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This Expert Advisor works with any forex pair. The EA is designed for intraday trading. A signal is generated when a fractal is formed.

The EA correctly processes errors and works reliably in the market. Also, the signal can be inverted. The EA includes a built-in progressive optimization sorting function, and it's desirable to optimize using the "Custom max " mode.


  • Work Period—The period, on which the EA operates.
  • Risk—Risk to enter the market, set as a percentage of loss of the total deposit. The lot is calculated relative to the Stop Loss and acceptable loss in case Stop Loss triggers.
  • LotRounding—Lot rounding (to a required number of decimal places).
  • Deviation—Requotes.
  • Sleeps—Waiting for position opening, closing or modification.
  • StopLoss—The Stop Loss size.
  • TakeProfit—The Take Profit size.
  • Signal Period—The period on which the indicators work.
  • SignalBar—The bar to start analyzing the indicator (1 means the first completely formed bar).
  • Inversion—Entry signal inversion.


  • StopLoss—3/1/15
  • TakeProfit—3/1/15
  • PeriodSignal—M1/M5
  • SignalBar—0/1/15
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Version 1.1 2014.12.02
Reduced memory requirements.