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PipFini Breakout EDGE EA

PipFini Breakout EDGE EA is developed using the PipFinite Breakout EDGE Indicator, one of the best indicator on the market so far. Follow a step-by-step system that detects the most powerful breakouts. Discover market patterns that generate massive rewards based on a proven and tested strategy. This EA open order whenever the indicator has buy/sell signals and set SL/TP follow the indicator rules. You can read more information about PipFinite Breakout EDGE indicator here.

Important Information

  • PipFini Breakout EDGE EA will only work if you purchased PipFinte Breakout EDGE Indicator, The link to purchase is here
  • To use or test PipFini Breakout EDGE EA must set the "Use PipFinite Breakout EDGE Indicator" parameter to TRUE
  • It works with all symbols.
  • This EA is ensured to work exactly like the original indicator, however, the profit you earn is depended on your own strategy. Try to back-test with different settings for each symbol to figure out the most profitable one for that symbol before running on real account. Make sure that you have sufficient history bar for testing.
  • Please note that some indicator's signal have very small TP or the spread is higher than TP so the EA cannot open that orders.
  • Run EA on any timeframe of a symbol, it also checks for signals to open orders in other timeframes of that symbol, depending on your Timeframe parameter.
  • Zero spread account is recommended.


  • Use PipFinite Breakout EDGE Indicator – To use or test PipFini Breakout EDGE EA must set this parameter to TRUE.
  • Indicator Path – This is the default indicator path.
  • Lot Size – Number of lots.
  • Success Rate – Open order when Success Rate is higher than this input.
  • Period - The number of bars used to calculate the algorithm.
  • Range Filter - The factor used to filter ranging markets.
  • Take profit options
    • Option 1: Take all profit on TP1.
    • Option 2: Partial take profit on TP1 and close remaining position on TP2. If your “Volume” parameter is 0.04, it will open 2 order with 0.02 each, one order takes profit at TP1 and the other takes profit at TP2.
    • Option 3: Take profit on opposite signal.
    • Option 4: Take profit equal Recent Swing.
  • Take profit factor – The multiplier used to calculate take profit levels.  
  • Timeframe – The timeframe that EA will open orders.
    • Only the these timeframes are supported:  M5 = 5, M15 = 15, M30 = 30, H1 = 60, H4 = 240, D1 = 1440
    • For example, if you only want to trade on H1 and D1 timeframe just input "60,1440".
    • Each open order will have comment like 30 or 60, it refer to M30 and H1 timeframe in which the signals was given.
  • Stop loss mode
    • Option 1: Recent Swing - Stop loss calculated by the indicator.
    • Option 2: Close on opposite Signal
    • Option 3: Set stop loss equal TP1
    • Option 4: Set stop loss equal TP2
    • Option 5: Set fixed stop loss
  • Max stop loss - Fixed stop loss value. This parameter is only use if "Stop loss mode" parameter is set to "Use Fixed Stop Loss".Fixed stop loss value. This parameter is only use if Stop loss mode is set to "Use max stop loss".
  • Use EMA - Use EMA to filter trades.
  • Lower and Higher EMA - When Lower EMA is above Higher EMA only open Buy order and vice versa.
  • Reverse trade - If this parameter is set to TRUE, when the indicator has “BUY” signal, the EA will open "SELL" orders. Moreover, the TP in this case becomes SL, and vice versa.

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Pseudozo070401 2020.05.28 10:58 

Very profitable so far! Great EA , and great support from the author

jiffyteops121 2020.05.22 05:26 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Yong Yun
Yong Yun 2020.05.22 05:16 

Another great product from the author, good job!!!

mg1854 2020.05.21 21:27 

This EA works just like the indicator!! I am very happy with it. Very easy to set up and many options to choose TP and SL. I really like the EMA Filter and plus the Reverse Trade Feature. Thanks again for a GREAT Product!! You did GREAT Work!!