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Brilliant Advanced Timing

This indicator shows the Up/Down trend calculated on a specific Time Frame defined by the user.

The trend is shown in color coding for easy identification.

ex: User can show the trend calculated from a Daily (D1) chart on the H4 chart.

NOTE: Required Time Frame must be higher than the chart current time frame, otherwise the indicator will draw nothing.

The available Moving Averages for the signal are:

  • Simple Moving Average.
  • Exponential Moving Average.
  • Smoothed Moving Average.
  • Linear Weighted Moving Average.

"Brilliant Advanced Timing" can be used for proper signal generating in conjunction with another trend indicators such as "Brilliant Harmonic Patterns"https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/10611#!tab=tab_p_overview


  • MaxBars: the maximum number of candles to calculate for.
  • TimeFrame: the desired time frame to calculate the indicator on.
  • IndicatorPeriod: the desired Period for the indicator.
  • AppliedPrice: the desired Price for the indicator to calculate on.
  • SignalPeriod:  the desired Period for Signal calculations.
  • SignalMode: Signal Modes
    • Simple Moving Average 
    • Exponential Moving Average 
    • Smoothed Moving Average 
    • Linear Weighted Moving Average 
  • Tolerance: Tdesired tolerance for the signal bands
  • ShowAlert: if TRUE, it shows alerts on MT4 platform for crossing from up to down or vice versa.
  • SendNotification: if TRUE, it send notifications (if correctly setup) on MT4 platform for crossing from up to down or vice versa.

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Version 1.2 2018.09.13
Fixed a bug in showing very high Time Frames on very small time frames such as showing Daily on M15 Chart
Version 1.1 2018.09.13
Ability to handle larger number of bars in higher time frames