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This multicurrency Expert Advisor operates with 26 currency pairs. A separate software kernel on the basis of the LigaWin Expert Advisor is allocated for each currency pair. Values of the Ligament indicator is used for market entering. The indicator is available in the resources, so you do not have to download it separately. A separate kernel based on LigaWin can run on the entire history without any adjustment. The LigaWin EA is not required for operation,  it only helps to find best parameters for a specific broker or account.

Do not use open prices in testing.


  • Show - automatically loads the indicators and opens windows required for operation.
  • AllTick - enables testing on all ticks (to be additionally used in the tester window).
  • Trades_Normal - used for optimization in the Custom mode, specifies the normal number of deals for the optimized period.
  • Custom  - optimization type in the Custom mode.
  • UseTrailingStop - allows trailing, trailing mode is defined automatically depending on the window.
  • RiskAll - the total risk, divided by the number of currencies.

The following parameters are used for all currencies (like for the first currency pair)

  • OnSymbol1 - the currency pair is traded or not,
  • symbol1 - the name of the currency pair
  • tWORK_TF1 - the timeframe the tread of the multicurrency EA is working on
  • tWindow1 - the virtual window, the EA uses the window with the specified number of bars for many calculations
  • twStopTakeProfit1 - ratio for calculating stops
  • tLigament1 - parameter of the Ligament indicator, if = 0 detailed parameters specified below are used; if greater than 0 the below parameters are disabled
  • tLigamentLength11 - LigamentLength1 parameter of the Ligament indicator,
  • tLigamentLength12 - LigamentLength2 parameter of the Ligament indicator,
  • tLigamentShift11 - LigamentShift1 parameter of the Ligament indicator,
  • tLigamentShift12 - LigamentShift2 parameter of the Ligament indicator.

The basics of the operation is the possibility of a single multicurrency kernel to run throughout the history without any adjustment.

By combining all the kernels in a single piece, effect can be achieved due to capitalization.

It should be noted that for correct operation, you should optimize each currency separately using the LigaWin EA on control points and with the M15 timeframe. After that, transfer all settings to the multicurrency ea, set the desired risk and run a control test of the LigaWinMulty EA. Also check the account you are working on and specify the correct names of currencies, for example EURUSD, UERUSD.m, EURUSD.e. 

Only then use the Expert Advisor. Use it only on the same account, where you optimized it.

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