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ReitakFX ProTrend

Most accurate  BUY/SELL indicator on this market.

It works based on the result of multiple EMAs, with some specific averaging and algorithm . Output of an EMA is the input for another EMA.

Works on Forex, Commodities, Indicies, Stocks, Crypto, ... on all timeframes (but recommend 1H or 4H) and on every brooker.

----- EA ProTrend https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/47770  -----

I tested this indicator on account on deposit 1000 USD with 38 pairs and max DD was 22% and relative DD 2% !!! If you want, you can use it on many pairs too. 

Indicator Signal https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/705298

!!!! WARNING !!!!

This is trend indicator, it searching trend. 
You need patience, there can be some lose trades in row (so please dont panic and put negative review)
But when it find trend, this trade will cover all previous loses + give you nice profit. Just check signal history or videos how it works.

Presentation videos

- Gold 4H https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YX7rCLG-wo

- Eurusd 4H https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfpZalL_9_c


You will get this advantages

  • easy, nice visual and effective trend detection
  • nonstrop trading 
  • works on all pairs Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Stocks, Indicies
  • works on all timeframes, but recommend higher TF 1-4h
  • integrated notify - popup, push, email and sound alerts


How to use it :

- install indicator on your mt4

- open chart where you want use indicator (eurusd, gold, us30, btcusd, ...) and set timeframe (recommend 1h-4h)

- put indicator on chart, open indicator setting: let Heiken Ashi true and set notify to true (depend on you, if you want popup, email, or notify to phone)

- wait for new signal (depend on tf you set). 

- if you get your first signal sell, open sell and wait. Dont set SL or TP. Sell trade you can close manualy when you want, or wait for oposite buy signal.

- if you get buy signal, then immediately close your sell trade and open buy. 

- with this indicator you trade nonstop on that pair you use. 

ice88 2020.04.01 17:32 

Have been using the indicator for a week and it is proving amazingly accurate, especially on higher time frames. Have been following Reitak for a couple of years now and he is "one of the good guys"!

metaGio 2020.04.01 10:44 

Never used an indicator before, this seems to find a good spot to place your positions. Needs to be on higher tf ( 1h - 4h ) but it also can be helpful on lower tf also (15m - 30m).

Always use it in confluence with S-R etc

Shaangar Nalaiya
Shaangar Nalaiya 2020.03.30 10:22 

I have been using Reitak indicator since 2 weeks ago. What surprising me is that, my account grown 200% in just 2 weeks. Have used a lot of indicators but non of them are comparable with Reitak Indicator. Bravo to Reitak for creating such a good indicator. Will recommend all fellow traders to give a try. Trust me, you will not regret.

Lai Kam
Lai Kam 2020.03.26 16:51 

Just install indicator. This makes it easier to spot the pattern early and to join more actively

Pim 2020.03.24 11:50 

Using the indicator for a week now and profits are coming. Looks promissing!

Lawson Tan
Lawson Tan 2020.03.23 09:48 

I am new to this but this indicator by Reitak has given me so much confidence, in learning the market and trading. It is so much easier to use. I would highly recommend to new trader to utilize this. Many thanks to Reitak for this powerful indicator.

Vincent Chao
Vincent Chao 2020.03.20 09:01 

The best indicator I have ever seen and it is the only you have to buy! The creator is a legend, who can help survive in this market!

goda02pdn 2020.03.20 06:55 

After long time, I got really profitable indicator

BlueEffect 2020.03.20 06:49 

Great indicator. Accurate entires.

tibi_olteanu 2020.03.19 21:56 

Perfect indicator

Marek Szwed
Marek Szwed 2020.03.19 16:05 

The first day and the expense has already returned 500%

Reitak is a bomb.

XAUUSD M15 best on scalp.

I would recommend.

Roy Budiman
Roy Budiman 2020.03.19 05:52 

Perfect indicator

SUNILGIRI GOSWAMI 2020.03.18 20:12 

I used so many indicator, but Reitak's this indicator is such profitable. I like it very much becoz it is so simple , easy and really profitable

ptivendeen 2020.03.18 17:46 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

moff17 2020.03.18 17:45 

Good Indi, work perfectly on my gold

arifk7786 2020.03.18 17:43 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Kristina 2020.03.18 16:50 

It works, now is time for my work :D and to open trades . Thank you Reitak.

1005718 2020.03.18 16:14 

Excellent indicator for new traders such as myself. This is perfect for anyone to be honest, and Reitak is a great trader to follow!

novi89.forex 2020.03.18 15:03 

Wonderful trend indikator. It makes it very easy to spot trend early and go in more aggresively. If you want it reliable and only have alerts for stronger movements, use H1-H4 as recommended by Reitak. Lower TF tend to give more alerts, since it sometimes consider pullback as a trend reversal. It is usable ALSO on lower TF (M5 and higher), just backtest it and you will see :).

I have seen its strength, it is great product.

Muhaimin Salleh
Muhaimin Salleh 2020.03.18 13:34 

Great indicator for all new traders. works perfectly

macksodius 2020.03.18 09:50 

This indicator show you very accurate points, very happy with! Reitak is a person with a lot of knoledge about the market, that makes a lot of diffrence to don't lose money!

Primoz Strajnar
Primoz Strajnar 2020.03.18 08:13 

Install indicator and it is working perfectly. You get trend on all time frames.

haia414 2020.03.18 03:44 

Just install indicator, but reitak is kind of difference, and his result is always incredible.