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PAC man

EA trades pairs selected by correlation criterion. The choice is made in such a way that there are pairs with negative and neutral correlation to the main pair. The PAC indicator is used to automate the selection of pairs https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/41985

Expert is multycurrency, thus it is no use to test it in the MT4 terminal. So, watch for real signal and joing to telegram channel.

After setting the pairs, the expert Advisor simulates trading for the previous period with visualization of the results (red and blue dashed lines with arrows and trading results). The user can interactively change the signal levels and observe their impact on the simulation result. In this way, you can select the optimal level values. By manually moving the vertical boundary lines to the right, you can see the results of the forward test simulation and verify the profitability of the selected parameters or be disappointed and return to work at the factory.

Video instruction to the expert is available.

The expert Advisor has a breakeven function, a virtual take profit and stop loss, a list of non-trading days of the week, a news filter. 
Channel Telegram for discussion and suggestions for improvement (in english): https://t.me/joinchat/FZd4EhXEiEnAx7sybTh01Q

PAC SETTINGS - setting the traded pairs and the signal levels
  • Main pair - main traded pair;
  • First pair - pair with negative correlation to the main one;
  • Second pair - pair with neutral correlation to the main one;
  • Level for SELL - the strength level of the PAC indicator to open sells for all three pairs;
  • Close all SELL at - sells closing level;
  • Level for BUY - the strength level of the PAC indicator to open buys for all three pairs;
  • Close all BUY at - buys closing level;
  • Plot trades for history - draw trades on the history at the specified levels;
  • ...in gray color - color of historical trades - grey;
  • t2 - Start at - start time for forward testing;
  • t3 - Use day after - end time of it, in days;
  • Timeframe for trading and PAC values - manual timeframe;
  • Period for averaging PAC.
TRADING PARAMETERS - setting stop loss, take profit and limits
  • Do not trade if spread > - do not trade if spread is greater than specified;
  • Take profit (virtual if nagative) - take profit. If the value is negative the expert Advisor will put a virtual take profit;
  • Stop loss (virtual if nagative) - stop loss size. If the value is negative the expert Advisor will put a virtual stop loss;
  • Magic number - magic number of trades;
  • Trail Stop Loss every profit (in pips) - trailing stop loss if profit is greater than specified;
  • ...trail step - trailing step, if zero, trailing will occur without a step;
  • Set to break even if profit > pip(s) - set breakeven if profit is greater than specified;
  • Do not trade days (1 - mon, 2 - tue ...) - days when trading is prohibited;
  • Lot size - the algorithm of lot size calculation;
  • Constant size - open a trade with a constant volume;
  • % from free margin - trade volume as % of free margin;
  • Close all before news (minutes), if 0 just plot news lines - close all trades and stop trading before the news (minutes). If zero, the filter does not work, but only displays news lines;
  • Don't trade after news (minutes) - do not trade after news, minutes;
  • News server time offset (hours) - the time offset between the broker and news service forexfactory.com;
  • Work with High news (red) - read important news;
  • Work with Medium news (blue) - read news of medium importance;
  • Work with Low news (green) - read news of low importance;
  • Additional currencies, like EUR,USD,GBP  - read news not only of the traded pair but also of the currencies specified in this list;
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Version 2.6 2019.11.11
When you search for traded pairs on the chart by pressing button, the results of the trading simulation are recorded in a file.
Watch the video manual on my YouTube channel-PACman trading system 2.6
Version 2.5 2019.11.08
Added the ability to select the period of averaging the values of the PAC indicator.
You can select a trio for trading from the panel on the chart.
Version 2.4 2019.11.05
Added the choice of timeframe for the simulation of trade.
Time interval parameter and Close=all-if functions were added.
Version 2.3 2019.10.09
Bug fixed for CLOSE ALL button
Version 2.2 2019.09.30
Bug fixed.
Version 2.0 2019.09.26
Great update. In this release you can perform forwar tests.
Version 1.1 2019.09.25
You can move vertical lines of history range. Trading results will be recalculated.