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Divergence DeMarker or any custom

The indicator displays divergence for any custom indicator. You only need to specify the indicator name; DeMarker is used by default.

Additionally, you can opt for smoothing of values of the selected indicator and set levels whose crossing will trigger an alert. The custom indicator must be compiled (a file with ex5 extension) and located under MQL5/Indicators of the client terminal or in one of the subdirectories. It uses zero bar of the selected indicator with default parameters.

Input parameters

  • Indicator name - name of the indicator for which divergence will be calculated; DeMarker by default;
  • Period DeMarker - DeMarker averaging period; 7 by default;
  • Applied price - price used, Close price by default;
  • Smoothing method - smoothing method, Simple by default;
  • Smooth - smoothing period; 4 by default;
  • Level1 - level of the indicator; 0.3 by default;
  • Level2 - level of the indicator; 0.7 by default;
  • Bar for divergence calculated - number of the bar to calculate the divergence, 'second' by default;
  • Calculated bar - number of bars to display divergence, 300 by default;
  • Filter by volume - filter by volume; false by default. When enabled, no divergence signal will be given if the volume over the last 100 bars is less than average. There are three available modes: False, True and Auto. In the Auto mode, the filter is automatically enabled on M30 time frame and lower, and disabled on time frames higher than M30;
  • Display divergence alert - enables notifications about divergence, true by default;
  • Arrows displacement - offset for displaying the arrows, 0.0001 by default;
  • Display cross level alert - enables alert for the crossover of the set indicator levels; true by default;
  • Draw indicator trend lines - enables indicator trend lines in divergence; true by default;
  • Draw price trend lines - enables displaying the trend lines on the price chart during divergence, true by default;
  • Line bull divergence color - select a color for the trend line displayed during bullish divergence, Green by default;
  • Line bear divergence color - select a color for the trend line displayed during bearish divergence, Red by default.

I would also recommend the Angle DeMarker indicator that shows the angle of the DeMarker indicator line for a more accurate identification of the possible points of extremum.

2017.03.31 07:30 

Индикатор не работает в реале и автор не собирается его исправлять

Version 1.20 - 2017.03.31
Added input parameter: Arrows displacement
Version 1.10 - 2015.09.07
Improved the indicator operation algorithm.