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FY TotalRecovery

Expert Advisor FY  Total Recovery is a pure recovery system, fully automated.

Please attach to any time frame, M15 is fine.

  • It will not fire trades from its own, but watch and care about positions opened by other expert advisors or manual trades.
  • It will fire some trades in strategy tester to fulfill metaquotes requirements for product verification and demonstration
  • If draw down of selected positions (magicno and/or manual positions) it will switch from Guard mode to Recovery Mode then it will open positions.
  • You can use it as an automated  watch dog to enter recovery of as soon a certain draw dawn is reached, or start recovery manually by pressing Recovery button in chart on open positions.
  • You can manage up to three  different MagicNo per currency pair and include positions without magic number as well.
  • It's possible to close all charts belonging to the watched currency pair as soon as recovery mode is entered.
  • It's important not to modify, close or even open positions to recover in the currency pair to recover AFTER recovery mode is entered, but you may start or add operational positions at price levels of your favor with provided buttons (open buy, open sell) before Total Recovery does (it will).

xP0="===  MagicNo (up to 3) on current pair to recover...";

MagicNo1=-1; first Magicno to watch/recover

MagicNo2=-1; 2nd MagicNo to watch/recover
MagicNo3=-1; 3rd MagicNo to watch/recover

xP1="=== ...or all positions to current pair regardless magicno";

all_positions=false;   all positions belonging to current currency pair

xP2="=== include manual positions ";


xP3="=== close all charts on pairs on entering recovery mode ";

close_charts_on_recovery=false;   Attention : this parameter is switched off by default to protect open charts when updating software version. Sometimes default values will be shown up and other charts could be incidentally closes. Total Recovery will not close any charts after entered Recovery modes.

comment="FYR"; prefix of broker commentxs2="=== spread ===";

maxspread=15; maximum spread, adapt to your pair and broker. examples GBPUSD>20, EURUSD>10

xr1="=== start recovery on DD of select magicno/pairs";
rec_percent=25; draw down in the selected positions to start recovery

xr2="=== release pos., computed or fix";

release_size_auto=true;   release position size considering account balance. 0.01/1000
release_size=0.01;           fixes value otherwise

xr3="=== release pos., distance to price";
farnear distance_to_release=far; recover nearest or farest position first

xr4="=== hedge pos. Magicno";

MagicRh=87000;        Magic Number of hedge positions. Mustn't be used by other expert advisors and be different from parameter MagicRo and MagicS1..MagicS3.

xr5="=== operational pos. Magicno";
MagicRo=88000;    Magic Number of operational positions. Mustn't be used by other expert advisors and be different from parameter MagicRh

buy_allowed=true allow operational buys
sell_allowed=true allow operational sells

start_size_o_auto=true;    operating position size considering account balance. 0.01/1000
start_size_o=0.02;            fixed otherwise. Should be greater than release_size, if fixed is used

double max_volume=1.00;  maximum position size on operating positions

xr7="=== op. next pos., max no., size and distances";
max_pos_o=10;             maximum number of operational positions
multiplier_o=1.25;        multiplier for operational positions
distance_o=20;             distance base between operational positions
distfac_o=1.1;               multiplier for distances between positions

xr8="=== total basket profit in currency units on each released MinLot close";
profit_per_MinLot=1.00;     profit in $/€... per released MinLot

xr9="=== time frame recovery ===";
time_frame_rec=PERIOD_M15;   time frame for recovery algorithm
xrM="=== recovery trigger type ===";
martype rstype=BB;       Bollinger Bands, PSAR or Pure Grid as entry signal of operational positions
string xrB="=== parameter BB ===";
xrP="=== parameter PSAR ===";

xA="==== display panel ====";


verbose=false   hide some messages as 'high spread'

Sander Bruyneel
Sander Bruyneel 2019.05.09 16:03 

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Версия 1.5 2019.05.17
-bugfix : mismatch size of trade and hedge to release in some cases
-enhancement : order execution more reliable
Версия 1.4 2019.05.10
- enhancement algorithm stability : consideres different distances from trade positions to its hedge to calculate sizes to release.
- enhancement panel : shows virtual basket in panel even first operational position is not opened (and waiting for recovery signal)
- new parameters : buy_allowed, sell_allowed for operational positions.
a) If your DD is in a long trend and you do expect to continue in this trend you can switch off the 'wrong' trade direction(=against trend) by setting to false.
b) If switching off both directions buy and sell you can/must trigger every recovery start by buttons. Then TotalRacovery will continue these opened positions and add more if need at the right place
- bugfix distance_to_release : far option didn't work properly (near anyway recommended).
Версия 1.3 2019.05.08
- enhancement PSAR method, open more frequently
- enhancement log : kind of recovery method in open/broker coemment entry
Версия 1.2 2019.05.07
- bugfix : missed to set SL+TP to 0 when parameter option all_positions=true.
- enhancement : parameter distance_to_release default is set to 'near'. As near as possible to current price is important to release Buy positions due to swap costs as fast as possible and for all positions in general to reduce risk/load on account.
Версия 1.1 2019.05.07
- enhancement : new parameter open_on_new_bar will respect new bar to open operational (=recovery) positions after opened first operational position
- panel enhancement : show dd caused by recovery involved positions (trade, hedge and operational)