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The most important parameter of an Expert Advisor is its forecast ability, or in other words, its actual profit instead of the one shown during optimization. In order to improve this parameter, you can check an EA by cyclically running it through the history in two stages. The first stage is optimization and sampling (according to one unchangeable rule). The second one is running itself. Thus, it is possible to cyclically run the EA a few times and draw the appropriate conclusions. One-week interval is used both for optimization and work.

The Expert Advisor works with any Forex symbol. The signal is generated using standard MFI indicator. Optimization is performed for one week on M1 chart, predicted operation time before re-optimization is also one week. The screenshots show sample optimization and forecasting. The first parameter (the upper one in the list sorted by result) is selected for configuration. Optimization is performed by "Balance max".


  • PeriodWork the period, on which the EA operates;
  • Risk risk to enter the market, set as a percentage of loss of the total deposit, lot is calculated relative to the stop loss and acceptable loss in case stop loss triggers;
  • LotRounding lot rounding (to a required number of decimal places);
  • Deviation requotes;
  • Sleeps waiting for position opening, closing or modification.


  • StopLoss 3/1/15
  • TakeProfit 3/1/15
  • SignalBar 1/1/4
  • Inversion from/to
  • PeriodSignal m1/M5
  • Period 3/144
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Version 1.1 - 2014.12.02
Reduced memory requirements.