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XCalper Triad MT4

xCalper Triad works as a Target scanner tool.

Its algorithm calculates price level areas with high precision and instantly. By default, they are automatically identified and the trader normally sets visual parameters only.

Explore a new perspective in price action analysis by adding Triad to your setup and surprise yourself.

Main Features

  • Automatic & exclusive Target levels
  • Daily candle representation in all intraday timeframes.
  • Side panel information essential to all traders:
    • Remaining time to close candle
    • Current day open, high, low, maximum range and distance from open price
    • Previous day high, low, distance from close to current price and percentage
    • Margin required


  • Points of the largest level - Sets the maximum amplitude of the most distant target. Default: 0 (automatic).
  • Instant draw - Update by current candle (not closed yet) for real time display. If false, targets are updated as soon as new candle opens.
  • Floating zone mode - Floating zone calculation: Fast or Slow. Fast for smaller targets and Slow for bigger targets, usually during trend movements.
  • Shift of the price label - Distance of target value texts.
  • Show VWAP - Show or hide the intraday VWAP plot in chart.
  • Show side information - Show or hide side information set.
  • Text color - Side information font color.
  • Top - Side information distance from top of chart.
  • Right - Side information distance from right of chart.


Please, read Triad User Guide.

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