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The Expert Advisor works with ticks on both netting and hedging account types. The internal algorithm uses a tick (not a bar) as a unit for analysis. The product works with 5-digit quotes. Requotes are critical. A broker with the minimum execution delay is required.

The Expert Advisor does not use history stored in the database. It downloads history data online creating its own database stored in the internal memory. After the restart, the database is deleted and should be downloaded again. The size of the internal database is managed by CountTick parameter specifying how many ticks should be written to the database to start working. The mentioned database is used for the long-term analysis. Information from the long-term database designed for the stack is used for the short-term analysis and market entry. In other words, the EA uses the most current selection of ticks from the stack managed by the information received from the long-term database. Optimization is recommended for good results in the tester's real tick mode.

After downloading the specified volume of data, the EA starts its operation consisting of two stages. During the first stage, downloaded ticks are analyzed by the specified volume (CountTick) with the periodicity set by ReOptimization parameter. The Expert Advisor selects the best parameters it would have worked with if it had operated at that period. In other words, the best result is selected using the exhaustive search method. Since there are no much parameters to select from, this method is reasonable. Three internal parameters are selected for the search:

  1. Adjusting the stack size from 1 to CountSteck.
  2. Checking for enter (direct or inverted).
  3. Adjusting sensitivity of a single tick, where 1.0 is a barrier reaction for the barrier's internal optimization: minimum (MinPips), change step (StepPips) and maximum (MaxPips).

The internal optimizer follows the mentioned principle and selects the settings that yielded the best results entering the market and working there till the instruction on the new internal reoptimization (ReOptimization) is received. During the first configuration of the tick history, the EA does not enter the market till the database is filled. During the next reoptimization cycle, there are no delays, since the database is updated online and is always relevant.

During the second stage, the EA enters the market using the internal optimizer's settings and the stack data. TP and SL are used to secure the position, though they may be especially important with some settings.

    • OnComment - display comment (slows down the tester operation).
    • OnWithdrawal - simulate a profit withdrawal when reaching 100% of profit (work during testing).
    • TypeFilling - set order filling type.
    • Lot - lot size for a market entry.
    • Risk - calculate a lot considering a deposit.
    • Drawdown - maximum drawdown, at which closing is performed.
    • MaxSpread - maximum acceptable spread for a market entry.
    • CountSteck - tick stack size (max = 9).
    • ReOptimization - iterative optimization period.
    • CountTick - number of ticks for analysis in the database.
    • MinPick - price tick impulse (single tick sensitivity).
    • StepPips - impulse series step (stack depth).
    • MaxPips - enter in the impulse direction/against it.
    • TP - desirable take profit (corrected by the EA).
    • SL - desirable stop loss (corrected by the EA).

    The EA should be preliminarily optimized by the following parameters:

    1. CountTick (150,50,10000).
    2. ReOptimization (arbitrarily).
    3. TP and SL are also possible.

    If optimization is very resource-consuming in your case, use the ready-made settings provided in the Comments or contact me via a private message.

    Icham Aidibe
    Icham Aidibe 2018.03.17 20:04 

    I purchased that EA few years ago, the version was 4.x. I never posted a review simply because if at first tries on demo, it wasn't concluant - my fault - after adjustments (set/brokers/vps) it worked like a charm on demo & real account, so I just passed my way, and by seeing an Andriy's post today on my timeline I did remind of the review.

    CoreFPS is the first scalper I used to set up, if today I have my own ones, I still use it as standalone EA with EURUSD only. It deserves a 5 stars.

    Aliaksandr Vasilenka
    Aliaksandr Vasilenka 2017.07.19 14:26 

    Сливает Депо ( оптимизация не работает ) на тестовом режиме одни настройки на реале те же настройки но он их не выполняет ..

    John Chin
    John Chin 2016.07.25 21:47 

    Quick reply and fast support

    looking forward to a profitable trading with the best setting given

    Nurettin Kilincarslan
    Nurettin Kilincarslan 2016.05.25 14:30 

    Scam! 80% losses on ECN-Broker or non-ECN-Broker...

    Has nothing to do with parameter optimization or broker selection! bla bla... Backtesting results are also fake!

    andretombini 2016.05.17 14:51 

    Certainly one of the bests EAs in MetaTrader 5 Market.

    Fast and serious support by Andriy, perfect and complex optimization using "Every Tick based on Real Ticks" mode.

    Just attention needed with broker due to comissions and spreads (scalper).

    Victor Epand
    Victor Epand 2016.03.01 01:46 

    To work at my broker, this EA required parameter optimization. The back-test results are not accurate because this EA uses tick data. Test the EA in a demo account. Very good with automatic re-optimization.

    melnovilla 2016.02.14 20:22   

    I have my optimized setup, but just keep on losing money every time it executes any trades, stupid EA, NOT recommended to buy!

    al309 2016.01.29 18:42 

    In reale solo perdite. Ottimizzazione eseguita per tutti i parametri per 3 giorni consecutivi. Risultati ottimi solo in backtesting.

    Sergey Kuznetsov
    Sergey Kuznetsov 2015.09.16 18:41 

    Тестировал данного робота, оцениваю на 5+ . Оптимизацию долго производил на разных брокерах, после оптимизации пошел результат на реальном счете. Рекомендую грамотно воспользоваться словам продавца и провести оптимизацию, и провести тесты на DEMO счетах прежде чем производить торговлю на REAL счете.

    English Google:

    Tested this robot just rated 5+ . Optimization of long produced in different brokers , went after optimization results on the real account . I recommend to use wisely to the seller and to optimize and carry out tests before DEMO accounts trade on REAL account .

    nicolasxu 2015.08.12 18:00 

    Just bought it. It looks good! Will post some result later. Thank you!

    kobkaew 2015.01.09 17:48 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Version 5.70 2016.09.20
    Set optimal values for some inputs. The mentioned inputs have been removed from the settings.
    Added stop loss and take profit auto correction.
    Version 5.50 2016.06.30
    Added the ability to work where individual positions are possible (hedging, multiple positions can exist for one symbol).
    Version 5.34 2016.06.24
    Added ability to set lot and fast closing on Friday. Also, added morning and evening operation filter and news filter - the EA does not enter the market before and after news releases.
    Version 5.11 2016.05.19
    Added icon - logo.
    Version 5.1 2016.05.11
    TrailingStart - start of trailing stop.
    TrailingStop - trailing stop.
    LevelBreakeven - breakeven level.
    AddClose, MinClose - setting the minimal closure in the specified profit of the deposit.
    LimitVolume - Limitation of the maximum volume.
    Poly, OneDir, ImpulsSeria, NewOrder - The ability to work with a series of orders.
    Inertion - Combination of ticks into packages.
    CountTickM - Automatic detection of the auto-optimization depth depending on the re-optimization period.
    Version 4.42 2015.12.14
    The internal error is fixed.
    Version 4.41 2015.12.11
    Fixed bug - OrderCheck Code: 10019
    Version 4.4 2015.11.24
    Fixed a bug that sometimes occurs: Access violation at 0x000000013F38C242 read to 0x0000000000000001
    Version 4.3 2015.10.08
    Added the ability to disable auto optimization and perform it manually (recommended for illustrative purposes only).

    Added the fields:

    - OnReOptimization - disable auto optimization (true - enabled).
    - d_klitka - price grid.
    - d_step - set discrete value of a price impulse.
    - d_invers - select entry direction relative to a signal.
    Version 4.1 2015.05.25
    Implemented compatibility with ECN and FXCC.