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ACE Oscillator Adx plus Double Keltner Bands

This is a very useful Oscillator based on ADX Crosses plus Double Keltner Channels Crosses too (evolution from my own indicators/oscillator ACE ADXCrosses and ACE ADXCrossOnChart).


  • Colored histogram shows D+/D- crosses on trend (green up/salmon down or without trend (white) based on ADX main (over ADXon level -ie. 24-).
  • Signals (arrows) shows high probability orders (long/short) based on D+/D- crosses.
  • Color line (green/salmon) shows ADX main less ADXon level (ie: ADX main - 24) for trend purposes (trending in/out).
  • Signals (horizontal gross lines) on level +20/-20 indicates the first derivation of KC band (k shift) is crossed; and signal (gross lines) on level +30/-30 indicates than the second derivation of KC band (n shift) is crossed too.

On main chart you also can see spread & time for next bar.


  • ADX Period (14).
  • Limit for ADX main trending signal (+24).
  • Filter for min cross signal (x1000): (0.0 ... ).
  • period MA (mode SMA / price Typical) (20).
  • period ATR (10).
  • k shift : First deviation band (lower and upper channel band) (2).
  • n shift : Second deviation band (lower and upper channel band) (4).
rakyan 2017.04.26 00:43