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Multi Currency SR

Fully autonomous smart and multi-currency expert, works immediately on 6 characters.

The thoughtful logic of closing and observing the risk of orders and locking.

Additional filters and multi-currency analysis are used.

Real account monitoring https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/579900

Recommended TF H1.

Available options: 

  • HedgeLots - Increase the volume of subsequent positions.
  • MagicNumber - Unique identifier of orders opened by this expert.
  • Trail Activate - Turns on Trail when profit reaches the specified number of pips.
  • Trail - Tug Stoploss, behind the price. Values in pips. This strategy provides an opportunity, not to use Trail at all. That is, you can not use the Trail at all.
  • LotSize - Trading lot. I recommend 0.01 for a minimum of $ 1000 balance.
  • Next Open Trade bar - The opening of the next order will occur at least after the specified number of bars.
  • Start_H - Hour start expert.
  • Start_M - Minute of the start of the expert.
  • End_H - Hour of the end of the expert.
  • End_M - Minute of the end of the expert.
  • MaxSpread - Maximum spread for opening positions.
  • Slippage Max - Maximum allowable slippage.
  • Comments - Comment.
  • Trail_Max_Orders - Trail will work if the positions are less or equal, as many as we specified.
  • FixMoneyProfitALL - Fixing profits or closing all positions, when we achieve the specified profit in the currency of the account.
  • Range_pips - Minimum distance to open the next order.
  • filter - The filter for the expert. Enabled by default.
  • TF, filter indicator period.
  • SymbTrade (2,3,4,5,6) - Allows you to enable and disable trading for each symbol. By default, I chose 6 characters, I recommend so leave.
  • Symb (2,3,4,5,6) - Enter the names of symbols for trading in these fields. The symbol will not participate in the trade if SymbTrade is disabled for a particular symbol. (If you have a symbol with a suffix or prefix, write the name of the symbol with this in mind. For example, eurusd_i, euruse100cent. That is, the name of the symbol in the expert settings should be the same as in the MarketWatch window).
  • SR - The number of bars to search for support and resistance levels.
  • LockTrade - Enable locking.
  • Range_lock (2,3,4,5,6) - Distance to lock, the number corresponds to the symbol, Range_lock3 = Symb3 ..
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