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Super Zone

Several years of observing the principles of the operation of the Super Zone market worked, then and now, because the indicator allows you to see the trading range of the week and even the month that large market participants use. We are very easy to use on the H4 in the weekly range (in the tester it not work in the demo mode) - we sell from the upper zones and buy from the lower zones. Marks zones from the beginning of the week (month) that do not redraw, works on almost all currency pairs, working out 75-80%, if there is a breakdown, then with the same probability a return to the punched zone occurs, because at these levels orders of major players are set who will try to close positions with minimal losses. You can find similar products online, but the Super Zone indicator is configured to work thanks to the attached settings file and template (Download the template and set file, as well as see examples of the work in the discussions).

For normal operation of the indicator in the settings, it is necessary to include:

TimePeriod - 1 Week (1 Month)

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