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A long time in the market allowed us to create a better, in our opinion, expert system for scalping Scalpel. This expert system is presented in the publication that you are now looking at. Please download, test. If you like the bot, then work with it. The settings are presented in the text below. The bot works using teak movements. Works with a deposit of 100$, but is recommended 1000$ and reduced risk, as there are moments of drawdown of the deposit. At an acceptable level of spread and commission, the bot passes any historical period on any currency pair. It is possible to work on accounts with a floating spread. Test at control points or all ticks.

  • MyVolume - Sets the size of the lot to enter the market.
  • MyVolumeFromDeposit - Calculates the lot depending on the deposit.
  • Spread - Limits the spread (when you can still enter the market).
  • TP - Take-Profit.
  • SL - Stop Loss.
  • Length - The length of the time interval of the tick.
  • Pips - The value of the price gap between the tick.
  • VirtualTP - Virtual profit (in% of the deposit).
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