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EURUSD 5min scalper


An amazing scalper created for EURUSD 5 min time frame, with very low risk and high reward at the same time. After more than 500h of optimization I am glad to present you this EA . It was made in mind for IC markets MQL5 platform, an adapted for their data, but I suppose it must works on other brookers as well. I will also publish soon the MT4 version for IC markets as well.

Link to 1 min scalper https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/54413


Strategy is made from ADX together with Alligator and Bollinger bands and lastly a special entry time to get the best entries and exits possible.

For now It use a fixed lot ( soon I can apply risk % based on equity).

Best used together with a VPS server or a machine that's on 24/7. To make an idea, in the last 3 years which is around 600 trading days, it made approx 220 trades , so that means it can go on for some days without making any trades. You need patience with it.


Stop loss level

Take profit level

ADX settings

Alligator settings

Bollinger bands settings

Entry time settings

Magic number 


On IC Market MQ5 Platform, take the last 3 year of data of 5 min chart ( preferably starting from december first 2017) , put the EA on EURUSD 5min chart, with 0.1 lots for everyone 1000 eur of capital and check the results.

Logo made by https://www.fiverr.com/aleksa19

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