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Risk Controller Free

This is a fully functional evaluation version for working on "CADCHF". Full version - Risk Controller

If there are active deals on the account when the robot is launched, then all of them except CADCHF will be closed!

Risk controller is a tool allowing you to automatically control orders, losses and emotionally motivated actions.

Main advantages

  1. Limitation of the total account loss. When the MinimalDepo value is reached, any trade will be closed.
  2. Limitation of losses per day.
  3. Limitation of losses in each trade.
  4. If a trade is accidentally opened with a large volume, the excessive volume is closed.
  5. Set the maximum number of trades opened at a time.
  6. Set the number of consecutive unprofitable trades.
  7. Set the maximum allowable number of trades per day.
  8. Send notifications to Email or MetaQuotesID.

Priority of parameters - from top to bottom

  • MinimalDepo – in the account currency. If the balance falls below this value, trading is blocked completely until the balance or this parameter changes.
  • RiskOnDay – in the account currency. Calculated relative to the account balance at 00:00 (broker time).
  • RiskPerOrder - in the account currency. Risk per trade.
  • MaxLot – volume. When a trade is opened with a larger volume, partial closing occurs.
  • MaxOpenTrades – the maximum number of trades opened at a time.
  • MaxOpenedTradeOn1Sym – the maximum number of trades opened on one instrument at a time.
  • OnlyOpenedOrders – if true, only opened trades are considered and pending orders are ignored.
  • MaxLoseTradeInARow – the number of consecutive unprofitable trades per day.
  • MaxLoseTrades – the number of unprofitable trades per day.
  • MaxTrades - the maximum number of trades per day.
  • Slippage – slippage when closing a trade by market.
  • TypeAlert - type of notifications.

When closing a trade, Risk Controller logs the reason for closing and the ticket. The main parameter is specified as the reason for closing. For example: "Current balance is lower than Minimal Depo. Reason - MinimalDepo."

Please note: if several conditions are fulfilled simultaneously, the closing and notification will be performed according to the parameter with the highest priority.

A parameter check can be disabled by setting a zero value.

If the settings are incorrect, all trades are closed, both current and new ones.

Example of the robot operation: Balance = $952, MinimalDepo = $950 and RiskOnDay = $5. After a loss of $2, the balance will be equal to $950. Despite the face that RiskOnDay of $5 has not been reached yet, MinimalDepo has a higher priority. Open orders will be closed, pending orders will be deleted, new orders will be closed due to the reached MinimalDepo.

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Version 1.30 2018.07.25
Now you can add any end prefix to Symbol
Version 1.20 2018.07.20
Fixed errors in the program.