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The indicator was developed with one purpose - adequate processing on stories and the maximum approach to the original

(it was required for development of more difficult indicator and use in the expert).

I think, everything who tried to get history from the original indicator understood that in it there is information only on extrema and nothing more.
It is not sure that similar does not exist, but mine is found on other than original to an algorithm:
- for one pass (programmers will understand);
- on 1 buffer (original uses 3 buffers), at me 2 additional buffers display complete history of a portrayal (it is possible to turn off display);
- only on the last bar, but can redraw the last 2 extrema if at a depth of BackStep the current extremum is punched;
- at installation of the BackStep parameter = 0 redraw will not be;

- does not pass extrema (an example on the 2nd screenshot).

Attention! The Price noise parameter - has significant effect on formation of extrema.


Depth - is depth of search of a local extremum in bars;

Price noise - is standard value of price noise for the current timeframe and the tool;

Backstep - is depth of correction of global extrema in bars;

ShowHistory - switch on/off display of history.

On minute calc - is switching ON/OFF of calculation on minute bar (it is switched off - calculation on each tic).

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Version 1.6 2019.11.13
Восстановлен оригинальный порядок определения вершин. Усовершенствован алгоритм работы на каждом тике.
Version 1.5 2019.11.07
Исправлен алгоритм для работы с малыми периодами. Приоритет отдается смене тренда.
Возможны отличия от оригинального индикатора.
Version 1.4 2019.04.22
Final version. Initiative completions are complete.
Version 1.3 2019.04.20
Parameters are entered:
Price noise - it is equivalent to deviation in the original indicator. Has significant effect.
On minute calc is switching ON/OFF of calculation on minute bar (it is switched off - calculation on each tic).
Version 1.2 2019.04.05
Drawing on the current bar is corrected
Version 1.1 2019.04.04
Names of buffers of history are added