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Top Signals Strategy

The EA uses the top market signals algorithm. It opens trades by RSI indicator signals in a specified time interval. In the case of a repetition of the signal opens a unidirectional transaction. The number of transactions per day can be limited. Revolves trades on the opposite signal. Trailing stop loss order. Displays information on trade and its results.

You can set a sitting out losses by disabling closing by the End time, prohibiting the revolve on the opposite signal and setting stop loss = 0.

Trading signal from demo account with high risk (demo) https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/516889

Real account's trading signal with high risk https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/516891 (just EURUSD)

Real account's trading signal with low risk https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/523522 (risk distributed on EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDCAD)

Expert Parameters

  • Do not trade if spread > - do not trade if spread higher then defined;
  • Take profit - take profit size;
  • Stop loss - stop loss size;
  • Trail Stop Loss every profit (in pips) - trail stop loss if profit higher then specified;
  • Deals per day - maximum deals per day;
  • Add deals by signal at new bar - add same way deal by signal at the nex bar - yes/no;
  • Close deal by oppsite signal - close deal by opposite signal - yes/no;
Lot size setting
  • Lot size - lot size evaluation method;
  • Constant size - constant lot size;
  • Size at RSI limits (0 - do not use) - increase lot size if RSI value closer to its limits;
  • % from free margin - lot size according % of free margin;
Indicatot setting
  • Period - RSI period;
  • Level for sell - RSI level for buy;
  • Level for buy - RSI level for sell;
  • Timeframe - timeframe of RSI;
  • Applied price - RSI applied price;
Time interval setting
  • Start hour (24h) - hour for start trading;
  • End hour (24h) - hour for stop trading, all deals will be closed;
  • Close deal after End hour - close deal at End hour - yes/no;
Other parameters
  • Slippage (in pips) - slippage during deal openning;
  • Magic number - deals magic number in order to run several EA;
  • Order comment - comment, which will be written to the deal;
  • Show trading info - show info about EA working parameters on the top left;
  • ...use tab - move to the right side plotted info;
  • Plot trading results - show traing result, deals direction their longitude;

TrudeauG 2019.02.14 10:45   

Just Bought the EA. Lookin' good and havin' fun so far!

Sven Ader
Sven Ader 2019.01.20 21:06 

I have this EA now for one month in use and it works very well.

The Author is very helpful and add wishes very fast.

So until now i can recommend this EA.

Good Work Vladimir !

Hichame18 2019.01.10 10:08 

Very promising ea! At the moment the ea is making profit every night! The author is present and willing to implement changes when necessary !!! Congratulations Vladimir ! Good product!

trading998333 2018.12.21 14:59 

good ea

first day with profit

Version 1.9 2019.02.08
1. When the function of closing trades by exit from the specified time interval was disabled, the EA continued to close trades by the reverse signal from the RSI indicator. Corrected. Closing ouside the time interval will occur only by the take, stop or reverse signal during the next trading session.
2. During the next trading session, the expert Advisor keep opennig trades by signals even if there were still opened trades from previous sessions. Thus, the allowable number of transactions was exceeded. Corrected.
Version 1.8 2019.01.31
1. You can specify one valid trade direction - buy or sell. By default, the EA is allowed to open trades in both directions.
2. Added ATR filter. If the ATR value is within the specified range, the EA is allowed to open trades. The filter can be disabled by setting Period=0.
Version 1.7 2019.01.29
You can disable deal closing by End time if stop loss is being trailed in the profit zone.
Version 1.6 2019.01.28
1. Added trailing step of stop loss order. If 0, then step not is used, and works the usual trail.
2. Added transfer of stop loss to breakeven after reaching the specified profit.
3. If you are allowed to open several trades in the same direction by the signal, you can set a limit on the minimum distance between them by the number of bars of the RSI indicator timeframe.
4. The lot size can be set without adjusting the balance.
Version 1.5 2019.01.11
1. It is possible to set no trading days by the list: 1 - monday, 2 - tuesday etc. For instance. 35 - do not trade at wensday and friday.
2. Bug fixed.
3. Do not delete trading results from the chart after backtesting with visualisation.
Version 1.4 2019.01.09
1. Minutes were added to time interval.
2. Stop loss and take profit could be set as virtual (brocker will not see it). In this case made them negative.
Version 1.3 2018.12.28
1. Added the display of the spread on the chart at the time of opening the transaction.
2. Shows the time boundaries of trade.
Version 1.2 2018.12.21
1. Added a function to prohibit trading if the spread exceeds the allowed level.
2. Added stop loss trail.
3. In the case of setting the deal volume with a constant lot value, the deal volume will be increased linearly if the RSI value is closer to the extreme values ​​of 0 or 100. At these boundaries, the lot value is specified by the Size at RSI limits parameter.
4. Added display on the chart tool additional information on the settings and trading results. The arrows indicate the direction of transactions, the lines of their duration, and the digital value - the profit / loss.
Version 1.1 2018.12.19
Added parameters:
1. Closing by the End hour - yes / no.
2. Opening an additional deal when the signal is repeated on the following bars - yes / no.
3. Closing a deal on the opposite signal - yes / no.