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Elliott Wave Tool Lite

This is a reduced version, demo if you like, of the published Elliott Wave Tool 7Pasos.

The limitations for this tool vs Elliott Wave Tool 7pasos are the following:

  • Only one account possible, the original tool has 1 principal and 4 alternative accounts.
  • Only one degree (Primary) is available, in the original tool 12 different degrees (6 in micro) are at your disposition.
  • As only one degree is available, the functions to upgrade and downgrade the degree of the selected wave are disabled.
  • Fixed color to the count, in the original tool you can set the color for the principal and alternative counts.
  • Only 1 wave per structure can be stated, once 1 structure is released, the check button will delete the actual structure to start a new one.
  • The help screens to remind you the key points of the structures (impulses, diagonals, triangles, flats, etc.) are disabled, in the original tool, when pressing the "?" button, a resume with the key points of the actual structure is displayed.

All the remaining options are available.

This is the video for the original tool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uMhTtUVsmo, all functions are called the same. The only difference in lite version is that the buttons with the functions restricted will not act or will not appear.

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Vadim Strelkov 2014.05.30 07:16 

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Version 3.10 2014.09.24
Improved compatibility with ElliottWaveAssistant indicator (EWA):
- Now it can show grade and pattern type of waves calculated using EWA.
- Deletes buttons from EWA.
Version 3.0 2014.09.11
Added ability to read waves produced by the new Elliott Wave Assistant.