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Ultimate Pattern Builder Expert Advisor B

Ultimate pattern builder Expert Advisor (case B)

Allows you to build any pattern with up to 3 candlesticks (+ special fourth).

This EA is upgrade from indicator because you can now create your own trading scenarios and test it as much as you want. Everything that you test in strategy tester can be also done live at auto trading. If you dont know yet what is so special about this ultimate pattern builder software collection: it allows you to create any pattern you want, by modifying body and both wicks separately to your needs. If you ever wanted to create your own patterns, or just adjust any known popular pattern, then this is perfect for you.

With this expert advisor you can learn how to build candles, testing it in strategy tester and auto trade on realtime charts. If you want manual trading and just scan whole market, then get

Scanner (multi time frame/pair): https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/52306

Main building feature:

  • Case B: building is a bit more complex with percentage. You can compare every body and wick to AVERAGE past value or to each other with percentage in the form of greater, less or between value. (case B is useful for common use, where you want to build specific shape and search for it at  any time frame and currency pair)    

Trading scenarios:

  • Market entry: BUY/SELL imemdiately after pattern is finnished, BUY/SELL stop, BUY/SELL limit (you can position stops and limits with pips (points) value, inner size or outer size value)
  • Lot size settings: fixed lot size, auto calculated lot size (based on account balance risk percentage of stop loss and stop loss position)
  • Stop loss settings: inner size, outer size, pips (points) value, auto calculated position based on risk percentage of account balance (based on fixed lot size)
  • Take profit settings: inner size, outer size, pips (points) value, desired percentage of account balance (based on lot size), risk reward ratio


  • Inner size: very useful trading scenario mode to choose position of entry, stop loss or take profit by multiplying inner size value. It represents size of pattern without wicks (distance from highest body point (open/close) and lowest body point (open/close) of all candles in the pattern). It is great tool for adjustable auto trading strategy and testing.
  • Outer size: very similar to inner size, except that it measures distance from highest high and lowest low of all candles in the pattern

    PLEASE NOTE: stop loss must be more than 2x of the spread value (for example, spread is 5 points, stop loss must be at least 11 points to open trade)

    For deeply explanation of EA, please check video below (my channel) and my mql blog: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/738256

    For Exper advisor case A: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/52304

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