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FY TotalRecovery

Expert Advisor FY  Total Recovery is a pure recovery system, fully automated.

Please attach to a new chart of the pair to watch/recover to any time frame, M15 is fine.

Your account must be able to create and close hedges and Non-FifFo.

  • It will not fire trades from its own, but watch and care about positions opened by other expert advisors or manual trades.
  • It will fire some trades in strategy tester to fulfill metaquotes requirements for product verification and demonstration
  • If draw down of selected positions (magicno and/or manual positions) it will switch from Guard mode to Recovery Mode then it will open positions in the total size of open position in vounter direction as hedge to freeze DD, then begin torelease positions
  • You can use it as an automated  watch dog to enter recovery of as soon a certain draw dawn is reached, or start recovery manually by pressing Recovery button in chart on open positions. As long as DD value is not reached or you didn't press 'Recover' it will be in 'Guard mode' and show the numer of detected positions.
  • You can manage up to 3  MagicNo per currency pair and include positions without magic number as well.
  • It's possible to close all charts belonging to the watched currency pair as soon as recovery mode is entered.
  • It's important not to modify, close or even open positions to recover in the currency pair to recover AFTER recovery mode is entered, but you may start or add operational positions at price levels of your favor with provided buttons (open buy, open sell) before Total Recovery does (it will).

wroger 2019.06.15 19:19 

Great Support from Ventor and new Version works great

Staffan Ofwerman
Staffan Ofwerman 2019.06.13 09:46 

Works really great. And always quick response from the developer, which is worth a lot.

jpglac 2019.06.12 10:45 

Je confirme excellent service, réponse rapide.

J'ai un DD actuellement de 10 % et le travail de récupération a commencé je reviendrai confirmer l'excellence de ce logiciel

duerrmann 2019.06.07 11:55 

Excellent service. Fast and competent.

I will judge the results later.

grillmaster 2019.06.06 17:57 

Absolut spitze dieser Recovery EA. Dieser hat bei mir bereits 2 Live-Accounts innert sehr kurzer Zeit gerettet. Absolut empfehlenswert. Dafür würde ich 10 Sterne vergeben wenn ich könnte. Funktioniert viel besser und schneller als alle Recovery EAs die hier bei mql5 angeboten werden. Ebenfalls empfehlenswert ist der von Thorsten angebotene EA ForYou. Konstanter, sicherer Profit, inkl. Recovery-EA. Der Support von Thorsten sucht seines gleichen. Ich sage Danke!

HeretoLearn 2019.06.06 16:02 

I have had this product for a short period of time now and have been running it in Backtest and on a Demo account. The results I can say are very impressive. The support from Thorsten is also amazing. He was very quick to answer my many stupid questions and help out where I was struggling to understand how some of the parameters. Couldn't recommend this higher.

mctien 2019.06.06 03:27 

very useful , good respond ,continue improve EA performance

EwaS 2019.05.30 07:05 

Very impressed with the performance and such a relief that there is a reliable alternative to AW Recovery. The product works perfectly with default settings.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2019.05.24 17:52 

Wow! I am using v1.5 and I am impressed with performance! A basket has been closed, and the method of closure has impressed me better than AW Recovery System, because the hedge has been gradually reduced. With AWRS, I received a margin call because a large hedge order was closed entirely at once.

I am now looking forward to an update with FYTR, for:

a) speedier recovery (though it has done quite well so far!)

b) automatic recognition of trade changes (I closed a hedge order and it was not recognised).

Excellent product by Thorsten here!


UPDATE 8/6/19:

Vendor is not confident of recovery over 25% drawdown: "you should recover at a lower level than 25% ;)"

I am disappointed. I will look for a more efficient recovery program.

Sander Bruyneel
Sander Bruyneel 2019.05.09 16:03 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 2.5 2019.06.17
- added H-Trade profit line to panel
- opens T-trades into trend on H-O constellation to get a possible H-T-O closing
Version 2.4 2019.06.13
- centralized decision signal
- simplified parameters : obsolete speed and others
Version 2.3 2019.06.12
- panel running on graphical interface instead of text
- more info in log and screen.
Version 2.2 2019.06.10
-close O-trades with smaller baskets in counter trend
-print labels in chart on Close and setting Hedge
-avoid trouble on missing Magicno/all_positions/include manual on version update by waiting fpr proper parameters by user
-MA parameters with value 50 are obsolete and replaced by parameter ma_short_period
-show triple trend XXX in panel : HeikenAshi, ma_lead_period, ma_short_period
-new RSI parameters for filtering on O-trade entry RSI_period,RSI_Low_value, RSI_High_value
-default for parameter multiplier_o lowered from 1.25 to 1.2
-default for parameter distfac_o lowered from 1.25 to 1.1
Version 2.1 2019.06.06
- new parameters allow_TH_synch=true; MagicTH=86000;
TotalRecovery can correct two size mismatch situations in T-Trades versus H-Tradeby either lreasing Hedge or open T-position with MagicNo MagicTH. Kind of correction is by profit situation of H-position.
- will check to close basket before O-Trades are closed by MA
- more frequent closes of O-Trades closer due to the MA
- parameter force_start_from default set to -1, means not active, we do not open am O-Trade in counter direction without indicator approval.
- new parameter close_on_o_from_pos to avoid close of single O-trades. Often we need more than one to close a basket.
- new parameter w_force_hedge_from=5. wandering hedge algorithm will not wait for the MA to reopen Hedge in case DD exceed this upper limit.
- panel shows total number of manages positions behind DD value in recovery mode
- verbose parameter is true now for easier analysis
- backtest parameters for TP,SL and Lot/1000 are open.
use_these_parameters=false; use these parameters in backtest yes or no
bTP=30; TP
bSL=300; SL
Lp1000=200; per 1000
Version 2.0 2019.06.02
- bug fix for closing single positions in profit at recovery start
- uplift panel and introduce profit labels in chart
- revised recovery method HeikenAshi and Grid
- new recovery speed 'turbo' (default is fast as with v1.9)
Version 1.9 2019.05.31
new parameter use_w_hedge : EA will be able to close and reopen hedges in a few situations restricted to low DD level. Only seen in few situations , but seems to push final result. default true

new parameter close_on_o_counter : will close operating positions with required profit without participating a recovery basket in case trend is against and a higher DD is to expect. Only seen in few situations , but seems to push final result. default true

new parameter close_T_basket_on_start : will close sell, buy baskets in overall profit before entering recovery, this was implemented in old versions, default true

new parameter close_T_single_on_start : will close all single positions in profit if basket is not in profit before entering recovery, default true

new parameter fast_first : will immediately open an O-trade when Hedge is set. default is true

revised panel,new paramters for background color and transparency as parameters 'background' and 'bg_transparency'. Fixed a bug that showed wrong release sizes in panel (trading was not affected).
Version 1.8 2019.05.29
-new parameter auto_restore_hedge. If one of your hedges is missing, auto_restore_hedge will restore it immediately (as it does with v1.7). If set to false, TotalRecovery will NOT rebuild hedge if missing, but indicate on panel Default is true. Only set this to false if you know what you are doing. No basket close without hedge !
-TotalRecovery will get a new button in recovery mode to restore a missing hedge. This is only visible if auto_restore_hedge is set to false.
-Backtest of Gold now possible. For Gold you need to set parameter distance_o 10 times higher than default, example 250 instead of 25
-parameter max_volume deleted. This causes errors in high balance accounts.
Version 1.7 2019.05.28
Attempt to shorten the needed time to recover by more frequent entries of O-positions without giving up safety issues
-new parameter speed : in v1.6 we work 'as safest' as possible. With v1.7 we can enter O-positions faster, supported by internal filters, slow , medium or fast. Slow is safest. Fast is fastest.
-new parameter ma_lead_period : period of MA to follow when opening O-positions in additional to internal filters, default 120
-identifying colors of arrows for different positions types H(edge) and O(perational)
renamed "open buy" and "open sell" buttons to "open O-buy" and "open O-sell".
Version 1.6 2019.05.24
new recovery method HeikenAshi. This will be default.
open_on_new_bar default is now false (for HeikenAshi).
corrected calculation distance of operational positions
Version 1.5 2019.05.17
-bugfix : mismatch size of trade and hedge to release in some cases
-enhancement : order execution more reliable
Version 1.4 2019.05.10
- enhancement algorithm stability : consideres different distances from trade positions to its hedge to calculate sizes to release.
- enhancement panel : shows virtual basket in panel even first operational position is not opened (and waiting for recovery signal)
- new parameters : buy_allowed, sell_allowed for operational positions.
a) If your DD is in a long trend and you do expect to continue in this trend you can switch off the 'wrong' trade direction(=against trend) by setting to false.
b) If switching off both directions buy and sell you can/must trigger every recovery start by buttons. Then TotalRacovery will continue these opened positions and add more if need at the right place
- bugfix distance_to_release : far option didn't work properly (near anyway recommended).
Version 1.3 2019.05.08
- enhancement PSAR method, open more frequently
- enhancement log : kind of recovery method in open/broker coemment entry
Version 1.2 2019.05.07
- bugfix : missed to set SL+TP to 0 when parameter option all_positions=true.
- enhancement : parameter distance_to_release default is set to 'near'. As near as possible to current price is important to release Buy positions due to swap costs as fast as possible and for all positions in general to reduce risk/load on account.
Version 1.1 2019.05.07
- enhancement : new parameter open_on_new_bar will respect new bar to open operational (=recovery) positions after opened first operational position
- panel enhancement : show dd caused by recovery involved positions (trade, hedge and operational)