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The Expert Advisor performs trading operations using the signals of the Heterodyne indicator. The indicator is built into the EA, so there is no need to additionally launch it in a price chart. Buy signals are generated when the indicator crosses a given level upwards, sell signals are generated when the indicator crosses the level downwards. If orders have not reached the specified profit, the Expert Adviser opens repeated orders with an increased lot, following the signals of the indicator. The Expert Advisor only uses pending BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP orders, which allows to avoid market entering on false signals.

Description of Expert Advisor Parameters

  • RSIPeriod - period of the indicator
  • Coefficient - coefficient for finding the maximum and minimum values
  • Midline - signal line level
  • Applied_Price - used price
  • MAPeriod - smoothing period
  • MAMethod - smoothing method
  • Level_order - the level for placing pending orders
  • Lot - initial order volume
  • coefficient_lot - multiplier for subsequent orders
  • ProfitCurrency - profit in deposit currency
  • MagicNumber - identifier of the EA's orders
  • Slippage – allowable price slippage.
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