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This is a professional trading robot, which implements the classical Alligator based trading strategy. A signal is formed when the Alligator trend changes. If the Jaw, Teeth and Lips are closed and kinked, the Alligator is going to sleep or is already sleeping. When it sleeps, its hunger grows; and the more it sleep, the more hungry it is when wakes up. The first thing it does as when wakes up is it opens its mouth and yawns. Then it starts smelling the food - meat of a bull or a bear, and then it starts hunting it. As soon as the Alligator has eaten enough, it loses its interest to food-price (Balance Lines converge); it is the time to fix the profit.

The EA correctly processes errors, and works reliably in the market. Can work with the initial deposit from $100! It is important to choose the direction of the EA operation: both sides, only buy or only sell. Also, the signal can be inverted. The Expert Advisor uses the basic concepts, breakeven, trailing, stop loss and take profit, as well as closing by an opposite signal. An important function - the correct calculation of risk. It does not have a function of one lot exit, it uses Risk, obligatory stop loss, based on which lot is calculated as allowed loss with the set risk value.

Any EA optimized without risk using a fixed lot, will give obviously incorrect results. Since during optimization parameters that can increase the balance in the initial history interval will be selected. Then everything is simple: having a large balance and working with a fixed lot, it will be able to pass any amount of history! But at the same time, by running the EA at a different place on the history, loss is quite likely. Therefor accepting risks during optimization and use is required! In this case Risk works as follows: 1 is 1% deposit. The EA includes a built-in progressive optimization sorting function, and it's desirable to optimize using the Custom max mode.

Overview of parameters:

  • Magic - the magic number, an arbitrary integer.
  • Work Period - the period, on which the EA operates.
  • Risk - risk to enter the market, set as a percentage of loss of the total deposit, lot is calculated relative to the stop loss and acceptable loss in case stop loss triggers.
  • LotRounding - lot rounding (to a required number of decimal places).
  • Deviation - requotes.
  • Sleeps - waiting for position opening, closing or modification.
  • Withdraw - virtual money withdrawal in the tester, as a percentage of the initial deposit.
  • StopLoss – the stop loss level.
  • TakeProfit - the take profit level.
  • Trailing Period - the trailing stop period.
  • Trailing Breakeven - breakeven level, if 0 - disabled.
  • Trailing Start - trailing start level, if 0 - disabled.
  • Trailing Stop - trailing level, if 0 - disabled; trailing in points, active period based trailing.
  • TrailingStep Period - period based trailing.
  • Prohibit new series - if you need to close the current position and stop opening new ones, enable this option (maintaining position before closing the EA).
  • WorkOpenLong - allow to open a long position.
  • WorkOpenShort - allow to open a short position.
  • WorkCloseLong - allow to close a long position.
  • WorkCloseShort - allow to close a short position.
  • Inversion - entry signal inversion.
  • SignalBar - the bar to start analyzing the indicator (1 means the first completely formed bar).
  • Signal Period - the period on which the indicators work.
  • JawsPeriod
  • JawsShift
  • TeethPeriod
  • TeethShift
  • LipsPeriod
  • LipshShift
  • Method
  • AppliedPrice - applied price type.

Standard Mode Optimization Instructions

Better optimize it using the Custom max mode with the progressive optimization function that can increase the potential forecast. Set the time interval equal to the working period (Work Period), this period must be less than any other in the settings. To increase optimization speed, set only open prices. Set the desired time period, and if necessary the forward period. It is important to choose Signal Period before optimization, since it determines the result. If the period is too small and the noise level exceeds the force of the signal prediction, the result will be lost. If it's too large, it will be ineffective and have little positions. Start optimization a few times in a row and estimate this parameter. In the optimization, by default, operation in the specified side and closure by a signal are enabled. Trailing does not use points, but the last bar of the specified time interval (TrailingStep Period), (Trailing Stop=0).

Set the default settings, configure the following fields for optimization:

  • StopLoss - 50/10/200
  • TakeProfit - 100/10/300
  • Trailing Breakeven - 20/10/50
  • Trailing Start - 100/10/300
  • JawsPeriod - 7/1/26
  • JawsShift - 4/1/16
  • TeethPeriod - 4/1/16
  • TeethShift - 3/1/10
  • LipsPeriod - 3/1/10
  • LipshShift - 2/1/6
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Version 1.1 2014.12.02
Reduced memory requirements.