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Trade Extractor

TRADE EXTRACTOR is the fastest self-learning AI Algorithm, which will learn any market situation with ease.As a Manual trader, I came across the difficulty of finding the right parameter and the right condition to trade. There are infinite combinations of indicators and objects(trendlines, gann grid, fibo levels etc) which as an human, I can’t decide their winning rate or performance. Many claim to have a winning strategy but won’t have enough statistical support to prove their claims. Due to this necessity, I have developed this algorithm that self learns the underlying instrument by itself and form a equation to suggest trade signals.

What this algorithm does?

Trade extractor Indicator predicts the Potential Trade Opportunity or direction of the price for the given forecast period. It undergoes rigorous cross-validation to filter the trained models in-order to finds best model that could work for future uncertainty/randomness.I have developed this algorithm in a manner in which it won’t overfit or underfit in any given market situation.

Recommended Analyse Period:


Recommended TimeFrame:

Forex/Crypto etc

-M15 & higher.

Binary Options

-M5 & Higher.

Recommended Learning Time Cycle:

Give Minimum 4 Candlestick Interval and maximum 30 Candlestick Interval

-M5 = M30

-M15 = H1

-M30 = H4

-H1 = D1

Key problem addressed

*Model Training

*Model Testing / Random Sampling (Monte Carlo Simulation)

*High-Speed Learning Rate in any instrument

*No Lags in Operating state

Signal Filter Addressed

*Profit Factor

*Risk Return Ratio

Self-Learning Capability

*Auto Update- Set Learning cycle 

How To Trade?

Execute your trades in 2 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Trade Setup


Step 2: Trade Entry & Exit

Forex,Commodity and Indices etc:


* Enter trade as per signal.

* Set TP and SL as per dots.(Shown in ScreenShot)

Binary Options: 


*Enter trade as per signal.

*set expiry as per given Forecast Period.

Factors to consider:

*Analyse period is inversely proportional to future uncertainty. (Analyse period greater than 3000 is suitable for prediction).

*It’s good practice to set enough learning intervals to validate the model to run and test the model in real-time.

Benefits You Get

- Display Probability and total win rate.

- Quickly identify potential signals from underlying Symbol/Instrument.

- Fastest learning algorithm. (Faster than any current Reinforcement machine learning algorithm in the market).

- Self-learning Algorithm on start and at regular intervals.

- This Indicator is the Ideal combination with any trading strategy.

- Never repaints, never back paints, never recalculates.

- Works in all symbols and all Timeframes.

- Integrated pop-up, email, push notification, and sound alerts.

- Integrate with Expert Advisor.



-Auto_Exit (Average True Range Based Take Profit and Stop loss).

-Manual_Exit (Manually Set Take Profit Pips & Stop Loss Pips).


-Forecast_Period (Number of candlestick in future)


-Analyse_Period (Number of candlestick in past to learn)

-min_buy_call_trades (Number of minimum buy_call trades required in learning validation)

-min_sell_put_trades (Number of minimum sell_put trades required in learning validation) 


-Auto_Update (Set True/False for Self Optimization)

-Learning Time Cycle (Interval between learning cycle)

-Manual_Update (Set Particular Date and Time in past up to where Trade extractor should learn)


-Email Alert

-Push Notification

-Pop Up Alert

Reviews 2
Carl Rodriguez
Carl Rodriguez 2020.07.14 20:21 

Philip is a very good programmer. I enjoy all his products. This is an interesting indicator. Works great for forex and binary!

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Abdul Hakeem
Abdul Hakeem 2020.09.18 14:39   

I raised an issu of hanging, I reduced my chart to one. It still hang, the give non-stop alert and wouldn't allow me to get into T4. I told the developer, he said he warned me to close each chart simultaneously before shutting down MT4. How would I do that if MT4 hangs when i load his indicator ? He is better off to refund my money, this piece is not what I paid for.

Carl Rodriguez
Carl Rodriguez 2020.07.14 20:21 

Philip is a very good programmer. I enjoy all his products. This is an interesting indicator. Works great for forex and binary!

Version 2.70 2020.09.12
*Added Probability value in buffer 4 and 5 for EA integration and analytics.
4 - buy/call probability
5 - sell/put probability
Version 2.60 2020.08.30
*Added Display Hide Function.
Version 2.50 2020.08.02
*Backtest display dashboard issue solved.
Version 2.40 2020.08.02
*Walk Forward Optimization error fixed.
Version 2.30 2020.07.25
*Font Overlap Issue Solved.
Version 2.20 2020.07.25
*Sorted Display Probability and Solved Alert on Initialization.
Version 2.10 2020.07.23
*Added ATR Based Take Profit and Stop Loss Levels.
Version 2.0 2020.07.21
*Added Take Profit and Stoploss Optimization.
Version 1.90 2020.07.14
*Alert issue solved.
*Disappearing arrows on live data side solved.
Version 1.80 2020.07.13
*Added Configurable Learning Time Cycle.
Version 1.70 2020.07.12
*This update helps you to backtest in history.
Version 1.60 2020.07.02
*Bug Fixed
Version 1.50 2020.06.29
*Added Separate modes for binary options.
*Added Trend Friendly Features.
Version 1.40 2020.06.28
*Auto Update on a daily basis is added.
Version 1.30 2020.06.28
*Added more weightage to Profit Factor and Risk-Return Ratio in Optimization.
Version 1.20 2020.06.27
*A Vertical line is added to split training/testing data and live trading date.
Version 1.10 2020.06.26
*Made changes in parameter for easier understanding.