estimate the current risks of open positions and orders; StopToProfit - allows to change the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels; Traling - Trailing Stop of the opened position; PositionClosing - Closure of several positions; OrdersDeleting - Removes a group of pending orders; PositionAdding - Used to add (open) to the opened position.
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The script creates account summary report in a separate window. The report can be created for all deals and on deals for selected financial instruments. It is possible to specify a time interval of calculation and save report to htm-file. The script creates account summary report in a separate window. The report can be created for all deals and for deals of the selected financial instruments. It is possible to specify a time interval of calculation and save report to htm-file. Input paramet
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Andrej Nikitin
Info tool helps to estimate the current risks of open positions and orders. It allows to analyze open positions or/and pending orders, also there are USD/Percentage modes. Expands the margin load and the share of profit participation for individual positions. Информационная панель помогает оценить текущие риски по открытым позициям и ордерам. Есть возможность отдельного анализа рисков по позициям/отложенным ордерам, а также в режимах USD/Percentage. Раскладывает маржинальную нагрузку и долю учас
30 USD
Save time placing orders and automate entry under your conditions. Managing open trade with TBOM is easy Video tutorials and manuals   here .   Find contacts on my   profile .   FREE Order box Dashboard  tool  here FREE version works for CHFJPY and AUDCAD Money Management -  Risk percentage position size calculator, gain percentage, target risk reward ratio, spread and commissions are included in calculations Safe Trading -  Protect orders before big news spikes and Monday opening gaps (spre
Visualize History MT5
Anatoli Kazharski
5 (1)
Those, who trade on their own and study the trade history of other traders, need a tool to display the history of the deals on a chart. One can learn a lot from such a representation of historic data. Sometimes it even gives an idea of a lucrative trading system. Visual history of deals for signals within MetaQuotes service is available directly from the Terminal. To get it, go to the tab 'Signals' in the 'Tools' window and click on 'Apply to the chart' on the signal page. However, there are som
30 USD
Save your time . Select area and the trend line will draw automatically . Draw a support and resistance line for the selected range with two mouse clicks .  If you need to, you can also draw a line for support and resistance based on separate areas. The resistance trend line is drawn based on the first and last highs inside the selected area; The support trend line is drawn based on first and last lows inside the selected area;
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Do you think that in markets where the price can change in a split second, placing orders should be as simple as possible? In Metatrader, each time you want to open an order, you have to open a window where you enter the opening price, stop loss and take profit, as well as the trade size. In trading the financial markets, capital management is essential to maintain your initial deposit and multiply it. So, when you want to place an order, you probably wonder how big a trade you should open? Wha
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Trade Panel is a multifunctional trading assistant. The application contains more than 50 functions for manual trading, and allows you to automate most of the trading actions. Attention, the application does not work in the strategy tester. You can download a demo version on the instruction page. Instruction + demo version here: – https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/751127 The main features of the application: Work with any trading instrument (Forex, CFD, Futures and others) Work with all symbols
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Mentfx Mmanage mt5
Anton Jere Calmes
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Drag and Drop Trade Manager. Draw your entry and have the tool calculate the rest. Advanced targeting and close portions of a trade directly available in tool (manage trades while you sleep). Market order or limit order on either side with factored spread. Just draw the entry, the tool does the rest. Hotkey setup to make it simple. Draw where you want to enter, and the stop loss, the tool calculates all necessary risk with your desired % risk. Check out the video for a breakdown of how it looks
300 USD
The product will copy all telegram signal to MT5 ( which you are member) , also it can work as remote copier.  Easy to set up, copy order instant, can work with almost signal formats, image signal,  s upport to translate other language to English Work with all type of channel or group, even channel have "Restrict Saving Content", work with  multi channel, multi MT5 Work as remote copier: with signal have ticket number, it will copy exactly via ticket number. Support to backtest signal. How to s
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FiboPlusWaves MT5
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FiboPlusWave Series products Ready-made trading system based on Elliott waves and Fibonacci retracement levels . It is simple and affordable. Display of the marking of Elliott waves (main or alternative option) on the chart. Construction of horizontal levels, support and resistance lines, a channel. Superposition of Fibonacci levels on waves 1, 3, 5, A Alert system (on-screen, E-Mail, Push notifications).    Features: without delving into the Elliott wave theory, you can immediately open one of
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Advanced trading tool: One click smart orders that execute under your conditions Developed by trader for trading community:  position size calculator (lot size), open position after price action, strategy builder, set and forget trading, mobile notifications... Risk Management -  Risk percentage position size calculator, gain percentage, target risk reward ratio, spread and commissions are included in calculations 7 Advanced order types  - Set and forget trading with price action automation (O
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Bots Builder Pro MT5
Andrey Barinov
4.5 (2)
This is exactly what the name says. Visual strategy builder . One of a kind. Turn your trading strategies and ideas into Expert Advisors without writing single line of code. Generate mql source code files with a few clicks and get your fully functional Expert Advisors, which are ready for live execution, strategy tester and cloud optimization. There are very few options for those who have no programming skills and can not create their trading solutions in the MQL language. Now, with Bots Build
149 USD
Trade Assistant GS mt5
Vasiliy Strukov
5 (4)
The Trade Assistant mt5 is designed for the manual trader who needs assistance to manage orders.  First analyze the trend by using a good indicator like Gold Stuff .  Once you have established the main trend, start your orders with the Trade Assistant and use the “buy” and “sell” buttons on panel of the chart to open orders.  The trader can choose to build a grid with or without a multiplier, or just use a single trade according to the different options in the setting. Real-time results can b
125 USD
Trade Assistant 38 in 1
Makarii Gubaydullin
5 (5)
Multifunctional tool: 65+ functions, including: Lot Calculator, Price Action, R/R ration, Trade Manager, Supply and Demand zones Demo version   |   User manual   |    MT4 Version The utility   doesn't work in the strategy tester : you can download the   Demo Version HERE  to test the product. Contact me   for any questions  / ideas for improvement / in case of a bug found Simplify, speed up and automate your trading   process . Expand the standard terminal capabilities with this   dashboard. U
139 USD
The Ultimate Tool for the Trader
Carlos Rodriguez Pivko
1 (1)
Greetings, fellow traders. Trading is a difficult job, and we traders at Prop Firms know it well. Challenges we have navigated through, countless hours of chart analysis and strategy improvement, frustration of failed challenges, and the sheer joy of the first payment. Our efforts have made us what we are today: the top 0.2% of traders in the world. Congratulations, you've come to the right place if you're part of this selected group and wish to maintain that position or if you want to become o
1 200 USD
News Trade EA MT5
Konstantin Kulikov
4.5 (6)
Present to you the useful robot that I have been using for several years. It can be used in both semi-automatic mode and fully automatic mode. The program contains flexible settings for trading on the news of the economic calendar. It cannot be checked in the strategy tester. Only real work. In the terminal settings, you need to add the news site to the list of allowed URLs. Click Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL:". Add this (delete the spa
97 USD
Auto Trade Copier for MT5
Vu Trung Kien
4.25 (16)
Auto Trade Copier MT5 is designed to copy trades between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts/terminals with 100% accuracy. The provider and receiver accounts must be on the same PC/VPS. With this tool, you can act as either a provider (source) or a receiver (destination). All trading actions will be copied from the provider to the receiver with no delay. This version can be used on MT5 accounts only. For MT4 accounts, you must use Auto Trade Copier. Reference: If you need to copy between different locatio
79 USD
Comprehensive on chart trade panel with the unique ability to be controllable from mobile as well. Plus has a library of downloadable configuration, e.g. exit rules, extra panel buttons, pending order setup and more. Please see our product video. Works with all symbols not just currency pairs. Features On chart panel plus controllable from free app for Windows, iPhone and Android Built-in script engine with library of downloadable configuration, e.g. add 'Close All Trades in Profit' button, exit
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Latency arbitrage is a trading strategy that allows traders to make instant profits by acting fast on opportunities presented by pricing inefficiencies between two or more brokers: it entails trading against a lagging broker knowing the future price in advance, received from other price feed, fractions of a second earlier. These inefficiencies can be caused by liquidity providers or network issues on the broker's side. Under ideal trading conditions, latency arbitrage is a zero-risk strategy tha
249 USD
Two quick answers for frequently asked questions: 1. If it's your first time to buy at MetaQuotes Market and don't know how/where to install your purchased EA, please follow MetaQuotes official guide here . If MT5 trade symbol name is different with cTrader's, please set 'Symbol Map List' variable at MT5 signal EA as explained at below instructions.  2. If you're looking for evaluation, please find the demo copy and cTrader cBot copier user guide and download link from this blog .
200 USD
Our First EA created using AI ChatGPT technology Trade only GOOD regulated Broker !  Minimum deposit: $3,000 Tested on EURUSD only this time 28.03.2023 Use 15MIN Time Frame Use Protector   https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/94362 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MppTmbDvKIY Dear Traders, let me tell you about something truly exciting that I've been working on. As you know, I'm always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what's possible, and I'm thrilled to share with you the results of
100 USD
Everything for chart Technical Analysis indicator mt5 in one tool Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline and get alerts to mobile phone or email alert -  Risk reward indicator mt5 Video tutorials and manuals   here .  Find contacts on my   profile . 1.   Extend rectangle and trendline into future -  Trend Support Resistance Object will be extended into future when price will draw new candlesticks on chart. This is rectangle extender or trendline exte
98 USD
Ultimate Trailing Stop EA MT5
5 (1)
This EA Utility allows you to manage (with advanced filtering) unlimited open orders (manual or EA) with 16 trailing stop methods: fixed, percent, ATR Exit, Chandelier Exit, Moving Average, Candle High Low Exit, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic, Envelope, Fractal, Ichimoku Kijun-Sen, Alligator, Exit After X Minutes or Bars, RSI and Stochastic. The trailing stop can be either real or virtual, and you can exit fully or with a partial close percent on touch or bar close.  Moreover, you can add (overri
100 USD
MQLplus Charting
Dominik Christian Egert
5 (2)
MQLplus Charting  Inspired by good charting solutions available on the web, this utility finally brings some neat features to MT5 to make charting fun again. Current version supports following features: Free floating charts , similar to Tradingview A sophisticated Cross-Hair , with detailed data display Multi-Chart Cross-Hair  sync function Measurement tool , showing account currency, points and period count as results Speed-Scrolling  to move fast through markets history Snail-Scrolling  to
147 USD
Trader Evolution
Siarhei Vashchylka
5 (2)
Trader evolution - A program for money management, technical analysis and counting waves. The panel is designed for trading only on currency pairs and only on dollar accounts. The control panel of the program consists of two tabs between which the user can switch. The first tab "MM" (Money manager) is responsible for money management, and the second "EWA" (Elliott wave analyzer) for counting waves and building technical analysis. Money management (activated by pressing the MM button on the pan
189 USD
Equity Protection EA MT5
5 (1)
EQUITY PROTECTION EA -MT5- Account protector to avoid big losses  General Features: Full control over the results of a trading session.- Controls the overall result, for all forex symbols, indices, metals, stocks, etc. Control is done over the global equity.- Close all trades, on all symbols, when reaching a profit or loss rate.- Changeable configurations in both amount and percentages.- Protection of results by trailing stop global.- Record of results achieved for the session (greater equit
99.90 USD
What Exactly Is A Smart Trading Tool? Smart Trading Tool   was developed for fast and comfortable trading of the financial markets especially for   ORDER BLOCKS TRADERS .   It provides traders functionalities, such as: A Drawing Tool One-Click Trading Panel Automated Lot Sizes Calculation   based on your risk appetite & Money Management ( Watch this video , how this tool can help manage your risk per trade better!) Built in PRICE LEVELS (Fibonacci, Round Numbers, Daily hi-low, etc) Shows Trading
125 USD
Notify To Telegram MT5 Expert Advisor will send notifications via Telegram when orders are opened/modified/closed on your MetaTrader 5 account. Send message to person, channel or group chat.  Easy to customize message.  Support custom message for all languages Support full Emoji.  Parameters Telegram Bot Token - create bot on Telegram and get token. Telegram Chat ID    - input your Telegram   user ID,   group /   channel ID, use comma to input multi chat ID as chat_id_1, chat_id_1 Magic number f
99 USD
Risk Manager Pro MT5
Roman Zhitnik
5 (1)
The Expert Advisor is a risk manager helping users to control their trading. In the settings, it is possible to specify the parameters at which the risk manager force closes the opened trades and closes the terminal as well, if it is needed to prevent opening trades on emotions, which do not correspond to the trading strategy. Risk Manager settings Check limit to close   - check the equity limit Limit to close   - equity limit that is taken into account Check day limit to close   - check the
69 USD
VR Watch list and Linker MT5
Vladimir Pastushak
5 (5)
VR Watch list and Linker  – professional screener of financial instruments, designed for manual and semi-automatic search for the most liquid financial instruments in the MetaTrader 5 terminal. SCREENER ADVISOR DOES NOT WORK IN STRATEGY TESTER!!! How to get a trial version with a test period, instructions, training, read the blog https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/723833 . The screener links open charts to its own market overview, when changing the financial instrument in the market overview, th
69 USD
Yury Kulikov
4.93 (43)
Attention: You can view the program operation in the free version  YuClusters DEMO .  YuClusters is a professional market analysis system. The trader has unique opportunities to analyze the flow of orders, trade volumes, price movements using various charts, profiles, indicators, and graphical objects. YuClusters operates on data based on Time&Sales or ticks information, depending on what is available in the quotes of a financial instrument. YuClusters allows you to build graphs by combining da
225 USD
Features   With MT5 to Interactive Brokers(IB) Trader, you can: 1. Load chart data from IB to MT5, and Analyze with all standard or customer Indicators. 2. Place Orders to IB Account Directly in MT5. 3. Make your Own EAs upon IB Securities by only making minus changes of the trading function. Usage 1) Installation Copy the "Mt5ToIBTraderEn.ex4" and sample files to [MT5 Data Folder]->MQL5->Experts.  2)  MT5 Settings Add the IP Address to the MT5 Allowed URLs in 'Tools->Options->Exper
234 USD
Grid Manual MT5
Alfiya Fazylova
4.67 (6)
Grid Manual is a trading panel for working with grid strategies. The utility is universal, has flexible settings and an intuitive interface. It works with a grid of orders not only in the direction of averaging losses, but also in the direction of increasing profits. The trader does not need to create and maintain a grid of orders, the utility will do it. It is enough to open an order and the "Grid manual" will automatically create a grid of orders for it and will accompany it until the close. T
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Unlimited Trade Copier Pro MT5 is a tool to copy trade remotely between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be able to receive the sig
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Take a Break MT5
Eric Emmrich
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Please check the " What's new " tab regularly for a complete and up-to-date list of all improvements + parameters. Take a Break has evolved from a once simple news filter to a full-fledged account protection tool. It pauses any other EA during potentially unfavorable market conditions and will continue trading when the noise is over. Typical use cases: Stop trading during news/high volatility (+ close my trades before). Stop trading when Account Equity, Balance or Margin is low. Only trade on s
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Highlights trading sessions on the chart The paid version of the Trading Sessions Indicator Free product with the possibility of customizing the start/end of sessions. Trading Sessions Indicator highlights the starts and ends of each trading sessions. [OPTIONS:] Asian session Open Asian session Close Asian session OpenSummertime Asian session CloseSummertime European session Open European session Close European session Open European session Close Timeshift Please use M15-H2 timeframes f
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Trading Sessions Indicator Free
Andrei Sviatlichny
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Highlights trading sessions on the chart Trading Sessions Indicator highlights the starts and ends of each trading sessions. The paid version of the Trading Sessions Indicator Pro product with the possibility of customizing the start/end of sessions >>> [OPTIONS:] Timeshift - Use it if there is a time offset of sessions [Set parameters:] Asian session Open=0; Asian session Close=9; Asian session OpenSummertime=1; Asian session CloseSummertime=10; European session Open=8; European session
Displays Forex Calendar events on the chart in the form of multi-colored lines, depending on the importance of the news. Displays the currency and the impact of the news (if available). [OPTIONS:] Display only news on a currency pair or All news. Display news by major currencies (optional). Setting the time interval of displayed news. Selecting the importance of displayed events. Displaying the effects of news (Impacts) and currency on the chart.
Demo version of the Virtual SL TP Trailing product for testing all functions https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/75210 ВНИМАНИЕ: ТОЛЬКО ДЛЯ ДЕМО-СЧЕТОВ !!! Make Trailing Stop, Take Profit, Breakeven, Stop Loss levels invisible to the broker! HIDDEN MODE (STEALTH MODE)   Virtual Trailing Stop (Virtual Trailing Stop)   Virtual Take Profit (Virtual Take Profit)   Virtual Breakeven (Virtual Breakeven)   Virtual Stop Loss (Virtual Stop Loss)   Виртуальный 2-уровневый Трейлинг-стоп   Virtual
Make your Trailing Stop, Take Profit, Breakeven, and Stop Loss levels invisible to the broker! STEALTH MODE Virtual Trailing Stop Virtual Take Profit Virtual Breakeven Virtual Stop Loss Virtual 2-levels Trailing Stop Virtual Trailing Take Profit Virtual Lifetime of Orders  Setting levels by dragging labels on the chart (Drag&Drop) TRADING PANEL Operate faster with orders/positions      [1] Change Order lot   [2] Place BUY order   [3] Place SELL order   [4] Place BUY LIMIT order   [5] Place
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BUX Expert Advisor
Andrei Sviatlichny
Discount - $110 for the following 5 buyers (2 people left) : Next price: $500 BUX - universal Trading Advisor Main features of the BUX EA: Optimal set of indicators for signal generation Opening/closing trades on a signal/without a signal, Pending orders Martingale mode (including Dynamic Martingale) Virtual trailing stop (not visible to the broker) Global trailing in the account currency (3 modes + 3 options for calculating the distance) All the necessary information is in the FAQ . Ne
390 USD
Andrei Sviatlichny
A simple Expert Advisor for trading on the EUR/USD currency pair and not only Powered by the BUX EA engine OPT.VER: S1 Optimal set of indicators for signal generation Opening/closing trades on a signal/without a signal, Pending orders Martingale mode (including Dynamic martingale) Virtual trailing stop (not visible to the broker) Use the strategy tester to test and optimize your trading strategy All the necessary information is in the FAQ .
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A simple Expert Advisor for trading on the EUR/USD currency pair and not only Lite version of BUX SOLO Powered by the BUX EA engine OPT.VER: S1 Optimal set of indicators for signal generation Opening/closing trades on a signal/without a signal, Pending orders Martingale mode Virtual trailing stop (not visible to the broker) Use the strategy tester to test and optimize your trading strategy All the necessary information is in the FAQ .
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Version 2.3 2022.05.27
- Some improvements
- Added User commission. Fixed Profit calculation
Version 2.2 2022.04.23
1) Calculation of profit taking into account (+/-) SWOP
2) The Lot value was reset when switching the timeframe
3} Lots buttons were not removed when hiding the MENU
Version 1.99 2022.04.18
Added dynamic trailing mode for TrailingStop2 (Golden Marker).
The Trailing Stop distance decreases/increases according to the settings:

* Update the Trailing Stop Distance every [...] golden marker movements (TR_Step event)
* Increase[+] or decrease[-] distance by [...] points
* Minimum value for Trailing Stop Distance

** EA uses the point value: 1p = 1p in MT5
0.001 - for currency pairs with three (3) decimal places
0.00001 - for currency pairs with five (5) decimal places
Version 1.88 2021.12.13
Some improvements
Version 1.77 2021.12.02
Fixed: TrailingStop2 used distance TR1 if TrailingStop1 was used
Version 1.66 2021.11.24
Added a Profit indicator for a currency pair (Profit Indicator)
Version 1.55 2021.11.10
1) Fixed: TrailingStop1 for SELL positions was not activated when the "Br" button was disabled.
2) Added a light theme. Option: "Use White Theme?".
Version 1.44 2021.11.07
Fixed a bug where the distance from the TrailingStop1 setting was applied to TrailingStop2;
Fixed the color of the TP label to "BLUE".
Now TrailingStop1 is set at the price level not lower:
-- OpenPrice + TrailingStop1 (if the Break Even button is OFF);
-- OpenPrice + BreakEvenLVL label level + TrailingStop1 OR OpenPrice + BreakEvenLVL label level + BreakEvenDistance (great value).
In previous versions, TrailingStop2 was activated only after TrailingStop1. This limitation has been removed in this version.
If you want TrailingStop2 and its virtual marker (Golden color label) to be used at once, set a large value for TrailingStop1 (for example, 9999).
All new orders opened manually (by another Expert Advisor) will be tracked by the Assistant if you specify "Magic = -1" in the settings.
Virtual levels will be automatically applied to open orders on the chart (currency pair) where the Expert Advisor is activated and configured.
New chart (currency pair) - a new Expert Advisor and its settings!
You can always change the levels by dragging them on the chart.
Use the built-in Trading Expert (option: "Use a robot") for testing in visual mode. Marker dragging functions don't work in visual testing mode. Do not use a test Trading Expert on real accounts!
Version 1.33 2021.09.18
1) The v-Breakeven level is now visible before activation (Gray label). You can change the trigger level of the virtual Breakeven by moving the label to the desired level.
v-Breakeven mode is activated (Green label) when the price moves away from the label by the "BreakEven Distance" specified in the Expert Advisor settings.
2) The level of the secondary TrailingStop is now visible before activation (the label is Golden). You can change the trigger level of the virtual TrailingStop2 by moving the label to the desired level.
The secondary v-TrailingStop mode is activated (Sea-colored label) when the price moves away from the label by the distance "TrailingStop2 Distance" specified in the Expert Advisor settings.
3) The level of the primary TrailingStop is set in the Expert Advisor settings. The primary v-TrailingStop mode is activated (Green label) when the price moves away from the v-Breakeven (or OpenPrice) label by the "TrailingStop Distance" specified in the settings.
4) All the Levels displayed by graphic labels on the chart can be changed by simply moving them (dragging them by the point on the left).
Version 1.22 2021.03.21
1) Added the choice of activating the v-TakeProfit, v-StopLoss, v-Breakeven, v-TrailingStop modes by default.
2) Added the secondary v-TrailingStop mode.
3) Added virtual Take Profit trailing mode.