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Middle Volume

The indicator measures volumes on different charts and instruments.

Its main advantage is the ability to compare separate brokers.

The less Middle Volume and Tick / Second, the more reliable is the broker.

There is a comment in the upper left corner

Comment data:

  • Tick/Second — number of ticks per second for a selected instrument
  • Middle Volume — average volumes in the penultimate bar

This indicator allows tracking a relative market activity for different timeframes.

  • If the volumes are lower than the average middle line, the market is inactive;
  • If the volumes exceed the blue middle line, the market is trendy

How to configure the indicator?

  • Bar — dimension of the array where the indicator is calculated
  • P — volumes averaging period

To change the parameters, right-click on the chart, Charts => Indicators List => Midl Volume => Edit.

The indicator window will appear. Set the parameters.

Save the template: right-click on the chart, Charts => Template => Save Template.

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