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RoboSar is a professional robot based on the Parabolic SAR indicator. The Expert Advisor is designed for the analysis of trending markets. On the "bull market" the indicator is below the prices, on the "bearish market" it is above the price. If the price crosses the Parabolic SAR lines, the indicator reverses, and its further values ​​are located on the other side of the price. In case of such an indicator reversal, the reference point is the previous period's high or low. The reversal of the indicator signals either the end of a trend (switch to correction or flat) or its reversal. The EA closes log positions when the price gets below the indicator line; it closes short positions when the price rises above the Parabolic SAR line. That is, it tracks the direction of Parabolic SAR and holds open only the positions that are in the same direction as the Parabolic SAR. If a long position is open (i.e. the price is above Parabolic SAR), then the indicator line will mode up irrespective of the price movement. The amount of movement of the Parabolic SAR line depends on the value of the price movement. The EA correctly processes errors, and works reliably in the market. It can work with the deposit as small as $100! It is important to choose the direction of the EA operation: both sides, only buy or only sell. The signal can also be inverted. The Expert Advisor uses the basic concepts, breakeven, trailing, stop loss and take profit, as well as closing by an opposite signal. An important function is the correct calculation of risk. In this case Risk works as follows: 1 means risking 1% of deposit.

Overview of parameters:

  • OnOptimizationSharp – is used for optimization in the "Custom max" method for an additional accounting of Sharp ratio.
  • Magic - the magic number, an arbitrary integer.
  • PeriodWork – the period, on which the EA operates;
  • Risk - risk to enter the market, set as a percentage of loss of the total deposit, lot is calculated relative to the stop loss and acceptable loss in case stop loss triggers.
  • LotRounding - lot rounding (to a required number of decimal places).
  • Deviation - requotes.
  • Sleeps - waiting for position opening, closing or modification.
  • Withdraw - virtual money withdrawal in the tester, as a percentage of the initial deposit.
  • ShowIndicators – show the indicator on the chart.
  • PeriodTrailing – the period trailing works at.
  • TrailingStop – trailing level, 0 – disabled; trailing in points, active period based trailing.
  • PeriodTrailingStep – period based trailing.
  • ProhibitNewSeries – if you need to close the current position and stop opening new ones, enable this option (maintaining position before closing the EA).
  • WorkOpenLong - allow to open a long position.
  • WorkOpenShort - allow to open a short position.
  • WorkCloseLong - allow to close a long position.
  • WorkCloseShort - allow to close a short position.

Optimization Instructions:

Better optimize it using the Custom max mode with the progressive optimization function that can increase the potential forecast. To increase optimization speed, set only open prices and the period equal to PeriodWork. In the default parameters, operation in the specified side and closure by a signal are enabled. Trailing does not use points, but the last bar of the specified time interval (PeriodTrailingStep), (TrailingStop=0). Set the default settings, configure the following fields for optimization: 

StopLoss 50 10 200 Stop Loss
TakeProfit 100 10 300 Take Profit
TrailingBreakeven 20 10 50

Breakeven level, 0 – disabled

TrailingStart 100 10 300

Trailing start level, 0 – disabled

PeriodSignal M15   H4 The period of the indicator
SignalBar 1   5 A signal bar
Maximum 0.02 0.02 2 Parabolic maximum
Step 0.002 0.002 0.2 Parabolic step
Inversion true   false Entry signal inversion
Mujeeb Abdul
2015.01.27 15:08 

Waste of money picture and the concept looks good but does not work

when you ask for optimization help he ask extra money i just ask for

.set file which works be away from this seller

Version 1.1 - 2014.12.02
Fixed problems with RAM.