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Easy Relative Smooth Index

Easy Relative Smooth Index is an oscillator based on the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator. The current indicator value is compared with the maximum and minimum value of the indicator for a given period and the average value is calculated. Also, the indicator values are smoothed by the moving average (MA) method. Buy signals are generated when the indicator crosses a given level upwards, sell signals are generated when the indicator crosses the level downwards.

Description of the indicator settings

  • RSIPeriod - period of the indicator
  • Coefficient - coefficient for finding the maximum and minimum values
  • Midline - signal line level
  • Applied_Price - used price
  • MAPeriod - smoothing period
  • MAMethod - smoothing method
  • Alerts - enable dialog boxes containing user data
  • Text_BUY - custom text for the buy signals
  • Text_SELL - custom text for the sell signals
  • Send_Mail - send emails using the address specified on the Email tab of the options window
  • subject - email header
  • Send_Notification - send push notifications to the mobile terminals, whose MetaQuotes IDs are specified in the Notifications tab
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