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PZ Risk Management

Monitoring the vital constants of your trading account has never been easier! PZ Risk Management indicator has been designed to keep your trading account healthy.

  • Amazingly easy to understand
  • The indicator is clean and simple
  • It calculates exposure by pairs and currencies
  • Keep your used leverage controlled at all times
  • Find out your currency exposure at a glance
  • Orange labels indicate caution
  • Red labels indicate danger

Using too much leverage is the reason why most retail traders fail. Respect the following rules to keep your trading account healthy.

  • Keep your used leverage between 1:1 and 1:5
  • Never allocate more than 1:10 leverage on your account
  • Avoid trading more than 5-6 Forex pairs at the same time
  • Avoid excessive exposure to a single currency
Most brokers offer up to 1:400 leverage, but this should not be confused with the leverage you actually decide to allocate. Leverage is the ratio between your equity and the total market exposure of your trades. The more leverage you use, the smaller the market movement needed to decimate all your investing capital and put you on margin call. Using too much leverage is like suffering tachycardia in your own body: it can only be endured for so long until the body collapses.

Some nitty-gritty details

  • I really can't live without this indicator!
  • The indicator is evaluated tick by tick
  • Load the indicator just once in an empty chart
  • Symbols with more than 6 characters in their names are ignored in the currency exposure table


Arturo López Pérez, private investor and speculator, software engineer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

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Version 1.1 2014.09.29
- Important bug fix regarding symbol names and open positions