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Signal Aggregator

Optimized set files for 23 currency pairs - H1 SET FILES , for 17 currency pairs - M15 SET FILES , for 18 currency pairs - H4 SET FILES.

You can read detail manual for learn how trade - MANUAL  .

For clients who give us 5 stars (*****) we have ready GIFT - UTILITY SIGNAL AGGREGATOR. Contact us to private message with purchase number. But only clients with Lifetime version of SIGNAL AGGREGATOR.Utility will manage to you open positions base on Indicator rules.

SIGNAL AGGREGATOR - is not just an indicator which most people don't know how to use and analyze, it is a ready-made trading solution that tells you: how to trade, when to trade and how to get the expected result!

Now a little more about the indicator

So, SIGNAL AGGREGATOR is an intelligent station for generating trading signals, which:

- Works with a high profit factor

- Includes several proven algorithmic systems search for trading opportunities, tracking of open orders and close them with positive results.

- Gives clear signals to open and close trades

- Does not use grider techniques and other methods of dangerous trading

- Safe for large deposits

- Displays true statistics of signal efficiency in a separate window (below - see the examples in the screenshots and in the presentation video)

- Generates enough signals for active intraday trading

- Works on any timeframe

- Works on any asset (currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stock market and indices)

Thus, the SIGNAL AGGREGATOR is a versatile and effective!

Therefore, if you are a novice trader who is just beginning to master the financial market or a professional who wants to simplify the difficult process of technical analysis, the SIGNAL AGGREGATOR indicator is exactly what you will like!


Each buyer of the SIGNAL AGGREGATOR indicator is guaranteed to receive a free utility (SIGNAL CLOSER UTILITY), which will help you to manage open orders.

This utility automatically closes trades by signals of the SIGNAL AGGREGATOR indicator. In simple words – you get a signal to trade and open a market order, but SIGNAL CLOSER UTILITY itself it will be closed according to the rules of the system SIGNAL AGGREGATOR. This will save you time and completely eliminate the possibility that you will forget about the previously opened trades or do not have time to close it!

To get the utility - write a personal message to the seller

An extended description of the manual settings of SIGNAL AGGREGATOR and a manual for setting up this indicator can be found at this link (cloud storage).

allo25 2019.06.25 14:02 

Great tools

Paulus Nangoy
Paulus Nangoy 2019.06.25 07:36 

Great tool for trading.

pollekos 2019.06.18 10:54 


Saowanee Kawee
Saowanee Kawee 2019.06.17 17:02 

Today I got sell EURCAD signal, now already take profit good job ^^

Darius Klimas
Darius Klimas 2019.06.13 12:35 

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