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Machinist expert advisor uses 4 different strategies based on complex technical analysis to search for the best trading possibilities and to diversify risks. All strategies used in the EA have real stop loss. A multilevel optimization and rough sampling related to stability under changing market/internal parameters were carried out for every strategy.


  • real stop loss
  • 4 different strategies
  • doesn't use martingale
  • holds positions for several hours
  • spread/execution-toleranted


  • Minimal deposit: 100$
  • Account type: any
  • Currency pair: EURUSD, GBPUSD
  • Time frame: M15


Lots - the size of fixed lot
Risk - the size of dynamic lot in % of deposit
FixLots - to use fixed lot
Slippage - maximal slippage
UseStrategy_1...4 - to use the corresponding strategy
Magic1...4 - magic number for every strategy
OrderComment1...4 - comment for orders of every strategy
SL_Type_1...4 - the type of stop loss for every strategy (fixed in points or dynamic based on ATR)
SL_Points_1...4 - the size of stop loss in points
SL_ATR_Period_1...4 - the period of ATR for dynamic stop loss
SL_ATR_Coeff_1...4 - the coefficient of ATR for dynamic stop loss

FridayClose - to close orders before weekend
StopHour - the hour of stop trading on Friday
CloseHour - the hour of orders' closing on Friday

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60650533 2020.09.21 05:22 

So far using the EA for 10 days with few small winners but lots of large losers

Vincent Visoiu
Vincent Visoiu 2020.09.17 20:41 

So far using the EA for 10 days with few small winners but lots of large losers. Glad I only rented for 1 month but I already lost 2X of rental fee with 0,02 lots. If it will rebound I will update review. But for right now I don't recommend it.

Version 1.3 2020.09.14
The error related to OrderSelect function is fixed
Version 1.2 2020.09.08
The option of stop trading and close orders on Friday is added
Version 1.1 2020.09.04
The error 4051 is fixed