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The trading robot implements a standard trading strategy based on Bands indicator.

A signal is generated when the price rolls back from the Bollinger Band's borders. If the price pierces or touches the upper border of the Bollinger and then returns back, it is the signal to sell. If the price pierces or touches the lower border of the Bollinger, then it is the signal to buy.

The Expert Advisor processes the errors correctly and works reliably. It can work with the deposit as small as $100! It is important to choose the operation direction - both directions or Buy/Sell only. The signal can also be inverted.

The product uses the basic concepts, breakeven, trailing, stop loss and take profit, as well as closing at the opposite signal.

The Expert Advisor also has built-in optimization sorting function, i.e. it is recommended that the optimization is performed in Custom max mode.


  • Magic - magic number, arbitrary integer.
  • Work Period - Expert Advisor's working period.
  • Risk - risk value, at which the market entry is performed (loss value compared with the overall deposit in percentage). The lot is defined relative to the stop loss and allowable losses when reaching it.
  • LotRounding - lot rounding (up to decimal places).
  • Deviation - requotes.
  • Sleeps - waiting for position being opened, closed or modified. 
  • Withdraw - virtual withdrawal of funds in the tester (percentage value relative to the initial deposit).
  • StopLoss - stop loss.
  • TakeProfit - take profit.
  • Trailing Period - the period trailing works at.
  • Trailing Breakeven - break even level (0 - disabled).
  • Trailing Start - trailing start level (0 - disabled).
  • Trailing Stop - trailing level (0 - trailing in points is disabled, trailing by period is activated).
  • TrailingStep Period - trailing by period.
  • Prohibit new series - if enabled, new positions are not opened after the current one is closed.
  • WorkOpenLong - allow opening a long position.
  • WorkOpenShort - allow opening a short position.
  • WorkCloseLong - allow closing a long position.
  • WorkCloseShort - allow closing a short position.
  • Inversion - input signal inversion.
  • SignalBar - bar, from which the indicator tracking starts (1 - the first fully formed bar).
  • Signal Period - the period the indicators work at.


  • AppliedPrice - applying to price.

Bands parameters:

  • BandsPeriod - period.
  • BandsShift - shift.
  • BandsDeviation - standard deviation.
  • BandsAppliedPrice - applying to price.

Optimizing in Standard Mode

Optimization using Custom max mode is recommended.

Set the time period equal to the working one (Work Period). This period should be less that any other one in the settings.

Set only Open prices to accelerate optimization.

Set the necessary time interval, as well as the forward if necessary.

Do not forget to select Signal Period before optimization, since the result depends on that parameter. If the period is too small and the noise level exceeds signal forecasting power, the result is lost. If the period is too large, there will not be enough positions. Run the optimization several times and estimate the parameter.

Working in the specified direction for closing by the signal is enabled in the optimization by default. Trailing by the last bar of the specified time interval (instead of trailing by points) is enabled (TrailingStep Period, Trailing Stop=0).

Set the default parameters and fill in the following fields for optimization:

  • StopLoss - 50/10/200
  • TakeProfit - 100/10/300
  • Trailing Breakeven - 20/10/50
  • Trailing Start - 100/10/300
  • BandsPeriod - 50/1/200
  • BandsShift - 0/1/3 
  • BandsDeviation - 0.5/0.1/4
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Version 1.1 - 2014.12.02
Reduced memory requirements.