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This indicator shows bars from higher timeframes on the current chart window. Non-standard timeframes are supported. The product can be helpful in manual trading and is suitable for being used in EAs.

Indicator Parameters

  • TimeFrame - timeframe to show
  • Displacement - 0 => shows the current bar formation, any other value => bars are displaced to the right. It is useful to check the previous levels' breakout.

When used in the EA, the following buffers are available:

  • 0 (High) - High prices
  • 1 (Low) - Low prices
  • 2 (Open) - Open prices (its color corresponds with bearish bars)
  • 3 (Close) - Close prices (its color corresponds with bullish bars)
  • 4 (Open)  - Additional buffer with Open Prices to show start and finish of HTF bars

If selected timeframe is lower than the chart's one, an alert is displayed in the terminal.

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