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IA Fuzzy Logic

IA Fuzzy Logic is an advanced and fully automated Expert Advisor based on fuzzy logic, thanks to this, better results and greater accuracy in the market forecast are obtained.

With confusing logic we add the possibility of evaluating all the conditions and letting some of them be incorrect, while still having a valid signal. With the confusing rules, one thing is defined, how big the percentage of all the conditions must be for the signal to remain valid.

IA Fuzzy Logic examines 4 conditions, and 75% of them (which means 3 conditions of 4) have to be true. Confusing logic can be seen as "voting", and most conditions in the correct direction will determine the result of the signal.

Do not use martingale, grid, cover or any dangerous technique for your money.


Download here --> Sets H1 (Updated  10.08.2019)

An ECN broker and a low latency VPS server are recommended

To increase profits, you only have to increase the risk assumed per operation (mmRiskPercent).

It is not recommended to risk more than 2% in each operation.

    Note: Error 130 in backtest, change the following configuration:


    mmDecimals = 1

    mmLotsIfNoMM = 0.1


    Action # 1 - This configuration is to tell the EA where to place the order (sellstop / buystop) after receiving the valid signal.
    • ATRPeriod
    • ATRShift
    • HeikenAshiOpenShift

    Rules - Rules of entry (valid signal). It consists of a total of 4 rules, 3 of them have to be correct for the signal to be valid.

    # Rule 1 -----------

    • StochFastKCrossKPrd
    • StochFastKCrossSlw
    • StochFastKCrossLevel
    • StochFastKCrossShift
    • StochFastKCrossKPrd2
    • StochFastKCrossLvl2

    # Rule 2 -----------

    • MAPeriod
    • MAType
    • MAShift
    • MAType2
    • MAShift2

    # Rule 3 -----------

    • BBBarClosesPeriod
    • BBBarClosesDeviation
    • BBBarClosesPeriod2

    # Rule 4 -----------

    • BBBarOpensPeriod
    • BBarOpensDeviation

    ExitOnTick - Exit rules can work by tick or by candle closure.

    BarsValidPend - This variable is used to close the buystop and sellstop commands after x candles.

    ProfitTarget - Goal for profit taking.

    BreakEvent + Pips

    • MoveSL2BECoef
    • MoveSL2BEAtrPeriod
    • SL2BEAddPips
    • TrailingStopCoef
    • TrailingStopAtrPrd
    Stop Loss
    • StopLossCoef
    • StopLossAtrPeriod

    MONEY MANAGEMENT - Calculate the risk that you will take in each operation based on the balance of the account.

    Risk Fixed % Of BalancemmRiskPercent - Percentage of risk in each operation according to the balance of the account.
    • mmRiskPercent - Percentage of risk in each operation according to the balance of the account.
    • mmDecimals - Number of decimal places to be used in the calculation of positions. (Example: If the minimum lot that allows you to open your broker is 0.01, you have to put 2 decimals)
    • mmLotsIfNoMM - Minimum lot with which you can or want to start trading.
    • mmMaxLots - Maximum lots allowed.
      Exit On Friday
      • ExitOnFriday
      • FridayExitTime

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        Gerson Castro
        Gerson Castro 2019.03.08 23:01   

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        Version 1.52 2019.08.24
        Source code improvement. Recommended to update.

        The sets to use have not changed, available for download https://mega.nz/#F!hQ0CnCiR!YfxWXubjjaRZnS1RzfB5Rg
        Version 1.51 2019.08.10
        Source code improvement.

        Error correction UNEXPECTED CLOSURE of USDCAD and USDJPY pairs (It is necessary to load all new sets updated to 10.08.2019 to correct the error)
        Version 1.50 2019.07.16
        Important update

        Added new parameter ExitOnTick, allows the trailingstop and breakeven to work by tick and by candle closure.

        New sets available for download in the EA description.
        Version 1.40 2019.05.04
        Mejora de menús para la mejor comprensión del funcionamiento del EA
        Version 1.10 2019.02.13
        Bug fix BarsValid
        Bug fix ExitAfterBars