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Outside Days Candlestick Pattern Bulkowski

Outside Days Candlestick Bulkowski

The Outside days candlestick is a well-known candle pattern composed of two candles.

This indicator for showing outside days candlestick that describe by Thomas Bulkowski.

If you need for MetaTrader 5 version, please visit here:


Feature Highlights

  • Show outside days candlestick.
  • Customizable "Symbol".
  • Customizable symbol distance from candlestick.

Input Parameters
  • Symbol - Input symbol code from "wingdings" for outside days candlestick (default is dot).
  • SymbolShift - Input symbol distance from candlestick.
  • SymbolColor - Input color for symbol (outside days).

Outside Days Candlestick definition by Thomas Bulkowski:

  • Outside days are a two-bar pattern.
  • Look for a higher high and lower low on the second day.
  • The price bar fits outside the prior day's range.
  • The first bar cannot have the high price equal to the low price or four price doji (open = high = low = close price).
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