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VR MultiPrice Analysis MT5

VR MultiPrice Analysis is a professional indicator for synthetic analysis of a currency pair. The program shows the trader a general picture of the separation for each currency included in the currency pair in question. This analysis helps determine which currency is mostly bought for other currencies, and which is mostly sold. Multi-currency analysis of a financial instrument is much better and more accurate than the analysis of a single currency pair. VR MultiPrice Analysis clearly shows which currency has buyers or sellers. The growth or fall of a currency pair can be caused by several strong factors (for example, take the EURUSD pair):

  • EUR can grow only because everyone is selling USD, not only for EUR, but also for any other currency.
  • EUR can grow only because everyone is buying EUR, not only for USD, but also for any other currency.
  • EUR may grow after the release of important news related to the Euro zone.

VR MultiPrice Analysis shows what is really happening. Using the histogram columns, the trader can see situations when EUR is bought for other currencies, the columns will show the growth of EUR relative to other currency pairs. Also, a trader can see the growth of EUR due to the growth of the EURGBP currency pair, despite the fact that all other currency pairs are moving in different directions. Basically, the trader sees not one EURUSD currency pair, but several currency pairs at once, including the EUR and USD currencies.


  • High accuracy of the indicator.
  • It clearly shows the situation for the selected currency pair.
  • It is possible to perform analysis on historical data using the mouse.
  • The indicator automatically recalculates forward, reverse and cross rates.
  • Suitable for any pair of financial instruments (Forex, Crypto).
  • All the information is right in front of the trader's eyes.
  • It is easy to install in the MetaTrader terminal.
  • There is only small number of settings.
  • The indicator is designed for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, there are no differences between versions for different terminals.
  • It is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.
  • It works on any period and any time frame.

Operation algorithm

Once installed on the chart, the indicator analyzes the currency pair by dividing it into its component currencies. For example, take the EURUSD pair. The indicator algorithm splits the pair into the first currency - EUR - and the second one - USD. In the next step, the indicator collects data for analyzing currency pairs that have EUR in them and separately collects currency pairs that contain USD.  The indicator builds histograms on the selected currencies. A trader can use two vertical lines to select a period in the history to get data in the indicator columns.


  • The most accurate and high-quality indicator is the growth of columns for the first currency and the fall of columns for the second.
  • Use the indicator in conjunction with your trading strategy.
  • Confirmation of your buy signal will be the growth of the first currency in multiple columns of the indicator.
  • For purchases, wait for the growth of columns for the first currency, the fall of columns for the second currency does not mean that the first currency will grow.

  • Currency pair - currency pair used for analysis
  • Currency prefix (_i,. x,. m, _m, ...) - prefix of the currency pair
  • Time frame calculation (1M, 5M, 30M...) - time frame for calculation
  • Update timer (1000ms = 1 SES) – data update period for columns
  • Window height
  • Position along the X-axis
  • Position along the Y axis
  • The height of the window title
  • Width of histogram columns
  • Color scheme
  • Background color
  • Text color
  • The title color
  • Color of fall and growth columns

Version for MetaTrader 4

Version for MetaTrader 5

Version for MetaTrader 4 Demo, only works with a pair AUDCAD

Version for MetaTrader 5 Demo, only works with a pair AUDCAD

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Kyrie_Prosopon 2020.07.31 19:38   

Приобрел сегодня 6 месячную подписку на продукт R MultiPrice Analysis MT5. Однако, к сожалению, оказалось, что на графиках МТ5 не отображаются две диаграммы по инструментам валютной пары. Все другие индикаторы в то же время, в том числе VR Atr Pro MT5, работают без замечаний. Что посоветуете предпринять?

Version 20.60 2020.06.14
Code optimization for new build terminal
Version 20.57 2020.05.27
Code optimization
Error correction