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Flag Pattern

Flag Pattern indicator is an indicator designed to find flag patterns. Bullish and bear find flag patterns. It finds these patterns by its own algorithm. The display is easy to use and simple.

  • Bullish and bear find flag patterns.
  • Draw patterns on the graphic screen.
  • invalid flag patterns.
  • alert the user with the alert feature.
  • Flag patterns have the ability to change colors.

  • MinSplashHeight - Min. height of splash setting
  • MaxBarsDuration - Max bars before crossing setting
  • BullPatternRegColor - Color of bull not active pattern
  • BearPatternRegColor - Color of bear not active pattern
  • BullPatternWorkColor - Color of bull active pattern     
  • BearPatternWorkColor - Color of bear active pattern  
  • BuyArrowColor - Buy signal arrow color  
  • SellArrowColor - Buy signal arrow color  
  • Alerts - Alert on pattern found? 
  • Push - Notification on pattern found?  
  • BarsCount - The number of bars to display   
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