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MaxiFinishTrend 2


All signals. Smart trading system.

Popular indicators give two signals - BUY and SELL, and you have to choose and put Take Profit. Usually it works quickly and the trend goes in your favor, but the indicator is “silent” until the trend change. MaxiFinish not silent". For all Timeframes, Symbols, MT4, all screens. Adaptive algorithm, accurate signal tuning.

The first idea of MaxiFinish : give a third signal - GET PROFIT (CLOSE) when the trend line changes the slope or the M15 and M30 stochastics have reached an extremum and the profit began to decline. If, on a signal, you have closed an order, the indicator fast give a new signal in the same direction - when the trend continues, or in the opposite direction - when the trend changes. Such tactics significantly increase the result - you take profit at the highs and have more signals.

The second idea of MaxiFinish is to use a compact scanner to review the market and choose where to trade and showing where the market is now active. For the Symbols you are interested in, with one click on the scanner you create their charts with automatic installation of the indicator and Template. Trading signals you receive from all created charts. The scanner automatically switches the Terminal to a chart with a new signal (CHART TO TOP = true).

The third feature : there are two more signals: when Take Profit or Stop Loss worked.

The fourth feature : this indicator Multi-Periods - it shows on any period the lines of stochastics higher and lower timeframes - you see "through timeframes".

Signals are given on chart and messages : sound in English , to email and MQID to mobile.

Trading is simple - open and close orders based on signals.

Indicator no repaint.

Input Settings:

       - Most of the names are understandable - put what you want to turn on or off. If you wish to change the parameters, set COLOR_SCHEME = 3.

       - SignalLine_Main_MA_Period - for fine tuning of the main period of the Signal Line. Put in Input = 26 or 52 or 104 or other and look at the chart after Init for what value the signals are more accurate, so trade.

       - Signal_Sensitivity - to fine tune the indicator sensitivity. Effective values are multiples of PI = 3.14, for example 1.57 or 6.28 and the like. This is the setting to signalling sooner or later.

    You can always tune , how accurate and often you want to receive signals.

    Control and protection:

         - In case of data errors in the quotes, get the message, for example, "Data H4 not found!".

         - If you enter incorrect parameters, get the message "Data Input error. Please Edit ...".

         - Control of signals - if you hear "beep" (Signal Suppression Sound = true) - make BUY or SELL according to the SignalLine color.

         - When the indicator programm is locked, the icon on the [Signal] button will stop flashing.

         - Signals will be correct if the indicator is received from the site mql5.com or MetaTrader.

      Good advice:

           - Do not rush to enter if you are not sure - click [Signal] button to wait for the next one. Trade where more Activity and Tick Value and  less Spread.

           - Close the BUY order, having received the SELL signal, and vice versa.

           - When good profit decreases - close without signals. This indicator "knows" what you have closed and fast give a new signal.

           - Put "Recommended Take profit" and Stop Loss > 280 Points (28 for 4 digits MT), if you are going to turn off the computer.

           - For maximum success study the [Comments].

        Free download [USER MANUAL.EN].

        The newest information is always on the MQL5 website.


        1. Non Multi Tester limits functions in Free Demo version. Before the first test, click [Indicator Properties] - [Reset], then in [Input] write your Scan Symbols exactly like in your MT4, for example GBPUSD.ffx.

        The first test make on the M1 period. Try different settings for _MA_Period, _Sensitivity, _Optimizer at different periods.

        2. After purchasing, put the indicator on a new blank chart and it will automatically adjust as shown in the screenshots. Immediately ask the author for clear instructions on settings and trading.

        About the author read [ Profile ]. VERY IMPORTANT: There, read the answers to frequently asked questions - FAQ.

        From Metatrader-Market click [View on site] - all reviews and comments. The GIF screenshots show a slow motion video of the real process of successful trading and video tests m1, m15, h1 (click avatar on video).

        Reviews 20
        Esther Waithera Kabugu
        Esther Waithera Kabugu 2022.05.06 19:17 

        This is a great Indicator, I am testing it by entering with the notifications of buy and sell on TF 15m and it is doing excellently great.

        Shauhin B
        Shauhin B 2022.04.19 10:42 

        it is a very complete trade system that makes trading easy with less stress.thank you MR. Kreidzich

        mutantkeeper 2022.03.16 03:51 

        After 1 day test, It paid itself 70 times fold on the first day with the real account. I feel bad for only renting it. Thank you so much

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        Trend Sys, an indicator designed to detect trends in price movement and allows you to quickly determine the direction of the trend. The best way to trade Trend Sys is to enter the market when Trend Sys peaks and goes the other way. This is a sign of a trend reversal. I hope you enjoy this indicator and leave your comments to make it even better. Good luck and happy trading.
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        Vitalii Zakharuk
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        It's a multi-symbol and multi-timeframe scanner for our indicator - ACB Breakout Arrows . With default settings, it scans for the buy/sell signals on 28 currency pairs and 9 time-frames concurrently .  Features It can scan 252* combinations of symbols and time-frames from a single chart. Open the signal's chart loaded with a predefined template with a single click.  Easy drag n drop anywhere on the chart. Real-time alerts with popup, sound, push-notifications and email alerts.  Input Para
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        Evgeny Belyaev
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        Andriy Sydoruk
        MoveWave - Moving waves are very handy indicators for determining pivot levels. Most Forex traders make decisions based on technical analysis. This type of analysis determines patterns and trends in the market. With the help of complex mathematical equations that are combined and made out in the form of this indicator, the trader will be able to more accurately determine the price reversal levels. Wave theory mathematically represents various behavioral models of the market. It is used as the ba
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        A trending market is one in which price is generally moving in one direction. ... When trading a trend-based strategy, traders usually pick the major currencies as well as any other currency utilizing the dollar because these pairs tend to trend and be more liquid than other pairs.  Best Trend Indicator That Tells You the Direction of the Trend   Trend MagicX_v1.1 displays the trend direction, duration, intensity and the resulting trend rating for all time frames in real time. You'll see at
        30 USD
        Niubility Trend  Niubility Trend displays the trend direction for all time frames in real time. You'll see at a glance at which direction the trends are running, how long they last and how powerful they are. All this makes it an easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders. Features Easy to trade Customizable colors and sizes It is non-repainting and non-backpainting It is fantastic as a trailing stop method It implements alerts of all kinds
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        Element 8
        Vladimir Deryagin
        The Expert Advisor works on the basis of a position reversal following the trend. The Expert Advisor settings are intuitive. You can use this Expert Advisor on any currency pair, having previously selected the settings using testing. Expert Advisor settings, description: (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) - select the day of the week of trading, or the hour on this day, until which you can trade. Magic is a unique number of open trades. Volume - the trading volum
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        Diamonds Min5   - DM5-   DM5    is an indicator that suggests entering levels (sell or buy) ,it always follow the trends using parabolic sar ,  working on is so easy, you need just to attach it to the chart and all the magic will show , this indicator does n ot repeat itself or redraw signals . After months of testing, it provides a very good result       it works on all pairs with no excaption 
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        Canadian Taiga
        Charbel Abboud
        CANADIAN TAIGA is a professional portfolio EA using trend-following trading system based on principles of volatility breakout and breakouts of support/ resistance levels. It works on all Canadian Dollar pairs. The core principle of the Canadian Taiga is to capture trading opportunities on all CAD pairs, using a sophisticated hedging module. Download CANADIAN TAIGA and test it on all Canadian Dollar Pairs as recommended, and if it does not what it is intended to do as described, do not purchase i
        129 USD
        Trade Invest Pro
        Dmitriy Kashevich
        Trade Invest Pro - Boss in the world of cryptocurrency! This indicator is ideal for cryptocurrency trading! Work on Trade Invest Pro took us half a year! But not in vain! Now only accurate signals near support - resistance levels! He showed himself well on timeframes m5 m15 for binary options! Optionally, it can be configured for forex for timeframes m30 and more! Reacts well to news! Doesn't paint! and does not disappear from the schedule! As soon as a red arrow appears, open a
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        Ilan PROFI
        Aleh Rabtsau
        4.5 (2)
        Ilan PROFI is a complete and thoroughly improved trading system based on all types of the popular Ilan EA. The EA features very extensive settings making trading easy and efficient! The robot allows you to manage a trading step, multiply it, use a trailing stop, stop trading after making profit, enable turbo profit and much more! The product works on 4 and 5-digit quotes defining the number of digits automatically. When using the EA (both for tests and real trading), try avoiding the risk, use t
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        Ivan Simonika
        The intelligent algorithm of the Godfather indicator accurately determines the trend, filters out market noise and generates entry and exit levels. The indicator will help in finding entry points when analyzing the price chart. The program first receives a "snapshot" of the graph, then analyzes it. The results are reported to the trader in the form of signals. The main purpose of this indicator is to determine the moments of entries and exits from transactions, so the indicator displays only th
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        Arrows appear after Reversal-Pattern and when the confirmation-candle reaches its value, it won't disappear (no repaint). but with fix settings no additional settings necessary Entry : immediately after arrow Stop loss : a few pips above the high of the arrow - candle / below the low of the arrow - candle Take Profit : at least the next candle / move to break even after candle closed / trail the SL works on : Major Forex-pairs / M15 and higher time-frames The Value of the  confirmation-candle =>
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        Cycle Sniper
        Elmira Memish
        4.58 (24)
        Cycle Sniper  This indicator does not send any signal without a reason...You can observe and analyze the indicator and the signals it sends Cycle Sniper is not a holy grail but when you use it in a system which is explained in the videos, you will feel the difference. We recommend watching the videos about the indiactor and system befoe purchasing. Please contact us after your purchase and we will send you the complimentary indicators to complete the system. Videos, settings  and descriptions c
        499 USD
        Indicator for binary options arrow is easy to use and does not require configuration works on all currency pairs, cryptocurrencies buy signal blue up arrow sell signal red down arrow tips do not trade during news and 15-30 minutes before their release, as the market is too volatile and there is a lot of noise it is worth entering trades one or two candles from the current period (recommended for 1 candle) timeframe up to m 15 recommended money management fixed lot or fixed percentage of the depo
        100 USD
        Rainbow MT4
        Jamal El Alama
        Rainbow MT4 is a technical indicator based on Moving average with period 34 and very easy to use. When price crosses above MA and MA changes color to green, it’s a signal to buy. When price crosses below MA and MA changes color to red, it’s a signal to sell. The Expert advisor ( Rainbow EA MT4) based on Rainbow MT4 indicator, as you can see in the short video below is now available here .
        Global Trend
        Vitalii Zakharuk
        Global Trend Indicator, shows the signals for entry. Displays both entry points and the trend itself. Shows statistically calculated moments for entering the market with arrows. When using the indicator, the risk factor can be optimally distributed. Settings: Uses all one parameter for settings. Choosing a parameter, it is necessary to visually resemble it so that the appropriate graph has a projection of extremes. Parameters: Length - the number of bars for calculating the indicator.
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        Mystic Arrow
        Svyatoslav Kucher
        5 (2)
        Mystic Arrow - уникальный авторский индикатор, отображающий сигналы в направлении основной тенденции, и против нее. Благодаря разнообразию настроек и фильтров индикатор можно настроить под свой стиль торговли. Mystic Arrow  подходит для любого таймфрейма, валютной пары. Сигналы индикатора не пропадают ни при каких условиях. Отличительной особенностью является возможность настроить сигналы индикатора отдельно для тенденции и против нее. Имеет в качестве отключаемого фильтра показания ценового кан
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        Andriy Sydoruk
        A good arrow indicator for Forex, futures and binary options without redrawing. It gives a lot of signals, which requires additional indicators to check them. Works only at open prices. Therefore, it is reliable and without redrawing. Often, signals that go in the wrong direction are compensated for on the subsequent signal. I fix your attention - the indicator without redrawing on the zero candlestick. This indicator uses its algorithms to analyze previous periods and predict further market
        89 USD
        Rodolfo Leonardo De Morais
        5 (1)
        Heiken ashi Smoothing in separate window MTF The color of the Heiken-Ashi candles depend on their shadows. The advantage of the Heiken-Ashi chart is that the trend is determined very simply, the upward-facing sails are blue, and the downward-tendency sails are red. For profitable trading it is necessary to use it with the standard candles (make analyzes) and with the other indicators. Indicator Parameters TimeFrame - Graphic time being 0 = Current graph time, 1 = M1, 5 = M5, 15 = M15, 30 = M30
        Trading with the Transition to quality indicator is as simple as possible, if a blue arrow appears on the chart pointing up, a buy deal is opened. In the same case, if you see a red arrow pointing down, open a sell order. That is, everything is as simple as possible, positions are closed according to the reverse scheme, that is, as soon as a signal is received to open an order in the opposite direction from your position. For example, you opened a long position (sell), close it when a red arr
        130 USD
        High Probability Reversal Indicator The indicator looks for trend exhaustion areas, and plots Buy/Sell arrow after confirmation of trend   exhaustion. Signals can   also   be shown as popup alerts, or be sent as e-mail or mobile phone notification. Trades can be taken on breakout of the signal candle. Inputs Signal Type:   Aggressive/Normal History Bars : Can be set to 0 (zero) to show all historical signals, or can be set to a limited number of bars for faster execution. Show Alert   : True/Fa
        50 USD
        Power Average
        Khurram Mustafa
        4.33 (6)
        This Indicator is a affordable trading tool because with the help of Popular Developers & Support of M Q L Platform I have programmed this strategy. I tried to combine logic of Moving Averages, Parabolic Stop And Reverse, Trend Strength, Oversold, Overbought . Furthermore, I have also care about Support Resistance that Trader can easily get in touch with market by selecting one indicator only. What is in for Trader? Trading Modes: This selection is for activate whole strategy "Power Average" S
        Octo Tack Pro
        Rafael Vega Ruiz
        OCTO TACK TREND PRO INDICATOR Summary/Description: Trend indicator Shows signals that tell you the current market trend Shows different signals to execute orders in favor of the current trend Get ready to have the best trend indicator you've ever tried. It does not repaint in any way, once a signal has been captured, it remains there until it is finalized. It generates clear signals and always in favor of the trend (see screenshots) Just be attentive and wait for the alert to tell you when a n
        59 USD
        Nehemiah Rono
        EUTUSDKILLER is a trend EA that works in all market conditions (i)It buys when the indicator confirms a trend  (ii)Sell when the same indicator confirms a down trend. (iii)Easy visual and effective trend detection. (iV)It filters and improve your trading strategies. (v) It scans previous data and give real time output. (vi) It can be set to auto calculate lots size.
        40 USD
        Cool Monkey
        Sze Yu Ma
        4 (1)
        Cool Monkey is a fully automatic, highly customizable EA based on Volatility, MACD and RSI to select optimal entry points. It uses a specialized grid structure  to achieve a high winning rate with improved safety. All tests are performed with 99.90% tick data, with simulated spread, execution delay, commission and swap. Trading and optimization experience required if you wish to optimize it. Limited time to buy Cool Monkey for USD30 ! Recommendations: Default settings works on EURUSD M1 chart Cu
        30 USD
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        MACD is one of the most popular momentum and trend indicator. Currency Strength Meter is also a trend indicator which is based on multiple currencies. MACD Currency Strength Meter is a one chart indicator which have the algorithm of MACD and Currency Strength Meter. It also have one-click feature, in which 28 major and minor pairs are shown on your dashboard, by clicking a certain pair, your chart will change automatically to the chart of your choice. Product Advantages Recorded webinars on h
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        4.61 (33)
        This is an innovative indicator that uses an exclusive algorithm to quickly and accurately determine the trend. The indicator automatically calculates the opening and closing time of positions, as well as detailed statistics of the indicator's performance for a certain period of history, which allows you to choose the best trading tool for your trade. You can also connect your custom arrow indicators to Scalper Inside Pro to check and calculate their statistics and profitability. Scalper Inside
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        PZ Mean Reversion MT4
        1 (1)
        Unique indicator that implements a professional and quantitative approach to mean reversion trading. It capitalizes on the fact that the price diverts and returns to the mean in a predictable and measurable fashion, which allows for clear entry and exit rules that vastly outperform non-quantitative trading strategies. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Clear trading signals Amazingly easy to trade Customizable colors and sizes Implements performance st
        299 USD
        CURRENTLY 20% OFF ! Best Solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! This dashboard software is working on 28 currency pairs. It is based on 2 of our main indicators (Advanced Currency Strength 28 and Advanced Currency Impulse). It gives a great overview of the entire Forex market. It shows Advanced Currency Strength values, currency speed of movement and signals for 28 Forex pairs in all (9) timeframes. Imagine how your trading will improve when you can watch the entire market using a single indi
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        Skalping instant indicator. The signal to purchase or sale of the basement in conjunction with the value of the indicator arrow. A strong signal is considered when the arrow and the basement indicator that displays four timeframes coincide in the forecast. This indicator contains many algorithms and tasks that have been reduced to one result, which the Skalping instant indicator gives, namely, informs the trader about the direction of the market. Thus, he gives 1. Scalping signal (Figur
        1 770 USD
        Advanced Currency Strength Indicator The Advanced Divergence Currency Strength Indicator. Not only it breaks down all 28 forex currency pairs and calculates the strength of individual currencies across all timeframes , but, You'll be analyzing the WHOLE forex market in 1 window (In just 1 minute) . This indicator is very powerful because it reveals the true movements of the market.  It is highly recommended to  analyze charts knowing the performance of individual currencies or the countries ec
        149 USD
        MTF Supply Demand Zones
        Georgios Kalomoiropoulos
        4.73 (15)
        Next Generation Of Automated Supply And Demand Zones. New and Innovative Algorithm that Works At Any Chart. All Zones Are Being Created Dynamically According To Price Action Of The Market. TWO TYPES OF ALERTS -->  1) WHEN PRICE HITS A ZONE    2)WHEN A NEW ZONE IS FORMED  You don't get one more useless indicator. You get a complete Trading Strategy with Proven Results.     New Features:     Alerts when price hits Supply/Demand Zone     Alerts when a new Supply/Demand Zone is create
        149 USD
        Supply and Demand Dashboard PRO
        Bernhard Schweigert
        4.76 (17)
        CURRENTLY 20% OFF !! This DASHBOARD is a very powerful piece of software working on multiple symbols and up to 9 timeframes. It is based on our main indicator (Best reviews:  Advanced Supply Demand ). The new DASHBOARD gives a great overview. It shows: filtered Supply and Demand values including zone strength rating, pips distances to/and within zones, it highlights nested zones, it gives 4 kind of alerts for the chosen symbols in all (9) time-frames. It is highly configurable for your personal
        199 USD
        Chaos Indicator
        Stefano Frisetti
        DESCRIPTION The CHAOS INDICATOR has been developed to be used for the TRADING STRATEGY OF CHAOS, as described in the book. DATAS COLLECTED AND SHOWN ON GRAPHS The CHAOS INDICATOR apply easily to any graph and any asset, and it is a TRADING FACILITATOR, as it identify immediately the following items on any graph: - The GP (= RIGHT PRICE) i.e. the price to which theasset will be attracted within 24 hours wuth a high statistic probability, as widely described in the above said book. - Resistan
        200 USD
        TPA True Price Action indicator reveals the true price action of the market makers through 100% non-repainting signals (except early signals mode) strictly at the close of a candle! TPA shows entries and re-entries, every time the bulls are definitely stronger than the bears and vice versa. Not to confuse with red/green candles. The shift of power gets confirmed at the earliest stage and is ONE exit strategy of several. There are available now two free parts of the TPA User Guide for our custo
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        PZ Swing Trading
        5 (4)
        Swing Trading is the first indicator designed to detect swings in the direction of the trend and possible reversal swings. It uses the baseline swing trading approach, widely described in trading literature. The indicator studies several price and time vectors to track the aggregate trend direction and detects situations in which the market is oversold or overbought and ready to correct. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Profit for market swings with
        249 USD
        Forex Gump Trend
        Andrey Kozak
        5 (1)
        Forex Gump Trend is a universal indicator for highly effective determination of the trend direction. If you identify the trend correctly, this is 95% of trading success, because you will be able to open trades in the direction of the price movement and benefit from it. The Forex Gump Trend indicator helps traders with a high degree of efficiency to determine the current trend direction, as well as trend reversal points. The direction of the trend is shown by colored lines on the chart, and the
        147 USD
        Introduction to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner X3 Cherart Pattern Scanner is the non-repainting and non-lagging indicator detecting X3 chart patterns including Harmonic pattern, Elliott Wave pattern, X3 patterns, and Japanese Candlestick patterns. Historical patterns match with signal patterns. Hence, you can readily develop the solid trading strategy in your chart. More importantly, this superb pattern scanner can detect the optimal pattern of its kind. In addition, you can switch on and off individu
        280 USD
        Beast Super Signal
        Dustin Vlok
        4.85 (96)
        The Beast Super Signal is a simple and easy to use trend based indicator. It will continuously monitor the current market conditions looking for new developing trends or jump in on an existing trend. The Beast Super Signal indicator will monitor the current market conditions, and only when all of the internal strategies align, and are in 100% confluence with each other, the indicator will give a buy or sell signal. All you need to do is buy or sell when you get a signal arrow alert, no additiona
        179 USD
        [75% OFF - Limited Time SALE] RevCan Trend Entry Point is a trend based trade alert indicator for serious traders. It does all the price and chart analysis all by itself, and whenever it finds any potential high quality trading opportunity(Buy or Sell) using its revolutionized price prediction algorithms, it sends instant trade alert directly on the chart, MT4 terminal and on the mobile device.  The trade signals will be visible on the chart as Up and Down arrows, while the instant audible alert
        149 USD
        Andrey Kozak
        Binaripex is an indicator for binary options. The indicator shows with an arrow on the chart in which direction the price will go in the near future. According to our statistics, in 95% of cases, the price in the near future (from 1 to 5 minutes on small timeframes) will go above or below the arrow indication. This allows you to use this indicator with high efficiency for trading on binary options. Also, the indicator on the chart indicates near each transaction at what distance the price went
        159 USD
        This indicator is a perfect wave automatic analysis indicator for practical trading! The standardized definition of the band is no longer a wave of different people, and the art of man-made interference is eliminated, which plays a key role in strict analysis of the approach. The  purchase discount is currently in progress! Using this indicator is equivalent to enhancing the aesthetics of the trading interface and abandoning the most primitive K-line trading to bring you to a new level of
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        MetaBands M4
        Vahidreza Heidar Gholami
        MetaBands uses powerful algorithms to draw channels and detect trends so that it can provide traders with potential points for entering and exiting trades. It’s a channel indicator plus a powerful trend indicator. It includes different types of channels which can be merged by the user to create new channels simply by using the input parameters. MetaBands uses all types of alerts to signal market events to the user. Features Supports most of the channel algorithms Powerful trend detection alg
        129 USD
        Buy Sell Alert
        Andrey Kozak
        5 (1)
        "Buy Sell Alert" - an indicator that shows the trader where the trend is going and when to open a deal. If the indicator draws a green line on the chart, we open a buy order. If the indicator draws a red line on the chart, we open a sell order. Benefits of the indicator: latency percentage less than 3% signal accuracy over 96% does not redraw its values to build a trading strategy, it is enough to use this one indicator. very easy to set up works on all currency pairs and all times Descriptio
        137 USD
        Order Block Indicator MT4
        Diego Arribas Lopez
        5 (2)
        [ MT5 Version ] Order Block Indicator MT4 Order Block Indicator MT4  is currently the most accurate and customizable indicator in the market. It has been developed to facilitate the analysis of operations based on Order Blocks and Supply and Demand Zones. These zones are possible reversal points of a movement. Order Blocks indicate a possible accumulation of orders in one area. The price usually gets to reach and react strongly to those areas. The most relevant levels for this reaction are the c
        450 USD
        This is arguably the most complete harmonic price formation auto-recognition indicator you can find for the MetaTrader Platform. It detects 19 different patterns, takes fibonacci projections as seriously as you do, displays the Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ) and finds suitable stop-loss and take-profit levels. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] It detects 19 different harmonic price formations It plots primary, derived and complementary Fibonacci pro
        299 USD
        Sniper Strategy created to provide you the best entries points for all pairs and all time frames and always moving with the trend direction based on price action. once you master the strategy it will let you become more confidence with your trade so you know when to open and close your trade with maximum profit because it is showing the beginning of the trend with multi entries so if you miss the entry in the beginning of the trend Sniper Strategy will provide you more chance with best entries p
        1 999 USD
        Royal Scalping Indicator M4
        Vahidreza Heidar Gholami
        5 (2)
        Royal Scalping Indicator is an advanced price adaptive indicator designed to generate high-quality trading signals. Built-in multi-timeframe and multi-currency capabilities make it even more powerful to have configurations based on different symbols and timeframes. This indicator is perfect for scalp trades as well as swing trades. Royal Scalping is not just an indicator, but a trading strategy itself. Features Price Adaptive Trend Detector Algorithm Multi-Timeframe and Multi-Currency Trend Lo
        149 USD
        Weis Wave with Alert
        Panagiotis Diamantopoulos
        4.76 (17)
        ** NEW PLUTUS SIGNALS and ALL IN ONE ** Plutus Long and Short trading signals added (for more info visit  http://www.tradethevolumewaves.com  ) Different Wave Types, choose what your cumulative Histogram diplays: Volume, Pips, Progressive Volume Rate, Time or Emphasized Volume Waves  **IF YOU PURCHASE DO NOT FORGET TO CONTACT ME BECAUSE THERE IS MORE: Two Hrs Webinar + Training Room + Trade with the SI Traders, all free for now.  Free, two hour, one to one webinar covering setup , methodolo
        499 USD
        CURRENTLY 26% OFF !! This indicator is a super combination of both our main indicators ( Advanced Currency Strength 28 and Advanced Currency IMPULSE with ALERT ). It shows Currency Strength values for TICK-UNITS and alert signals for 28 Forex pairs. 11 different Tick-Units can be used. Those are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 30 Seconds. The Tick-Unit bar in the sub-window will be shown and shifted to the left when there is at least 1 tick within the second’s timer.  With only ONE chart
        148 USD
        This indicator uses past market cycles to predict future price movements. The predictions are drawn as vertical lines on the right side of the chart where the market has not advanced to yet. A prediction will many times result in the type of candle (ex. bull or bear) and/or a reversal point (ex. bottom or top) forming at this exact time. The lines are drawn well in advance which makes this a unique indicator. Benefits The indicator does not repaint, move, or delete lines! It also does not la
        150 USD
        NAM Order Blocks
        5 (1)
        MT4 Multi-timeframe Order Blocks detection indicator. Features - Fully customizable on chart control panel, provides complete interaction. - Hide and show control panel wherever you want. - Detect OBs on multiple timeframes. - Select OBs quantity to display. - Different OBs user interface. - Different filters on OBs. - OB proximity alert. - ADR High and Low lines. - Notification service (Screen alerts | Push notifications). Summary Order block is a market behavior that indicates order collection
        200 USD
        More from author
        !!! In [CodeBase] I published Mql4 indicator code. Download the code for free!!! (You have to adapt the code when you update the terminal). This indicator is a trader's tool. It shows the movement of stochastics on all periods and symbols: М1, М5, М15, М30, Н1, Н4 every minute (the time scale from the current to -240 minutes, i.e. tha last 4 hours). Step_Stoch overcomes the disadvantage of stochastic indicators - lagging. For example, a rise after a fall on H1 (or M30) after can be seen on a us
        2100913253 2022.07.12 09:02 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2022.07.12 15:14
        To download, install and use the indicator follow the instructions https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/498 . Please read the answer to your comment #263 after renting in 2 hours.
        Wolfgang Rockert
        Wolfgang Rockert 2022.06.09 10:55 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2022.07.01 23:28
        Thank you very much for your honest review 5 stars !!!!! I wish you success and profit !!!!! P.S. Who is not shown 5 stars review, click my name and see real reviews.
        Esther Waithera Kabugu
        Esther Waithera Kabugu 2022.05.06 19:17 

        This is a great Indicator, I am testing it by entering with the notifications of buy and sell on TF 15m and it is doing excellently great.

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2022.05.08 05:51
        Thank you so much for your 5 stars !!!!!
        I will work on extensions of the indicator functions for your comfortable trading!
        SegunOlojede 2022.05.06 10:40 

        This indicator is the worst that I have ever seen. If possible, I will give it zero star rating! The accuracy rate is around 20%, so 80% of your trades will end in loss. Buy this indicator only if you want to waste your money... It will wipe out your trading account. Believe me, nobody will not want an indicator that makes money, but this one is a total loss. It usually keeps the same signal even when the trend is strongly going on opposite till entire account is wiped out. Don't be deceived by whatever the author may say in his response. There are better indicators in this market. It is better to keep your money than losing it... This is my honest review.

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2022.07.05 03:40
        ...You not honest. Profile shows, that you never seen anything... You insulted all who wrote other reviews... Your % is lie (screenshots in comment #250, #251). Indicator - not EA, it not touch your account. Author OPENED for YOU SignalLine settings. Your % is your settings. You rented for $30, showed a fake DemoTest, and in PM asked $126 for a review. ARE YOU HONEST ? I don't pay for reviews. If you honest, then delete your fake review...
        Shauhin B
        Shauhin B 2022.04.19 10:42 

        it is a very complete trade system that makes trading easy with less stress.thank you MR. Kreidzich

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2022.04.19 13:01
        Thank you very much for your honest review and for your 5 stars! I wish you success and profit !
        ROBERT EDWARD BIRD 2022.04.04 19:31 

        I have not found value in this indicator. The author is unresponsive. Stochastic is too busy and difficult to read.

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2022.05.16 01:04
        ... Everyone can see how the author responds to you too in Comments #228, #229... Why did you write a lie ?... People may think that you wrote a fake review ...
        mutantkeeper 2022.03.16 03:51 

        After 1 day test, It paid itself 70 times fold on the first day with the real account. I feel bad for only renting it. Thank you so much

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2022.03.16 12:57
        And thank you very much for the great review! I hope that the opportunity for everyone to both rent and buy will return soon. Thanks also for your screenshot (Comment #221) of real trading. + $ 2102 for 9 hours is great. I wish everyone.
        khll62 2022.01.19 21:47 

        شكرا لك عمل رائع وجميل

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2022.01.20 00:28
        وشكرًا لك على 5 نجوم!
        И я вам благодарен за ваши 5 звезд !
        astri453 2021.11.15 12:25 

        you are the real master. I am so lucky find your indicator. and with the great price. Thank you Master.

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2021.11.15 15:54
        Thank you for your kind words and for five stars !!!!!
        abdurais8891 2021.11.07 14:32 

        very good and useful indicator

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2021.11.07 22:59
        Thank you very much for your 5 stars !!!!! Thanks also for your suggestions for improving Alert! I will follow your advice in the comment to continue good deeds and will improve and keep the indicator in excellent combat condition!
        Большое спасибо за ваши 5 звезд !!!!! Спасибо и за ваши предложения по улучшениям Alert ! Я последую вашему совету в комментарии продолжать хорошие дела и буду улучшать и поддерживать индикатор в боевом отличном состоянии !
        Carlos Andre Lopes Spinola
        Carlos Andre Lopes Spinola 2021.10.11 01:38 

        so far so good one of the bests indicators out there for a great price thanks!

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2021.11.07 03:22
        Thanks for the great feedback and your 5 stars !!!!!
        Phan The Khuong
        Phan The Khuong 2021.09.28 19:39 

        All I can say is 5 stars. it is the best indicator that I have found so far in this market. simple but work.

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2021.09.28 23:00
        Thank you very much for your five stars!
        Arhyel Mshelia
        Arhyel Mshelia 2021.09.17 17:09 

        I must say this product is superb with great potential am still trying to get very familiar with it but the results are good and far better than so many other more expensive one's in the market i must also commend the author for his patience and professionalism in answering all my questions and making recommendations as to how best the indicator can be used thank you Sir will update more as i use it

        so am updating

        Hey Stsiapan

        been getting familiar with the product i have gone through previous comments in the comments section and i picked a lot of important tips from your replies i tell you my trading has improved and my profits you have really put in so much effort to improve your indicator please consider creating an EA it will be fantastic. Yeah and today i made a 5percent return on my capital cheers man.


        So am back i have had the indicator for 6 months plus now, and in all sincerity its a superb product its not the Holy grail but if you take time to get familiar with it its worth every penny.

        How i trade== i trade only during the London and New York session i open 1min charts on the pairs am trading for the day then open one chart on 15min with symbol changer i wait for signals on the 1min then i check the 15min of that pair to confirm trend direction i scalp for 10 to 15pips except gold i go for 25 to 30pips.

        I still give my 5 star review

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2021.09.21 19:14
        Thanks for the great feedback and 5 stars !!!!!
        Спасибо за отличный отзыв и за 5 звезд !!!!!
        Fonis 2021.09.14 13:11 

        Здравствуйте всем. Хочу сказать огромное спасибо Stsiapan Kreidzich за его индикатор и его труды!!! Такой индикатор я ещё не видел!!! Я перепробовал раньше очень много индикаторов но они "рисовали". А этот индикатор просто огонь!!! Не буду говорить насколько им удобно торговать по скринам и видео видно сразу. За 3 дня я оправдал покупку!!! Сейчас помимо форекса я торгую с ним на Бинарных опционах. Конечно я настроил его под себя и под график. Результаты огонь!!! Из 12 сигналов у меня 10 в плюс!!!Представляете какой вин рей??!!! Конечно я ещё автору надоел наверное со своими вопросами За что ему огромное спасибо за труд и терпение. И спасибо большое за то что поделился им с нами. Мне кажет мало кто мог бы поделиться готовой торговой системой. Ещё раз огромное Вам спасибо автор.

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2021.09.14 19:08
        Спасибо Fonis за все добрые слова и за ваши 5 звезд !!!!!
        Я очень рад, что вы достигли поставленных целей и научились успеху ! Я счастлив, что мой труд помогает людям стать успешными !
        --------------------- EN
        Thank you Fonis for all the kind words and for your 5 stars !!!!!
        I am very glad that you have achieved your goals and learned how to succeed! I am happy that my work helps people to become successful !
        Serafin Perez
        Serafin Perez 2021.09.04 23:51 

        Le estoy muy agradecido por este indicador porque para mí es una gran herramienta. Salud.

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2021.09.08 06:52
        Gracias por sus excelentes comentarios y su maravilloso comentario de perfil ! Tambien te deseo salud, esta es la mayor riqueza !
        ---------------------RU Благодарю вас за отличный отзыв и за ваш прекрасный комментарий в профиле ! Желаю и вам здоровья - это самое большое богатство !
        Mazis0509 2021.08.04 19:06 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2021.08.06 03:40
        Спасибо за отзыв ! Я "шлифовал" индикатор много лет торговли. Возможно, в будущем, я опубликую и советник.
        Marcos Yuge
        Marcos Yuge 2021.08.03 06:22 

        Excellent product. It is a tool that has added a lot in my analysis. Whatever your strategy, it is very common for the market to turn against you as soon as you open a trade. Even if you are confident that your strategy is correct, this momentary reversal always brings unnecessary stress. This indicator solved this flaw in my strategy by signaling the right time to enter the market. Conclusion: If your strategy is correct, be sure that this indicator is a tool that will help you a lot to confirm the moment to open the trade. Another positive point is the author's support. Always very attentive. Negative point: I didn't find this indicator before. It would have saved me a lot of stress.

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2021.08.03 19:00
        Thank you very much for your five stars!
        Your great review will raise rating in the market and help other people find the indicator faster.
        Mariola59 2021.07.19 13:21 

        I bought many indicators and ea's but this indicator is the best I ever bought. I don't need other indicators anymore. This one is perfect. Im very happy with my purchase. Author appears to be very honest man and I'm surprised that this indicator is so cheap. Support is excellent all manuals are easy to understand and everything is explained very well. Unlike other Authors who asking you to join Telegram and still you can't get relevant information. Telegram groups to me just fun clubs where everyone is trying to show how good they are in trading. But if they by any chance have really good set files or some good information they wan't tell. This indicator pay itself in about 4 hours of trading. And I'm still leaning. So I predict that this is are really good money maker and that's what is all about it not Telegram fun club.

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2021.07.19 14:46
        Thank you very much for your excellent review! He will help other people make the right choices.
        Nishimoto Masatadashi
        Nishimoto Masatadashi 2021.01.29 03:53 

        Great indicator.

        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        Reply from developer Stsiapan Kreidzich 2021.05.09 04:30
        Thank you very much and everyone who wrote reviews! Each of your 5 stars motivates me to make the indicator better and better and update the versions! The ability to reply here has appeared recently. Previously, I always answered reviews and questions in [Comments], usually on the same day. Find answers by review date. For me, reviews are "sacred" - I do not promote them for anything. I provide everything that the buyer needs immediately and free. ------------------RU Спасибо большое Вам и всем написавшим отзывы! Каждые Ваши 5 звезд мотивируют меня делать индикатор все лучше и лучше и обновлять версии ! Возможность отвечать здесь появилась недавно. Раньше я всегда отвечал на отзывы и вопросы в [Обсуждениях] обычно в тот же день. Находите ответы по датам отзывов. Для меня отзывы "священны" - я не раскручиваю их за что-нибудь. Все что покупателю надо я предоставляю сразу и бесплатно.
        Paulina Andrea Madariaga Figueroa

        Excelente, el mejor de todos.

        Reply to review
        Version 22.31 2022.07.21
        In the new version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 22.31, settings, signals and notifications have been improved.
        Version 22.23 2022.06.22
        The new version 22.23 of MaxiFinishTrend 2 has improved signals and default settings.
        Version 22.22 2022.06.12
        The new version 22.22 of MaxiFinishTrend 2 has improved signals and notifications. Added the ability to select sent notifications in the settings.
        Version 22.21 2022.01.07
        In the new version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 22.21, signals and notifications have been improved.
        Version 22.2 2021.12.18
        In the new version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 22.02, signals and notifications have been improved after the MT4 build 1353 update.
        Version 21.61 2021.11.01
        Improved signals. The update is required for correct operation.
        Added Push and eMail notifications when the trendline color changes. Text is sent, for example "MaxiFinish: TREND ColorBUY GBPUSD H4". On timeframes H1 and above, it is recommended to act only on these messages (on the empty arrows on the chart). Check if it is better to act this way on other timeframes in your terminal on a real account.
        Version 21.60 2021.10.19
        Improved work with graphical signal arrows. Added the ability to change the size of arrows from the settings (ArrowWidth_1_2_3). Improved IndicatorWindow_1_2_3_ parameter. If = 0, the SubWindow of the indicator is automatically determined in the new build 1350 MT4.
        The update is mandatory for the indicator to work properly.
        Version 21.51 2021.10.12
        New version 21.51 MaxiFinishTrend 2 after new MT4 terminal updates. Improved signals and their protection.
        Version 21.50 2021.09.26
        In version 21.50, the settings have been changed. Check yours when upgrading. If your MT4 does not have any graphical objects in the indicator window, put the "IndicatorWindow" value, which shows the "Indicator List" on your chart.
        Version 21.45 2021.09.20
        IMPORTANT UPDATE! New version 2145 MaxiFinishTrend 2. After the new MT4 buid 1341 ... 1345, for the correct operation of objects in the indicator window, a new parameter "IndicatorSubwindow_1_2_3_" has been added to the settings. By default it =1 for MT4 buid 1345. You can change the parameter to display Subwindow correctly on your MT4.

        I advise everyone who has already bought and uses the indicator, to copy the previous version from the "Market" folder to another personal folder before updating, so that you can return that version back if it works better for you.
        Version 21.30 2021.03.27
        New version of MaxiFinishTrend 2, 21.30 after MetaTrader 4 build 1330 update. Improved signals and indicator settings. The update is mandatory for the indicator to work properly.
        Version 21.27 2021.03.15
        In the new version of MaxiFinishTrend 2, 21.27, signaling modes have been improved and the ability to enable / disable Signal_Optimizer by clicking on the chart has been added for comfortable work. The update is free and without using activations.
        Version 21.25 2021.03.04
        New version of MaxiFinishTrend 2, 21.25 after Windows 10, 20H2 update. Changes in protection and settings. Set your favorite settings when updating if you are already using the indicator. Updating the indicator is free and without using activations.

        Version 21.24 2021.02.25
        New version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 21.24 after MetaTrader 4 build 1323 update. Improved signal protection and indicator settings. Do not forget to set your favorite settings when updating, if you are already using the indicator.
        Version 21.23 2021.01.06
        In the new version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 21.23, the possibilities of setting the indicator for different styles and trading conditions are expanded.
        Version 21.21 2021.01.03
        In the new version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 21.21, signal protection is improved and user suggestions are taken into account.
        Version 21.20 2020.12.24
        In the new version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 21.20, the signals have been improved after the MT4 build 1320 update. Improved display of orders. Signal_Optimizer is available to everyone.
        Version 21.10 2020.12.18
        In the new version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 21.1, signaling after new build MT4 of different types has been fixed. The Signal_Line parameter settings have been restored. Enabling Chart_TO_TOP with one click. Free "Signal_Optimizer" for reviewers.
        Version 21.0 2020.12.12
        In the new version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 21.00, the correct operation of the indicator has been restored after new build MT4 of different types. Signal Line parameter setting is automated.
        Version 20.37 2020.12.02
        In the new version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 20.37, the "Signal_Chart_TO_TOP" parameter has been restored - enable / disable in the settings for your comfortable work.
        Version 20.35 2020.12.01
        In the new version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 20.35 parameter "Signal_Chart_TO_TOP" removed from the settings.
        Version 20.34 2020.12.01
        The new version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 20.34 has improved the "ProfitShowComission" for ECN accounts (0- show net Profit, 1- with Commission, 2- with Commission and Swap). Improved work CHART_TO_TOP for all Terminals. Test for your conditions with "= True" and you will see when your signals are better. For beginners I recommend "Signal_Optimizer = True".
        After downloading the indicator from the website, click [Indicator Properties]-[Reset]-[OK]. Then you can call and change settings and use your previously saved Template, by setting "COLOR_SHEME = 3".
        Version 20.33 2020.11.28
        New version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 20.33 after MetaTrader 4 build 1310 update.
        Added "ProfitShowComission" parameters in the settings - for deducting commissions of ESN brokers, and "Signal_Optimizer" - for more accurate signals always. Include what works best for your environment.
        Before the first Test, click [Indicator Properties] and there [Reset] and [OK]. Then set [Use date] and [Visualization] to maximum.
        Version 20.31 2020.11.13
        New version MaxiFinishTrend 2 20.31 after updating the MetaTrader 4 build 1295.
        Version 20.30 2020.11.09
        New version MaxiFinishTrend 2 20.30 after updating the MetaTrader 4 build 1294.
        Version 20.29 2020.10.30
        The new MaxiFinishTrend 2 version 20.29 has improved protection. "CLOSE" signals are always drawn on the chart, but messages are given only if there are orders. "ColorBUY" and "ColorSELL" from the settings are not changed. It is possible to receive signals earlier (when the "SignalLine" color changes) - set "SET_CODE = 1232" (recommended if you fine tune the SignalLine parameters). Beginners do not need to change anything in the settings.
        Version 20.28 2020.10.14
        In the new version 20.28 of MaxiFinishTrend 2 the protection and filtering of all signals are improved with all the improved color schemes. Best results when hedging - close and open trades only on signals.
        Be sure to update previous versions to get better signals.
        The author will write you a private message with the optimal SET_CODE now in response to your Rewiews and / or your message about the purchase.
        Version 20.26 2020.09.26
        The new version 20.26 of MaxiFinishTrend 2 has improved signals.
        Version 20.25 2020.09.20
        The new version 20.25 of MaxiFinishTrend 2 has improved controls, signals and messages.
        Version 20.24 2020.06.26
        New version 20.24 MaxiFinishTrend 2 after updating Windows 10 2004. Improved protection and efficiency of CLOSE signals. Strictly update the indicator if you downloaded a new activation after installing Windows 10 2004.
        Version 20.21 2020.02.29
        The new version 20.21 MaxiFinishTrend 2 improved messages and signals.
        Version 20.20 2020.02.12
        New version 20.20 MaxiFinishTrend 2 after updating the Terminal MT4 build 1260. Now everything works better, all signals are more precisely tuned to the changing nature of the market.
        A new parameter "Signal_Suppression_Sound" has been added to the "Input" settings to enable / disable the audible alarm when suppressing attempts to introduce false signals. By default, this alarm is now turned off so as not to distract you while trading on multiple charts at the same time. If you want to analyze suppressed false signals when making trading decisions, then enable "Signal_Suppression_Sound = True".
        Version 20.12 2019.12.17
        The new version 20.12 MaxiFinishTrend 2 improves the protection of the first signal when switching charts and timeframes. Improved signal algorithm for lower timeframes.
        Version 20.11 2019.12.05
        The new version 20.11 of MaxiFinishTrend 2 fixes problems that appeared after updating the Terminal MT4 build 1220. Starting from version 19.9 of the indicator, signals partially lost their protection and arose problems when working in the Tester.
        === PROTECTION RESTORED! === + Added algorithms for the best signals in today's conditions.
        Version 20.1 2019.11.30
        The new version 20.01 adds algorithm that improves the accuracy of signals on higher timeframes (H1,H4...). Improved work CHART TO TOP - when false, it only works when Take Profit or SL. Updated USER MANUAL - free download
        Version 20.0 2019.11.11
        The new version 20.0 adds algorithm that improves the accuracy of signals on higher timeframes (only on request in Review). Improved work CHART TO TOP - when false, it only works when Take Profit or SL. Updated USER MANUAL - free download at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38748.
        Version 19.9 2019.10.09
        The new version 19.9 adds the ability to disable/enable "Chart To Top" in the settings when a new signal.
        Version 19.8 2019.08.27
        In version 19.8, the influence of CLOSE signal filtering, added in the previous version, on the correctness of OPEN signals is eliminated.
        Version 19.7 2019.07.30
        In the new version 19.7, the indicator suppresses the CLOSE signals, created not him.